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(And if you’re looking for the very old thread, after over 300 comments we’ve put it out to pasture but you can still find it here.)

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  1. I just wanted to leave a small article here to see how the other residents of Twickenham (and surrounding areas) are feeling after mother nature sent us the most ghastly sequence of Easterly winds I have known.

    It all started on the 20th February 2018 with the first ‘Beast from the East’ and finally ended on the 13th June 2018. A total of 114 days (or 3 months & 25 days) for which there were 72 nights of Easterly operations at Heathrow (often going on to 1am and even 2am due to adverse weather conditions, i.e. snow/thunderstorms and rarely finishing before midnight) and 42 nights of Westerly operations at Heathrow.

    I can only say the noise from departing aircraft at Heathrow during this period has left me feeling extremely tired and run down due too many nights of disturbed sleep; I also have a slight ringing/buzzing in my ears. I feel as if I have been tortured or even worse, terrorised by an organisation which shows no mercy concerning its operations and residents/neighbours well-being.

    As for the ringing/buzzing in my ears, I know it will go in a few days but what really irritates me is my Doctor is not allowed to record what is the most likely cause of this condition, i.e. Heathrow. I am not sure how many people are aware of this but Doctors in this area are not allowed to record any medical condition citing Heathrow as the likely cause/culprit.

    Just out of interest, can anyone else remember (before this occurrence) of such a prolonged sequence of Easterly winds?


  2. Greggs Bakery – Twickenham Green

    Does anyone know what is happening with the old Greggs Bakery site near Twickenham Green?

    I had thought they were going to get planning for a residential development but I see a ‘for sale’ sign is now up for commercial use?! I do miss the waft of jam doughnuts but not sure what the future holds!

    1. The company who are putting up for sale are the ones who drew up a residential/work space proposal but then found out the cost of cleaning up the site was prohibitive due to all the brown fill issues and no doubt asbestos and the rest. The silos go down underground and there is no doubt quite a considerable amount of contamination. So whoever is brave enough to buy the plot will need a.vast amount of £££ and relevant experience of developing such a space to make a profit!

  3. Orleans House transformed!

    Have you visited the transformed Orleans House Gallery since it reopened? It is still free of charge and there is lots more to enjoy:

    A new reception and shop featuring bespoke stock, books, gifts and local craft.

    The stunning 18th century baroque Gibbs Octagon Room restored to its former glory.

    Downstairs interpretation area with historical paintings, a large model of the original house and 2 animations.

    Upper gallery Orleans House and the Wider landscape display.

    The Study Gallery featuring nearly 100 Richmond Borough Art Collection works in themed pull out racks, drawers and cupboards.

    The refurbished Orleans House Gallery space (currently featuring the Richmond: People and Places contemporary open exhibition) and The Stables Gallery.

    Open: Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm

    Spread the word!

  4. White Poppy Drop-in on Sat, 9 June, 11-3pm at the Richmond Meeting House, TW9 1NN.

    Taking inspiration from Linda Murgatroyd’s Collateral Damage exhibition, this free drop-in event is for anyone who wants to acknowledge the need for world peace. Your white poppy can sewn, knitted, crocheted, felted, embroidered; plain or decorated; with and without a leaf. They will all be compiled to make up an art installation. Some materials and refreshments will be provided.

  5. Hi Everyone,
    Just to say once more The Lovers Lights Gallery is closing it’s doors tomorrow (Saturday 2nd June) after six and a half years in Twickenham. We do have a shiny new gallery website though that is still championing work by artists and crafts people in and around the borough. We hope it will become and online goto hub for local fine crafts and art as the gallery was. A quick visit to will transport you into our new online home and you will be rewarded not only with a discount of 15% on your first online order but that warm glow that come off any artist when you choose to buy their work. Thanks to you our customers for coming and supporting us and we hope we’ll still be in touch..on the otherside!
    Lots of Love Janis and The Lovers Lights Artists

  6. Richmond Film Society – Twickenham Festival Screening of ‘The Florida Project’ – Tuesday, 12 June, The Exchange, Twickenham.

    As part of the Twickenham Festival, Richmond Film Society is screening ‘The Florida Project’ (USA), the acclaimed US Indie drama directed by Sean Baker, at 8pm on Tuesday, 12 June.

    Set over one summer, the film follows the lives and adventures of a group of young children living in a colourful but shabby budget motel, The Magic Castle in Kissimmee, Florida, close to the imagined utopia of Disney World but very much ‘off property’. Most of its residents live a transient, hand-to-mouth existence, struggling to make the weekly rent and enjoying zero security of tenure. The film focuses, in particular, on a fearless, hyperactive and ebullient little six-year old girl, Moonee, and her loving but dissolute young mother, who is little more than a child herself.

    Baker’s film addresses serious issues facing those living in poverty and on the margins and the adult themes and narrative do not always make comfortable viewing. The film is, however, at its heart, a wondrous and humorous child’s-eye view of the world, suffused with the energy and optimism of children who are oblivious to their bleak circumstances and for whom every day is an adventure. The effect is enhanced by the cinematography, with its intense colours and the camera largely shooting at the children’s eye-line. The film also benefits from outstanding naturalistic performances from its first-time leading actors and, arguably, a career-best from the Oscar-nominated Willem Defoe as the world-weary and warm-hearted motel manager.

    Notwithstanding a budget of only $2 million, The Florida Project garnered 58 awards worldwide and five-star ratings from the Guardian (“thrillingly vibrant”), the Telegraph (“hysterically rude, visually stunning”) and the Independent (“one of the best films made about childhood in recent years”).

    Members go free. Tickets for non-members are £5 (£3 full-time students) and all are very welcome. Tickets can be purchased on the night (cash only), from The Exchange’s Box Office (in person or by telephone at 020 8240 2399) or online through The Exchange’s website –

    Season 56 Membership:

    Membership for next Season – commencing on 18 September with ‘A Fantastic Woman’ (Chile) – is now open. See for further details and for a list of films under consideration. For further information, you can also email or telephone 020 8893 3503.

    New members are always very welcome, so please come along and join us at The Exchange.

  7. Are you a parent considering starting a business? Need some direction or want to take your business idea to the next level? This one is for you!

    Join us 11am on 12th June at the Turks Head for this must-see talk by Alexis Kingsbury founder of Parentpreneur Accelerator and Steph Douglas, creator of the thoughtful gift company Don’t Buy Her Flowers. Babies welcome too!

    Tickets through the SpoonFed website.

  8. Alzheimer’s Society in Richmond unites against dementia this Dementia Action Week

    Alzheimer’s Society in Richmond is encouraging residents to take action and unite against dementia this Dementia Action Week (21-27 May). On 24 May charity staff and volunteers will be hosting a public showcase titled Dementia Doesn’t Stop Me at Richmond Library Annexe to encourage local people to take actions, big or small, to improve the everyday lives of people affected by dementia.

    Dementia Doesn’t Stop Me

    11am: Become a Dementia Friend: free information session
    12 pm: Opening by Zac Goldsmith MP for Richmond Park
    12-3.30pm : Drop in session. Come and see creative work by people with dementia, talk to people living with dementia, and meet Alzheimer’s Society staff and local community organisations.

    Location: The Richmond Library Annexe, Quadrant Road, Richmond TW9 1DH

    This year’s Dementia Action Week theme is community change. From continuing to invite people with dementia out, to making sure you listen and include them in conversations, people with dementia and carers have shared actions with us that will make a difference – helping them to feel included in their communities and able to live the lives they want.

    Hilary Dodd, Service Manager for Alzheimer’s Society in Richmond, said:
    “We’re calling on people in Richmond to take action at The Richmond Library Annexe this Dementia Action Week. In the UK, one person develops dementia every three minutes and almost everyone knows someone whose life has been affected. Yet too many people face the condition alone without adequate support.

    “People with dementia and carers have shared actions with us that will make a difference, from ‘invite me out, friends still mean the world to me’ to ‘take time to listen, I can still teach you a thing or two.’

    “So join us on 24th May to take action and unite against dementia and help people affected to feel included in their community and able to live the life they want.”

    2,300 people are living with dementia in Richmond. Alzheimer’s Society is here for anyone affected by dementia. The charity provides information and support, to find out more call the National Dementia Helpline on 0300 222 1122 or visit

    Unite with us now at

  9. Richmond Film Society – Screening of ‘Le Havre’ (Finland) on 22 May

    Richmond Film Society’s season continues at 8pm on Tuesday, 22 May with ‘Le Havre’, Aki Kaurismäki’s acclaimed comedy-drama.

    When a young African stowaway arrives by cargo ship in the port city of Le Havre, Marcel, an ageing shoe shiner, takes pity on the child and, with the assistance of friendly neighbours and locals, hides him from the police.

    Like ‘The Other Side of Hope’ – which proved hugely popular when screened earlier this Season by RFS – ‘Le Havre’ is another instalment in Kaurismäki’s proposed trilogy about life in port cities. Once again, it deals with immigration and attitudes to refugees but it does so with all of Kaurismäki’s trademark lightness of touch, drollery and deadpan humour. The result is an offbeat, warmhearted and charming film, which garnered fifteen awards worldwide, including at the 2011 Cannes, Chicago and Munich Film Festivals.

    The film will be screened at the 285-seat theatre at The Exchange, 75 London Road, Twickenham, TW1 1BE, the new community facility situated directly opposite Twickenham Station. Its amenities include a bar and café, lifts and disabled access.

    Members go free. Tickets for non-members are £6 (£4 full-time students) and all are very welcome. Tickets can be purchased on the night (cash only), from The Exchange’s Box Office (in person or by telephone at 020 8240 2399) or online through The Exchange’s website –

    Season 56 Membership:

    Membership for next Season – commencing on 18 September – is now open. In recognition of a major increase in attendances during the last 12 months, the cost of membership for the 16 film programme will be only £40 – an unbeatable bargain of £2.50 per film. See for further details and for a list of films under consideration. For further information, you can also email or telephone 020 8893 3503.

    New members are always very welcome, so please come along and join us at The Exchange.

  10. Concert in St Marys Church, Sunday 27th May at 6.00 pm. “BACH BY THE RIVER”. Music to Sooth the Soul, by Bach, Handel and Vivaldi composed around the time this beautiful Church, with its wonderful acoustic, was built. Performed by The Wolverton Trio; Hetty Wayne (Baroque Violin and viola d’Amore), Rachel Helliwell (Baroque flute and recorders), Karen Glen (Harpischord); regular performers with The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, English Baroque Soloists, Kings Consort, The Sixteen etc. No tickets, but collection in aid of St Mary’s “reordering”. Duration about one hour. Refreshments. Please share this information. Thank you.

    1. Thank you ETR. Certainly hope so. There’s been a good response so get there in good time if coming along, and bring a bit of cash!!

    2. It went well. Great turn out with the Church pretty full and about £900 raised. Thanks to all who came and contributed.

  11. Box Junction RIP-off? Have you too been forced to stop and ticketed in the York St / Arragon Rd box-junction? I’m conducting a straw-poll as I think this junction traps motorists. It’s too long, too near bus-stops blocking traffic flow and has a junction right at the end of it, so motorists are forced to stop. I think it’s making LBRUT mega £££’s.

    1. Hmm. We crossed that junction in the Twickerati-mobile at the weekend. Coming from Arragon Road (Waitrose side) it’s actually hard to see the yellow box because of the road camber. And when we drove up Arragon Road from the river side it was difficult to see the far end of the box from the stop point at the lights (because of the pedestrian crossing) meaning drivers have to gamble on it being clear when turning left into York Street or risk blocking the crossing if it’s not clear. We understand the need for yellow box junctions but the layout of this one needs some attention.

  12. It’s official! Richmond Council ecologist today rubber stamps an application to put huge metal halide floodlights, on an area the Council have designated for the preservation of biodiversity. To do so she overrides the advice of the specialist the Council employed to give an independent view. This site is an important habitat for 9 protected species of bats. Come on Riversiders we can’t let this happen. Have your say.

    1. It’s a disgrace. I fail to understand how the council can opt to wreck an area of woodland forever for the benefit of a handful of people.

  13. Basically the pubs should be closed and the fans dispersed away from Twickers asap.
    That a whole town is a “ no go area “ all day long on every rugby match occasion for us local inhabitants is ridiculous. The police have shown they cannot control it. There is no need for copious drinking to accompany the game. It would not be allowed for any other faction. Let’s bring back a bit of self control and respect for the space of others.
    Yes let’s have the rugby but not it’s attendant idiotic problems.

  14. The Twickenham and Thames Valley Bee-keepers’ Association Open Day.
    The Twickenham and Thames Valley Bee-keepers’ Association (T&TVBKA) is a U.K. Registered Charity (Reg.No. 296439) whose aim is to educate the general public about bees and bee-keeping.
    Our Open day is a chance for everyone to come and see what we do, find out about bees and beekeeping, buy local honey and enjoy teas, cakes and participate in other attractions.
    Honey produced by the association’s bees is sold only from the Twickenham apiary during our Open Day and Honey Show day. T&TVBKA honey cannot be bought from retail outlets. The proceeds are used to help maintain the association and the health and wellbeing of bees.
    2nd June 2018 from 13:00 to 17:00

    The Apiary, 41 Whitton Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 1BH

  15. Rugby chaos – who thought it would be a good idea to organise/licence 2 big matches in Twickenham on the same afternoon? Army vs Navy kick-off at 15:00 with Quinn’s vs Exeter 16:00!

    I love rugby and go as often as I can obtain tickets but 2 matches on the same day is not smart!

    1. No not new illiad, been here +20 yrs very familiar with rugby in Twickenham – just never seen 2 sell out games at both the Stoop & National Stadium on the same day, unless you think this happens many times a year!

    2. you need to check.. 82000 is *expected* for many, those of us who live near the albany , and right next to the arena know it well..

    3. well there is the Aviva premiership on the 26th that always draws 82,000, and another 5 matches on the following sunday, I wouldn’t be surprised if they take the hint from last weekend to sell even more tickets!! 🙂

      and even more crowds on the street, if they cannot get tickets… :/

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