The Wickes / Tool Station store at South Road, Fulwell could be on the way to becoming a new Lidl supermarket. The plans are currently with El Brute and awaiting your comments. With a new Lidl already being built on Richmond Road in East Twickenham, this new venture would set up the German chain with another store on the other side of town, serving the Fulwell, Hampton Hill and Teddington too. Our Twitter poll showed a high level of support for the idea and a Twickerati Facebook poll is showing a similar result. But not everything is rosy in the land of good value groceries, some local residents are expressing concern about the impact of the proposed store (complete with its extra parking spaces and a possible additional retail unit) on the traffic, pollution and existing shops in the immediate vicinity.

Wickes / Tool Station, South Road, Twickenham (Google Streetview)

One thing that even those who like the idea have mentioned is that the traffic light phasing at the nearby  South Road, Hampton Road (and more names) junction needs to be addressed to improve traffic flow.  That sounds a tad tricky if there is going to be more traffic in the area but at the moment the lights do seem biased against people trying to head to Twickenham from Hampton Hill. We can totally understand why people want to get to Twickenham, we just need El Brute to help them do it.

Does ‘every Lidl help’ in these difficult and uncertain times?  Or, should it be a case of sauergrapes (geddit?) and “Nein danke” from the locals? You decide.