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  1. Collection Curiosities at Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham
    25 August – 25 November 2018

    Come and discover the Hammersmith Ghost, Burton’s bone necklace and much, much more!

    This free exhibition showcases unusual and quirky curiosities from the prestigious Richmond Borough Art Collection based at Orleans House Gallery, many of which have been hidden away from public view – until now!

    Visitors can respond to questions posed on labels and write their responses on luggage tags and pin them by the works and then photograph and share them on social media.

    The gallery has over 70 dedicated volunteers. Some of the Study Gallery have been photographed with their favourite curiosity. The entire collection is now available to view for the first time on the new gallery website, which is part of the Transforming Orleans House project:

  2. Hi Twickenham, Archdeacon Cambridge’s School PTA are hoping to raise funds for the school by putting on an outdoor, sing-a-long showing of The Greatest Showman in the playground. We’re looking to beg, borrow, or pay a ‘steal’ price for equipment to put it on.
    Can anyone help with AV equipment, or ideas of who to contact.

  3. Twickenham Record Fair

    Eel Pie Records are now organising a monthly collectors record fair. The next one will be held at St Mary’s Church Hall on Church Street on Saturday 18 August 2108.

    The fair opens at 9am and will have 20+ tables of beautiful brand new and 2nd hand collectable vinyl records as well as CDs and other music related stuff.

    Customers are asked to make a £1 donation to Shooting Stars Hospice charity on entry.

    Literally 1 minutes walk from Eel Pie Records and all the other delights of Church Street, as well being just round the corner from the Eel Pie Island Museum, this is the perfect day out for music lovers of all persuasions.

    More info

    1. Back in 2012 residents of Sherland Road in Twickenham, designed and built a garden on disused land at 98 Sherland Rd. Since then the space has brought the community together to help maintain the space whether by watering, planting, weeding or generally keeping the garden tidy. The garden also attracts an array of birds and wildlife including the endangered stage beetle.

      The hedges that were originally planted 6 years ago have now reached almost 10ft, and residents have launched a crowdfunding campaign, to create hedgerows that will become a home to valuable at risk wildlife such as beetles, butterflies, song thrushes and hedgehogs. Colin Cooper from SWLEN is keen for the work to go ahead. “Hedgerows are vital ecosystems for wildlife across the UK, but they don’t just occur naturally, but rather they must be ‘created’ through a technique called layering”

      The campaign is more than halfway towards raising £550 towards tools and materials to enable The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) to carry out the work. Laura Brackenbury from Richmond TCV explains “Hedge laying is a technique that has been used to manage hedgerows since before the Romans, and as such is a part of our landscape heritage. Hedge-laying not only controls the height of a hedge, without having to resort to strimmers, but also, in the long run, creates a denser, more evenly vegetated habitat” The group is welcoming of new volunteers, and as such will offer the unique opportunity for local residents to the gardens to try their hands at the ancient art of hedge-laying.

      Find out more at

    2. Anonymous: unless you are lucky enough to work in the higher floors of regal house.. 🙂
      Or rent a room next door 😛 🙂

    3. New rail station or should I say executive housing development looking quite oppressive. Am surprised at how narrow the pavement from Cole Park to the station entrance will be. Why? An opportunity to provide safe pedestrian space again ignored to allow commerciL development.
      No doubt it won’t tske long before it all becomes as scruffy as Twickenham’s new pavements etc. with RFU crowds and the councils negligence street re. street cleaning

    4. Allan Storer: AFAICS from the plans, the width of the pavement will be the same as it was before…

    5. The builders need the space to make sure the join between ‘council pavement’ and ‘station grounds’ is a good one, to say nothing about safety from debris coming down… 🙂

      Until then, we must use other ways to get past it… 🙂

      This build should be finished in a year or two, by which time there will be a much wider walking space between building and road…

    6. referencing the comments about the depth of the pavement and Illiad’s reassurances that there will be plenty of room ….if you look on the Landscape Masterplan (approved drawing) of the Planning application you will see that there is a row of trees to be fitted in as well – round bushy topped ones not long thin ones. Solum would not have just drawn them in to make the proposals look a bit more attractive would they?

    7. All part of the hard sell, no doubt. And who can blame us for being cynics eh ?
      If they knocked on my door to sell encyclopaedias I would tell them to get lost. But then again I’m brighter than the average member on the planning committee.

    8. anonymouse: No it is neither.. (I am talking about the building works – the tracks and station are the same as they have been for ages…)

      Solum ‘owns’ the site until the work is complete (check the link to planning inside link below, the ‘border’ is on the landscape plan PDF).

      The building works are separate from the tracks & platforms that form ‘Twickenham station’

      When Solum has to do building work that involves disrupting the movement of trains, a ‘possession of Twickenham Station’ must be made, so they can carry this out.

    9. Cassandra: If you have been a subject of your neighbors ‘planning permission’ like I have 😡 , you will realize that these are ONLY a BASIC guide – the builders will have the proper architects drawing, far too detailed for public online, and other ‘agreements’ mean they can change stuff without you being notified…

    10. Illiad,
      You’ve completely missed the point.
      NR own the station land. Solum are just their development company (in cahoots with Kier) which was set up to turn a profit from various NR sites. That’s why they’re building 115 flats. Profit.
      Inevitably, the 8 storey block rising from the edge of pavement will be far more imposing than the old slimline building that was set well back.

    11. anonymouse, I am only going on what I can see on the Solum website, I am no expert, if you want more info, ask Solum!!! 😛 🙂

  4. Hi,

    I just wanted to share with all Twickerati followers that Move Physio is running a promotion for the month August. We are based at the North Clinic on King Street Parade.

    You will receive £20 off All 60 minute massages, all you need to do is quote “AUG20” when booking.

    Feel free to call us or book online at

    You can follow us on to keep up to date with further promotions and useful info about how to keep yourself fit and healthy.

    Enjoy the sunshine!

  5. Exhibition private view

    If you are free this evening Monday 6 August, come along to the private view of Nick Bridson Baker: Fun & Fantasy at the Riverside Gallery in the Old Town Hall, Richmond!

    Nick is displaying over 80 playful prints, drawings and paintings.

    The private view runs from 6.30-8.00pm and is free admission – so come along!

  6. Richmond Film Society: New Season Commences on 18 September

    Interested in World Cinema ? Then why not join Richmond Film Society for our forthcoming season of 16 films for just £40. Commencing on 18 September with the 2018 Foreign Language Oscar winner, it comprises the following:

    18th September – A Fantastic Woman (Chile)
    2nd October – Goldstone (Australia)
    16th October – I Got Life (France)
    30th October – A Ghost Story (USA)
    13th November – The Fencer (Finland/Estonia)
    27th November – In Between (Israel/France)
    11th December – The Party (UK)
    8th January 2019 – Happy End (France/Germany/Austria)
    22nd January – Zama (Argentina)
    5th February – Tabu (Portugal)
    19th February – After The Storm (Japan)
    5th March – In The Fade (Germany)
    19th March – On Body and Soul (Hungary)
    2nd April – Faces, Places (France)
    16th April – Sweet Country (Australia)
    30th April – Truman (Spain/Argentina)

    Season 56 Membership 

    Membership for this season is £40, equivalent to just £2.50 per film and entirely consistent with our objective of making our screenings affordable for everyone in our community. You will, therefore, have covered your membership subscription once you have attended 8 of the 16 films in the Season 56 Programme. The concessionary seasonal membership fee for full-time students is £25.


Membership includes free admission to all 16 screenings, free admission to the Christmas party, input into future film selection and details of other local arts-related events through our affiliation with Arts Richmond. Following the success of our Twickenham Festival screening of ‘The Florida Project’ in June, we shall be participating again in 2019; that screening will, once again, be free to members.

    For further information on membership enrolment or the films, please visit our website at where a downloadable Membership Form is available. Please send your completed form and your cheque, payable to ‘Richmond Film Society’, to: Sally Maynard, 89 Third Cross Road, Twickenham, TW2 5DY (telephone: 020 8893 3503, email Alternatively, hand your form and remittance to Sally or to any other committee member at one of our screenings. Regrettably, the Society is unable to accept credit card and contactless payments (cheque or cash only).

    Non-Member Tickets

    Non-member tickets are £5 (full-time students £3) and can be purchased on the night (cash only), in advance from The Exchange’s Box Office (in person or by telephone on 020 8240 2399) or online at

    Richmond Film Society

    Richmond Film Society (a not-for-profit charity) was formed in 1963 and has since screened nearly 780 films. Our objective is to bring our community the very best in World Cinema. Our seasons run from September to April and attract an aggregate audience of over 2,000 attendees.

    Film notes are provided for each screening and audience feedback is obtained via response slips.

    Our Venue – The Exchange

    We screen our films at The Exchange, the new community facility opposite Twickenham Station at 75 London Road, Twickenham, TW1 1BE. Its facilities include a very comfortable, tiered 285-seat theatre, lifts, disabled access, a bar and a café.

    Films are shown at 8.00pm sharp on alternate Tuesdays (no trailers and no ads). On screening nights, the Bar is open from 7.00pm and the auditorium opens at 7.30pm.

    All are very welcome, so do please come along and join us at The Exchange.

  7. I’m mildly intrigued but unsurprised that no-one has yet commented on Sir Vince’s attendance at an important “inter-party” meeting when he really should have been voting in the Commons on a Brexit amendment. Strange – eh?
    Since regular readers will know that I have little or no time for the local or national LibDems, they may well be surprised to learn that I find the concept of a sort of centrist party well worth exploring given the mess that the Tories and Labour are in and the prospect of a hard right or left government, probably sooner than the next scheduled general election. I wondered why the equally pointless Greens were sniffing around our borough a year or so ago – all is now clearer, I think. I wonder if any of your other readers want either of those scenarios? Perhaps Sir Vince plans to jump ship yet again – it might well be the best thing he’s done!

    Unfortunately I can’t see anyone else in the depleted parliamentary LibDem ranks capable of pulling this together unless, of course, our new Council leader fancies giving it a shot – what about it Gareth? The Brexit debate is about as tedious as it gets and the prime protagonists are abysmally awful. I’m beginning to think that we might well be better off with Michael Portillo if he could ditch his red trousers and Ed Balls his leotard. Any other suggestions?
    At least we could have a chuckle rather than yet more ennui.

  8. Art Play: Fun Limited

    An exhibition of playful artwork by Jason Taylor, co-created by and for children, young people and families.

    Jason transforms everyday objects into opportunities for play. Join us this summer and explore this interactive exhibition. Look out for playful sculpture around the site as well!

    Open Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm

    Free admission

    Runs until 2 September 2018.

    Stables Gallery, Orleans House Gallery.

  9. Sitting around in Twickenham a few months ago, a group of us started chatting about how we would love to learn new skills… proper skills… the sort of skills that would actually help us out in our day to day lives.
    Our plants are constantly dying, no matter how hard we try. We desperately wish we knew how to change a tyre and use a drill, and after years of working we’re both still totally confused about our taxes. Youtube videos help, but we can’t ask any questions. Going on a professional course would also be an option but it sounds expensive, time consuming and like a commitment we can’t make. And then we thought, we bet there’s people just down the road who could teach any one of these skills, just as well as a professional tutor, adviser or teacher.
    We wondered- is there a way to take learning offline in a more relaxed way? Could we bring people together within a town or city so that skills are shared outside a professional workplace or classroom? And could it be a great way for people to earn some extra cash?
    A little bit of research later and we discovered that continuing to learn is really good for us. It makes us happier, biologically and psychologically healthier, we become better at problem solving and it’s a brilliant way to meet new people from all walks of life.
    So we’ve been working hard to build a platform where people can do all of these things. Please feel free to share it, like our facebook page, like our instagram page and post a less for free!

  10. Speakeasy. Relaxed supportive discussion of weighty topics of participants’ choice. Would you like to initiate and host a topic? Would you like to facilitate a session? Get in touch: 020 8892 9243

  11. Can anyone tell me how to unsubscribe from this particularly tiresome thread which I signed up to before the initial post about the concert at the RFU?

  12. I have emailed all relevant parties re. the same and advise others too as well. It is the only way anyone will listen.
    I spent last week in Cheltenham, felt clean, then to return to the chaotic undersourced Eminem muddle and Twickenham’s new but filthy streets. I find it sickening. Sloth !
    These fans are allowed to run amok. They own the roads, pavements, and space in general. They should depart the stadium in an orderly planned and directed way, or is the RFU and our council to lazy to get their heads around organisation. ?

  13. I couldn’t agree more Janis. Twickenham’s pavements are an utter disgrace. Millions spent on new paving that looks worse than before because no budget was ever set to keep them clean. If the RFU cared anything about the community of Twickenham they would fund regular effective washing of the pavements from the stadium to the town and throughout the town centre. Chewing gum, beer, vomit, dropped food and more stain the pavements. Sweeping up the litter is simply not an adequate response. The crowds and disruption to home (I live on the Whitton Road) and business (I’m a retailer on Church Street) are bad enough without having to put up with the filth. Twickenham could seriously smarten itself up beyond measure simply by having the kind of clean pavements you see around private developments.

    1. I heard that Whitton did get proper street cleaning after a traders petition? I’m recently no longer a trader on Church Street but am still a resident, maybe it will take local will to persuade the counsel to actually do something? Happt to get involved if there;s a will to put something together?

  14. Sat. night Twickenham. Eminem Concert in Stadium thousands of fans spilled out
    on to Whitton Road.
    Aggressive behaviour, shouting obscenities, threatening behaviour. Several using my neighbours front garden to urinate in. In our back gardens women squatting and guys peeing.
    About two private stewards on duty unable to cope with no powers.
    Police tel. with three 999 calls and unable to attend due to overstretched resources. ( all attending demos in London etc).
    No one at Stadium to answer several calls
    No one at the council to take calls.
    Whitton Road residents completely left to get on with it. Police never attended.

    1. Yes it was crazy in Twickenham Town Centre as well, perhaps the council would also like to give some explaination as to why Twickenham, whose streets had a million pound paving makeover for the Rugby world cup, now has what must be the filthiest most disgusting streets in the borough. Pavements black and covered in a massive array of beer and (often) vomit stains as well as the usual patina of chewing gum spots. Ouside Santander, Bargain books and beyond the pavements are now so dirty they are actually solid black with doorways of pubs and takeaways much the same. Twickenham takes a hell of a bashing on match days and when we have stadium events such as this last weekend and yet the council does not respond and has said when I’ve enquired, it has no budget for that level of street cleaning. I don’t see Richmonds Street in the same state.

    2. Poor Resourcing and Inefficient Organisation put Eminem Fans and Public in Danger at Twickenham Stadium

      Sat. night Twickenham. EminemConcert in Stadium thousands of drunken. spaced out fans spilled out of Twickenham Stadium on to Whitton Road.

      Aggressive behaviour, shouting obscenities, threatening behaviour. Several using my neighbours front garden to urinate in.
      In our back gardens women squatting and guys peeing.

      About two private stewards on duty unable to cope with no powers.

      Police tel. with three 999 calls and unable to attend due to overstretched resources. ( all attending demos in London etc).

      No one at Stadium to answer emergency calls
      No one at the council to take emergency calls.
      Whitton Road residents completely left to get on with it. Police never attended.

      Sunday morning Whitton Road was a complete mess.
      Council very late clearing up.
      Disgusting response by all agencies

      What a way to treat people, it could be your son or daughter ?

    3. Janis Haves I have the following emails re./ complaints Re. streets You are quite right our new streets are filthy and stained
      The fabric of our area is being destroyed by the RF.U
      Surely they could hose or steam clean our pavements now and then as they do following large events in many European cities.
      Unfortunately we are ” cheapskates ” here and residents are second class.I stayed in Cheltenham last week, felt very clean by comparison.

      Please send an email to those below

    4. Your correspondents, Ms Haves and A Storer deserve our sympathy for the mess they have had to endure and clean up following the Eminem concerts – I doubt that it was much better after the Stones concert when trains were cancelled as well.
      As to blame for the debacle: Perhaps the stadium management should stop shrugging their shoulders and posting complacent platitudes – after all, who was responsible for the reported 2 hour delay to collect bags which had to be checked in – the stadium. No wonder those poor punters were peed off!

      Interestingly there hasn’t been a word from our new LibDem Council leader Gareth Roberts who is usually hot off the blocks if there is some political capital to be gained. Nor has there been a tweet from our serial correspondent “Twickerman” who lives or lived near the station and used to complain about everything when the Tories were in power locally – what a surprise.
      Perhaps it’s time for Councillor Roberts to concentrate on his day job rather than opine his views on national political issues: “take back control” as he has urged us to do in his column in the R&TT?
      Leader of the Council is probably pretty small beer to a man of Mr Roberts’ talent and ambition but wouldn’t he be better employed sorting out problems in our front and backyards before moving on to greater things?

    5. Oh dear, fake news from ex-hack Alexis, who never allows a fact or two spoil his rant.
      It certainly seens there were quite a few cost corners cut by a combination of the event organisers, the rfu and council which resulted in poor street stewarding and a sub-standard clean-up (on Sat night). Your guess is as good as mine who profited most.
      I’ve been advised that the micro-bag rule (and consequent confiscations) were the concert event organisers requirements. It was probably to prevent recording equipment being sneaked in, and maybe to help boost merch’ sales. This is not a RFU/rugby thing.

    6. RFU Events contribute in a major way to a Filthy Dirty Twickenham.

      Out and about this evening and I note the mess following the EMINEM concert has not yet been cleaned up. There are hundreds of cigarette butts strewn around, in the pavement cracks etc. Plastic bottles and tin cans etc.
      The new pavements filthy and stained.
      What a filthy mess the RFU is turning Twickenham into. No common decency or regard for the residents. How much did we pay for this street paving only to have it trashed and left fitlthy ?

      I havespent time in Europe and note that in many cities, streets are hosed or steam cleaned following major events.

      Im thinking the RFU or the council should finance the same here. Filthy Twickenham. Poor street cleansing ! Possibly germ ridden too.

    7. “Oh dear, fake news from ex-hack Alexis, who never allows a fact or two spoil his rant” writes Twickerman.
      I will ignore his poor grammar but object to “fake news”, “ex-hack” and “rant”; how tacky and typically Trumpish – perhaps Twickerman has been taking lessons in newspeak from the wrong teacher – look at the mess it’s getting him into!
      A Storer is absolutely right about the mess we are still stuck with
      PS: It didn’t do much good for LibDem Lourie when he tried to rubbish his riverside opponents in a similar fashion: “Liar liar, pants on fire” I leave the accompanying gesture to your imagination.

    8. Sorry Alexis, but fake news about my twitter posts is fake news.
      An ‘ex-hack’ (your own description, not mine) ought to do your research rather than just making stuff up to suit your own shit-stirring agenda.

    9. Faking News: Alexis is the ‘nom de plume’ of Tony Elsom. He fessed up on twickerati early this year. Google ‘Tony Elsom ex-hack twickerati’ and you will see him describing himself an ‘ex- hack’. Was he faking it then or now? Please let us know Alexis/Tony?

    10. My word, these political warriors keep an eye on you. Perhaps I should be flattered that they think me worth watching although in reality I’m a bit spooked.

      This is a relevant excerpt from my Twickerati post of June 5, 2011 at 1.51pm which Anonymouse refers to. Its googleable:

      “As an ex- hack, I’m surprised to see Mr van der Vat describing those who try to engage with local issues as “halfwits who pollute the letters pages”.
      My post was in response to one from Dan Van der Vat on June 4, 2011 at 4.20pm in which he wrote:
      “As an ex-hack I would like to see it probe the real local issues instead of leaving them to the many halfwits who pollute the letters pages. But clearly they haven’t got the will, the skill or the staff.”

      Since I am not, nor have I ever been an “ex-hack”, perhaps I am due an apology from Anonymouse and Twickerman? Whatever, we clearly need to be aware of how things can be twisted and used to advantage by the political warriors hiding in our midst.
      What a dirty game politics seems to have become.

    11. I’m pleased that the issue about concerts, mess and the stadium have moved elsewhere so I can post my final comment here without diluting those of others who have a far worse grievance.
      Unsurprisingly, I have yet to receive an apology from Anonymouse or Twickerman for misrepresenting me as an “ex-hack” and purveyor of “fake news”. Such is the way of life for some today. “Tant pis” as Trump might have said if he spoke French!
      Presumably the small rodent and propeller head prefer to retain their anonymity and never admit anything. They might be surprised to learn that I used to vote for them until Williams gained power and seemed to encourage the nasty attack dog tactics which so discredited the party’s laudable aims.
      I wonder if any of those “attack dogs” are now in a position of power? I suspect one or more are.

    12. Alexis,
      No apologies.
      Your Trumpesque misrepresentation of my tweets is totally unacceptable fake news.
      FYI, I posted more than one tweet about the post-Eminem mess before your untruthful claim: ‘Nor has there been a tweet from Twickerman’.
      Please don’t lie.

    13. Oh dear, that will teach me to be an oldtimer who doesn’t use Twitter, so, as a result of Twickerman’s “fake news” slur I googled him.

      Loads of jolly good holiday snaps but I couldn’t see any mention of the Eminem stadium mess. Perhaps he has another address or uses his real name? Please share with us or let me know what else I have got wrong and please don’t accuse me of being a liar unless you have irrefutable proof. That’s just plain rude.
      PS: My thanks to whoever gave Twickerman’s post a thumbs down – it wasn’t me!
      PPS: “No apologies”. Does Twickerman speak for the small anonymous rodent as well?

    14. On the Saturday night of the Eminem concert law and order was in complete breakdown. Alcoholic aggressive fans drunk and spaced out on dope used my neighblites garden continually to urinate in. He is infirm and confined to his house. When I questioned these, they threatened and abused me etc. My wife worried violence would ensue told me to give up. We tel 999 the operator commenting that it sounded really bad. However police could not attend as they were overstretched. I spoke to a senior police officer who said the police did not have the resources to attend. We were basically left to our own devices unless there was s loss of life.
      Basically these unruly fans had the run of our streets. The RFU failed to provide satisfactory monitoring saying they are cutting back on expenditure. Hence public safety was placed at risk, so too the safety of our our property.
      The answer to the problem is simple.
      If public safety cannot be guaranteed the RFU should not put on these events and our council should refuse permission and alcohol licencing.
      If a nightclub or pub was the cause of such public disorder it would be closed down.
      Why is the RFU apparently exempt from the same regulation ? Money ?
      above the law?

      Incidentally look st all the new paving recently laid in our town centre. Stained and filthy. Looks germ infested. No attempt to keep it clean. What was the point ?

    15. Alexis,
      FYI, I tagged @twickerati into 2 tweets about the stadium on Monday morning (long before your errant comment on here). One was in response to his mini-poll, another to the RFU. Perhaps twickerati would like to confirm that to set the record straight.

      Janis, apologies, it’s no fun for me either, but I’m not prepared to let Alexis’ shit-stirring false accusations go.

    16. If you don’t know how to use twitter, which is obviously the case, don’t go making false accusations based on twitter content. Ignorence and/or incompetence is no excuse Alexis.

    17. Oh dear, I’m sorry Janis, having volunteered to shut up, I was going to ignore Twickerman’s latest post until I read his last para in which he refers to me as “shit-stirring”. That’s the second time he has done so and should be unacceptable – don’t you think so, Twickerati?

      I may well be forthright but I have never been downright rude as so many of these political warriors like Twickerman and Anonymouse to name but two are. I always thought that this was a forum for “ill–informed opinion”. Perhaps I was wrong and there are “them and us” rules of play? If so, that’s a great pity.

      Now he has posted yet another diatribe castigating me for not knowing how to use Twitter – perhaps I should take lessons from Trump Towers?
      Sometimes it’s best to shut up – isn’t it, John?

    18. The one thing I can guarantee to both of you gentlemen, is that no-one on here cares who did or said what! Whatever slights or petty insults may or may not have been uttered by either of you, we have no interest! Sorry, but listening to a cat fight between two adults guys who have nothing better to do than act like a couple of catty teenage girls is simply not anything anyone on here is interested in hearing. I for one will be sadly leaving Twickerati if this continues as I suspect will many others. This will be a shame because it’s fine blog, well written by it’s author and usually a good source of comment and information.

  15. Love art? There’s a new pop up gallery on Twickenham Green! Open to the public this weekend only with a huge amount of very affordable artwork in a variety of scale, subject and media. Landscapes, Seascapes, abstracts, figurative… Drawings, paintings, printmaking, photographs and sculpture. Exhibition of works by Sophie Coe and Roz Fletcher. Come and support your local artists, all welcome! 3 First Cross Road TW2 5QA (Twickenham Green, near the Cricket Pavilion).

  16. Does anyone know if the Delhi Durbar Indian restaurant in Church Street has closed down? It didn’t look too open in my last few walks down the street..? I’m missing my Chicken Jalfrezi!

    1. Oh boo. It must be tough for the curry houses right now. It seems to be becoming less popular. The DD was one of my favourites, even though it hadn’t been updated for years.

  17. Event!! ‘Social Music in Turner’s World’ – 28th June, 6pm & 8pm

    Turner’s House hosts it’s first musical evening on 28th June! Arranged by William Summer of Loki Music, come and enjoy the surrounds of Sandycombe Lodge with the sounds of glees, dance tunes, operatic arias and popular songs of the 18th Century.

    Confirmed musicians;

    Sophia Brumfitt – Voice

    William Summers – Flute

    Taro Takeuchi – Guitar, Harp-Lute

    There are two sittings, purchase a ticket at for either 6pm or 8pm, or by calling 020 8892 5485.

    Tickets are £20, and include a glass of fizz on arrival.

  18. Council Clean Air Strategy

    From the councils’s recent newsletter:

    As part of the new administration’s commitment to tackling the issue, the new Cabinet Member for Transport, Streetscene and Air Quality, Cllr Alexander Ehmann, has reviewed the feedback and committed to redrafting the plan, putting forward ambitious, tangible targets for the future.

    The strategy will consider areas such as:

    20 mph speed limit across the whole borough
    Action to address idling (running engines of vehicles while stationary)
    Encouraging electric vehicle take-up
    Piloting actions with some schools, including green walls and school travel plans
    Policies and infrastructure that support active travel (including cycling and walking)
    Consultation over the introduction of a diesel levy on vehicles within the borough’s controlled parking zones

    So the council wants to improve it’s strategy on air quality but everything they mention thereafter is focused on road transport, nothing about aircraft which fly overhead, nothing about domestic fuel usage for heating or cooking, nor any mention of office use of heating & air conditioning etc. This leads me to the conclusion that the only policy will be to tax the motorists in some kind of grotesque replay of the previous Libdem administration’s savage increase in the cost of Residents Parking Permits in the utterly misguided believe that if you tax parked cars you can impact air quality!!
    Please tell me I am wrong

    1. Are the Council not part of the alliance of Councils who are committed to fighting the third runway at Heathrow, I have seen absolutely nothing to suggest that that would not continue whoever was in power, along with ongoing pressure on Heathrow to reduce their environmental impact on local residents. Surely that is the best tactical approach in terms of reducing the impact of aircraft flying overhead.

      Otherwise cars are without doubt the main cause of the damaging air pollution levels particularly in proximity to some of our schools. It is cross party policy that this needs to be addressed, and a priority for the Mayor as well.

      As to the old scheme for residents parking permits the aim was not to tax parked cars but to target the motorists who had old and big engined cars with high emissions that were causing very high levels of pollution and to incentivise people to buy more environmentally friendly cars with lower emissions . Pretty quickly improvements in car technology meant that when you bought your new car, however big and flashy, it fell into the bottom category of emissions. Now the damage caused by small particle emissions from diesel engines is better understood it makes sense to look at targeting them to reduce the number on our roads.

    2. All I ask for is some fact based and transparent decision making by our Council. Some of the key questions here are what percentage of air pollution comes from motor traffic & what percentage of traffic in our borough comes from local residents? This is then the total size of any impact the Council could have!
      So just playing with some made up numbers to see what could be achieved:
      Say traffic creates 50% of our pollution
      20% of traffic pollution comes from local residents, given the South Circular and A316 run through our borough this could be much lower
      As a result of council policy say ramping up residents parking fees, 20% of residents will change cars and they change cars to one which is 20% cleaner, which frankly would be a massive impact of Council Policy
      If all this happens this would reduce air pollution by 0.4%…..
      So how can the Council improve local air quality and how will they go about? Let’s hope this is not going to be another covert revenue raising measure aimed a local residents who haven’t ploughed up their front garden to park off street!!

    3. Andrew I totally agree we should have decisions based on evidence and consultation, it will make a nice change from the Council Leaders bright ideas and whims, favouring his friends, and spinning and ignoring the results of consultations unless it turns out the idea was a stupid one in th first place. However I think you must not be aware that a lot of the decision making has taken place already at national and city level because we are breaking WHO and EU targets, and damaging our health. Cars are the main target and diesel ones in particular because they are by far the greatest polluters, four times greater than the next biggest domestic gas. Vehicles travelling into London from outside the M25 on the A316 will that exceed certain limits will face charges of between £12.50 and £100. You can get all the facts here.

    4. Smacks of “ big brother”
      By all means apply it to new cars and those in public service.
      But many owning older cars may not be frequent drivers and love their old carriages.
      New isn’t the desire or lifestyle for everyone; some of us like old, tried and trusted, apart from the fact that “new” may be unaffordable for many and force many off the road.
      Heathrow is a much more daunting issue than the OAP who pops out in his/her older car now and then.
      What is out new Lib/Dem council doing there? I haven’t heard a “dicky bird” yet. !

  19. I just wanted to leave a small article here to see how the other residents of Twickenham (and surrounding areas) are feeling after mother nature sent us the most ghastly sequence of Easterly winds I have known.

    It all started on the 20th February 2018 with the first ‘Beast from the East’ and finally ended on the 13th June 2018. A total of 114 days (or 3 months & 25 days) for which there were 72 nights of Easterly operations at Heathrow (often going on to 1am and even 2am due to adverse weather conditions, i.e. snow/thunderstorms and rarely finishing before midnight) and 42 nights of Westerly operations at Heathrow.

    I can only say the noise from departing aircraft at Heathrow during this period has left me feeling extremely tired and run down due too many nights of disturbed sleep; I also have a slight ringing/buzzing in my ears. I feel as if I have been tortured or even worse, terrorised by an organisation which shows no mercy concerning its operations and residents/neighbours well-being.

    As for the ringing/buzzing in my ears, I know it will go in a few days but what really irritates me is my Doctor is not allowed to record what is the most likely cause of this condition, i.e. Heathrow. I am not sure how many people are aware of this but Doctors in this area are not allowed to record any medical condition citing Heathrow as the likely cause/culprit.

    Just out of interest, can anyone else remember (before this occurrence) of such a prolonged sequence of Easterly winds?


  20. Greggs Bakery – Twickenham Green

    Does anyone know what is happening with the old Greggs Bakery site near Twickenham Green?

    I had thought they were going to get planning for a residential development but I see a ‘for sale’ sign is now up for commercial use?! I do miss the waft of jam doughnuts but not sure what the future holds!

    1. The company who are putting up for sale are the ones who drew up a residential/work space proposal but then found out the cost of cleaning up the site was prohibitive due to all the brown fill issues and no doubt asbestos and the rest. The silos go down underground and there is no doubt quite a considerable amount of contamination. So whoever is brave enough to buy the plot will need a.vast amount of £££ and relevant experience of developing such a space to make a profit!

  21. Orleans House transformed!

    Have you visited the transformed Orleans House Gallery since it reopened? It is still free of charge and there is lots more to enjoy:

    A new reception and shop featuring bespoke stock, books, gifts and local craft.

    The stunning 18th century baroque Gibbs Octagon Room restored to its former glory.

    Downstairs interpretation area with historical paintings, a large model of the original house and 2 animations.

    Upper gallery Orleans House and the Wider landscape display.

    The Study Gallery featuring nearly 100 Richmond Borough Art Collection works in themed pull out racks, drawers and cupboards.

    The refurbished Orleans House Gallery space (currently featuring the Richmond: People and Places contemporary open exhibition) and The Stables Gallery.

    Open: Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm

    Spread the word!

  22. White Poppy Drop-in on Sat, 9 June, 11-3pm at the Richmond Meeting House, TW9 1NN.

    Taking inspiration from Linda Murgatroyd’s Collateral Damage exhibition, this free drop-in event is for anyone who wants to acknowledge the need for world peace. Your white poppy can sewn, knitted, crocheted, felted, embroidered; plain or decorated; with and without a leaf. They will all be compiled to make up an art installation. Some materials and refreshments will be provided.

  23. Hi Everyone,
    Just to say once more The Lovers Lights Gallery is closing it’s doors tomorrow (Saturday 2nd June) after six and a half years in Twickenham. We do have a shiny new gallery website though that is still championing work by artists and crafts people in and around the borough. We hope it will become and online goto hub for local fine crafts and art as the gallery was. A quick visit to will transport you into our new online home and you will be rewarded not only with a discount of 15% on your first online order but that warm glow that come off any artist when you choose to buy their work. Thanks to you our customers for coming and supporting us and we hope we’ll still be in touch..on the otherside!
    Lots of Love Janis and The Lovers Lights Artists

  24. Richmond Film Society – Twickenham Festival Screening of ‘The Florida Project’ – Tuesday, 12 June, The Exchange, Twickenham.

    As part of the Twickenham Festival, Richmond Film Society is screening ‘The Florida Project’ (USA), the acclaimed US Indie drama directed by Sean Baker, at 8pm on Tuesday, 12 June.

    Set over one summer, the film follows the lives and adventures of a group of young children living in a colourful but shabby budget motel, The Magic Castle in Kissimmee, Florida, close to the imagined utopia of Disney World but very much ‘off property’. Most of its residents live a transient, hand-to-mouth existence, struggling to make the weekly rent and enjoying zero security of tenure. The film focuses, in particular, on a fearless, hyperactive and ebullient little six-year old girl, Moonee, and her loving but dissolute young mother, who is little more than a child herself.

    Baker’s film addresses serious issues facing those living in poverty and on the margins and the adult themes and narrative do not always make comfortable viewing. The film is, however, at its heart, a wondrous and humorous child’s-eye view of the world, suffused with the energy and optimism of children who are oblivious to their bleak circumstances and for whom every day is an adventure. The effect is enhanced by the cinematography, with its intense colours and the camera largely shooting at the children’s eye-line. The film also benefits from outstanding naturalistic performances from its first-time leading actors and, arguably, a career-best from the Oscar-nominated Willem Defoe as the world-weary and warm-hearted motel manager.

    Notwithstanding a budget of only $2 million, The Florida Project garnered 58 awards worldwide and five-star ratings from the Guardian (“thrillingly vibrant”), the Telegraph (“hysterically rude, visually stunning”) and the Independent (“one of the best films made about childhood in recent years”).

    Members go free. Tickets for non-members are £5 (£3 full-time students) and all are very welcome. Tickets can be purchased on the night (cash only), from The Exchange’s Box Office (in person or by telephone at 020 8240 2399) or online through The Exchange’s website –

    Season 56 Membership:

    Membership for next Season – commencing on 18 September with ‘A Fantastic Woman’ (Chile) – is now open. See for further details and for a list of films under consideration. For further information, you can also email or telephone 020 8893 3503.

    New members are always very welcome, so please come along and join us at The Exchange.

  25. Are you a parent considering starting a business? Need some direction or want to take your business idea to the next level? This one is for you!

    Join us 11am on 12th June at the Turks Head for this must-see talk by Alexis Kingsbury founder of Parentpreneur Accelerator and Steph Douglas, creator of the thoughtful gift company Don’t Buy Her Flowers. Babies welcome too!

    Tickets through the SpoonFed website.

  26. Alzheimer’s Society in Richmond unites against dementia this Dementia Action Week

    Alzheimer’s Society in Richmond is encouraging residents to take action and unite against dementia this Dementia Action Week (21-27 May). On 24 May charity staff and volunteers will be hosting a public showcase titled Dementia Doesn’t Stop Me at Richmond Library Annexe to encourage local people to take actions, big or small, to improve the everyday lives of people affected by dementia.

    Dementia Doesn’t Stop Me

    11am: Become a Dementia Friend: free information session
    12 pm: Opening by Zac Goldsmith MP for Richmond Park
    12-3.30pm : Drop in session. Come and see creative work by people with dementia, talk to people living with dementia, and meet Alzheimer’s Society staff and local community organisations.

    Location: The Richmond Library Annexe, Quadrant Road, Richmond TW9 1DH

    This year’s Dementia Action Week theme is community change. From continuing to invite people with dementia out, to making sure you listen and include them in conversations, people with dementia and carers have shared actions with us that will make a difference – helping them to feel included in their communities and able to live the lives they want.

    Hilary Dodd, Service Manager for Alzheimer’s Society in Richmond, said:
    “We’re calling on people in Richmond to take action at The Richmond Library Annexe this Dementia Action Week. In the UK, one person develops dementia every three minutes and almost everyone knows someone whose life has been affected. Yet too many people face the condition alone without adequate support.

    “People with dementia and carers have shared actions with us that will make a difference, from ‘invite me out, friends still mean the world to me’ to ‘take time to listen, I can still teach you a thing or two.’

    “So join us on 24th May to take action and unite against dementia and help people affected to feel included in their community and able to live the life they want.”

    2,300 people are living with dementia in Richmond. Alzheimer’s Society is here for anyone affected by dementia. The charity provides information and support, to find out more call the National Dementia Helpline on 0300 222 1122 or visit

    Unite with us now at

  27. Richmond Film Society – Screening of ‘Le Havre’ (Finland) on 22 May

    Richmond Film Society’s season continues at 8pm on Tuesday, 22 May with ‘Le Havre’, Aki Kaurismäki’s acclaimed comedy-drama.

    When a young African stowaway arrives by cargo ship in the port city of Le Havre, Marcel, an ageing shoe shiner, takes pity on the child and, with the assistance of friendly neighbours and locals, hides him from the police.

    Like ‘The Other Side of Hope’ – which proved hugely popular when screened earlier this Season by RFS – ‘Le Havre’ is another instalment in Kaurismäki’s proposed trilogy about life in port cities. Once again, it deals with immigration and attitudes to refugees but it does so with all of Kaurismäki’s trademark lightness of touch, drollery and deadpan humour. The result is an offbeat, warmhearted and charming film, which garnered fifteen awards worldwide, including at the 2011 Cannes, Chicago and Munich Film Festivals.

    The film will be screened at the 285-seat theatre at The Exchange, 75 London Road, Twickenham, TW1 1BE, the new community facility situated directly opposite Twickenham Station. Its amenities include a bar and café, lifts and disabled access.

    Members go free. Tickets for non-members are £6 (£4 full-time students) and all are very welcome. Tickets can be purchased on the night (cash only), from The Exchange’s Box Office (in person or by telephone at 020 8240 2399) or online through The Exchange’s website –

    Season 56 Membership:

    Membership for next Season – commencing on 18 September – is now open. In recognition of a major increase in attendances during the last 12 months, the cost of membership for the 16 film programme will be only £40 – an unbeatable bargain of £2.50 per film. See for further details and for a list of films under consideration. For further information, you can also email or telephone 020 8893 3503.

    New members are always very welcome, so please come along and join us at The Exchange.

  28. Concert in St Marys Church, Sunday 27th May at 6.00 pm. “BACH BY THE RIVER”. Music to Sooth the Soul, by Bach, Handel and Vivaldi composed around the time this beautiful Church, with its wonderful acoustic, was built. Performed by The Wolverton Trio; Hetty Wayne (Baroque Violin and viola d’Amore), Rachel Helliwell (Baroque flute and recorders), Karen Glen (Harpischord); regular performers with The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, English Baroque Soloists, Kings Consort, The Sixteen etc. No tickets, but collection in aid of St Mary’s “reordering”. Duration about one hour. Refreshments. Please share this information. Thank you.

    1. Thank you ETR. Certainly hope so. There’s been a good response so get there in good time if coming along, and bring a bit of cash!!

    2. It went well. Great turn out with the Church pretty full and about £900 raised. Thanks to all who came and contributed.

  29. Box Junction RIP-off? Have you too been forced to stop and ticketed in the York St / Arragon Rd box-junction? I’m conducting a straw-poll as I think this junction traps motorists. It’s too long, too near bus-stops blocking traffic flow and has a junction right at the end of it, so motorists are forced to stop. I think it’s making LBRUT mega £££’s.

    1. Hmm. We crossed that junction in the Twickerati-mobile at the weekend. Coming from Arragon Road (Waitrose side) it’s actually hard to see the yellow box because of the road camber. And when we drove up Arragon Road from the river side it was difficult to see the far end of the box from the stop point at the lights (because of the pedestrian crossing) meaning drivers have to gamble on it being clear when turning left into York Street or risk blocking the crossing if it’s not clear. We understand the need for yellow box junctions but the layout of this one needs some attention.

  30. It’s official! Richmond Council ecologist today rubber stamps an application to put huge metal halide floodlights, on an area the Council have designated for the preservation of biodiversity. To do so she overrides the advice of the specialist the Council employed to give an independent view. This site is an important habitat for 9 protected species of bats. Come on Riversiders we can’t let this happen. Have your say.

    1. It’s a disgrace. I fail to understand how the council can opt to wreck an area of woodland forever for the benefit of a handful of people.

  31. Basically the pubs should be closed and the fans dispersed away from Twickers asap.
    That a whole town is a “ no go area “ all day long on every rugby match occasion for us local inhabitants is ridiculous. The police have shown they cannot control it. There is no need for copious drinking to accompany the game. It would not be allowed for any other faction. Let’s bring back a bit of self control and respect for the space of others.
    Yes let’s have the rugby but not it’s attendant idiotic problems.

  32. The Twickenham and Thames Valley Bee-keepers’ Association Open Day.
    The Twickenham and Thames Valley Bee-keepers’ Association (T&TVBKA) is a U.K. Registered Charity (Reg.No. 296439) whose aim is to educate the general public about bees and bee-keeping.
    Our Open day is a chance for everyone to come and see what we do, find out about bees and beekeeping, buy local honey and enjoy teas, cakes and participate in other attractions.
    Honey produced by the association’s bees is sold only from the Twickenham apiary during our Open Day and Honey Show day. T&TVBKA honey cannot be bought from retail outlets. The proceeds are used to help maintain the association and the health and wellbeing of bees.
    2nd June 2018 from 13:00 to 17:00

    The Apiary, 41 Whitton Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 1BH

  33. Rugby chaos – who thought it would be a good idea to organise/licence 2 big matches in Twickenham on the same afternoon? Army vs Navy kick-off at 15:00 with Quinn’s vs Exeter 16:00!

    I love rugby and go as often as I can obtain tickets but 2 matches on the same day is not smart!

    1. No not new illiad, been here +20 yrs very familiar with rugby in Twickenham – just never seen 2 sell out games at both the Stoop & National Stadium on the same day, unless you think this happens many times a year!

    2. you need to check.. 82000 is *expected* for many, those of us who live near the albany , and right next to the arena know it well..

    3. well there is the Aviva premiership on the 26th that always draws 82,000, and another 5 matches on the following sunday, I wouldn’t be surprised if they take the hint from last weekend to sell even more tickets!! 🙂

      and even more crowds on the street, if they cannot get tickets… :/

    4. Cassandra: If you have been a subject of your neighbors ‘planning permission’ you will realize that these are ONLY a BASIC guide _ the builders will have the proper architects drawing, far too detailed for public online..

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