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  1. Wednesday 19th June

    7pm, public meeting about the deer cull in the Royal Parks.
    Richard Mayo Centre, Eden Street Kingston upon Thames KT1 1HZ

    Please can any more of the locals help with this event? I have one of my local councillors coming, have invited local MPs and Royal Parks (who have declined) and am aiming to invite in the public.
    I would have been happy to debate the Royal Parks about ending the cull, but they bravely ran away..

    The main help I need is a few more ppl to do the leg work around the Kingston area (and any other suburbs around the parks) delivering hundreds of door to door leaflets to help get the word out about this meeting.
    ~Lesley~ or 020 8941 8075 or 07931 156006


      Open Day
      Saturday 22nd June 2013

      Come and learn about bees and beekeeping.
      See bees at work in the observation hive.
      Honey tasting and local honey for sale.
      Enjoy tea and homemade cakes in the apiary garden.
      Plant stall with great variety of bedding and shrubs
      Tombola, Children’s activities and much more.

      Entry Free

      Close to Twickenham Station and
      Heatham House

      For all those keen to know more about beekeeping, there will be a free introductory class at 5pm, subject to availability.
      Equipment will be provided. All welcome.

  2. I would just like to say how amazing Cafe Fresh (25 Heath Road) is as an evening place for dinner. We have lived just around the corner and never realised that Wednesday to Saturday evenings he serves up a feast. He changes the menu every month so it never gets tired. The menu is small and perfectly formed and I think two courses for £12.50 is a bargain. The resturant is BYO and there is even an off license next door. All our shops need support but especially ones who try this hard and do it so well. Try it early evening with kids or bit later without and you won’t be disappointed. Please please if you like it pass it on as this place is a keeper.

    1. Totally agree, great food at very reasonable prices. Excellent both in the daytime and evenings. Ivan is a very welcoming host and passionate about his food.

    2. Totally agree too! We have been enjoying Cafe Fresh for a long time, and have now tried both the April and May evening dinner menu. It is great! Food to perfection is what Ivan delivers, the service is very friendly and for approx £20 ahead it is a bargain. Would definitely recommend it!

    Are You Art Trained? Do You Have Teaching Experience? Do You Want To Work in a Heritage Setting?

    Arts practitioners are required for a local heritage site to teach creative workshops to children during holidays and at weekends. Materials are provided.

    Work at the site is largely voluntary but occasional workshops are paid at a rate of £13 hour. We need people who are available to prepare and teach workshops throughout August 2013 – these will be paid at the above rate, other workshops during the summer and beyond will be on a largely voluntary basis.

    Successful candidates must be available this August and willing to have a DBS/CRB check.

    Please email the following to
    (1) Your CV
    (2) A short paragraph outlining your relevant experience, and
    (3) A second short paragraph outlining why you would like this opportunity.

    Thank you.

  4. Last night visited the new Turkish restaurant in Heath Road (Da Vinci as was). Same people and same chaos. Lots of chefs, lots of customers due to the rugby but we waited an age for our cold meze starter and then another age for our pide main as they couldn’t sort out which table had ordered what. When it did arrive it was very disappointing and no salad accompaniment ! A lad who seemed to be placing a large takeaway order was bemused when it was ready was not allowed to have it maybe because the chef hasn’t been told that they were not licensed for takeaways? Who knows? They seem to have squashed the same number of tables in the same space but have not taken into account that the kitchen is taking over half the floor space which also creates a sauna heat which might be ok to have the door open in summer but also creates a draught if you sit by it. Would be interested to hear how they proceed and how long they survive?

    1. I agree with the issue of food taking too long to arrive over this weekend, but considering how many rugby fans were there and that this was their first weekend in, I think it may be too early to judge. They will definetly improve next time around. I actually loved the open grill concept and was very happy with the food, I had some grilled lamb chops that were to die for. Everything was super fresh as well. I truly wish them the best of luck, we will definitely be back there soon.

  5. Hello Twickenham,

    Twickenham Sharks Football Club are looking for Under 13’s boys players for next year (so boys currently finishing Year 7).

    Twickenham Sharks will play in a middle division in the Surrey Youth League, so players will need to have club football experience as it’s quite full on. We are looking for defenders, and if we could find a defender willing to serve as backup goalkeeper that would be especially useful.

    Sharks are the only club, as far as I know, who maintain an equal development policy. All players rest by turns and start (or rather serve as subs) by turns. So there is no competition among the boys for who is in the squad and who is starting — they only compete with the opposition. If you want to go away for the weekend you can ask for your son to do his turn resting that weekend, so he still gets to play the same number of matches as everyone else and no one is let down. Furthermore, everyone scheduled to play gets at least 30 minutes on the pitch, including subs. It’s a very friendly, cheerful, positive club with a perfect Fair Play (good behaviour) record from Surrey Youth League over three years.

    Training is probably going to be Friday nights, from 8-9 in the Tennis Hall at St Mary’s College. Matches are Sunday mornings/early afternoons, with home matches at Imber Court Sports Club in East Molesey.

    Please contact:

    Ellen Purton
    Twickenham Sharks
    020 8892 9605
    07931 322 755

  6. Okay then; Does anyone know what is the difference in High tide times between Twickenham embankment and Richmond Lock. I’m sure there is a better place to ask this but I can’t spot where right now.

    1. The tide times are virtually identical (<5mins).
      Try Port of London Authority for technicalities.

  7. The Cost of a Wee Wee has risen to 8,000p!

    I’m pleased to report that El Brute and Richmond & Twickenham Police are clamping down on anti-social penny spenders and party poopers.

    Last rugby season the RFU claim there were only 2 match day reports of peeing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), which is unbelievably low. Presumably this is because we’ve become accustomed to grinning and bearing this type of unhygienic nuisance. 

    If you witness ASB on match days, or suffer the consequences of it on your pavements or streets or property – Please Report It.

    If you don’t report it the RFU, Council and Police will assume that our streets smell of roses the day after events.
    They will also assume that there are sufficient temporary toilets in the town centre for the huge numbers of bladdered fans!

    You can report ASB by phoning 101 (Police Non-Emergency),
    or by email to: &

    Let’s keep Twickenham #PeeFree

    Below is the Council’s press release on ASB fines (issued this week):

    Anti-social people who choose to urinate in the street, instead of using a public toilet, are liable to receive an £80 fine, following a clamp down by Richmond Council and the local Police.
    Following a rise in the number of complaints from residents who are tired of people who urinate in the street, outside their property or in their front garden, the Council has transferred powers to the local Police, enabling them to issue on the spot Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN), to those who are caught in the act.
    The issue is particularly prevalent when there are large rugby events in the borough; however the FPNs can be issued at any time.
    Cllr Pamela Fleming, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Communities, Business and Culture, said:
    “Being caught short could happen to anyone. However, on days when there are large scale events in the borough, like this weekend’s Army and Navy event, portable toilets are installed in hotspots around the borough. Despite this, a few people decide not to use them and urinate anywhere they like.
    “Make no mistake we aim to eliminate this disgusting behaviour from happening in our borough. We want to see everyone able to enjoy visiting the area but when the actions of a few spoil it for the rest, the Police will act.
    “Urinating in public, is not just anti-social, in many case it damages people’s property and leaves unpleasant odours for other people.”

    Police Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent, Clive Chalk, added:
    “My officers and I want everyone visiting the borough to be respectful of the residents and enjoy themselves. Make no mistake though if you need to spend a penny don’t let it cost you £80!”

    1. Twickerman/Twickeman is always good sport.
      He recently decided to brand me as: “child, pedestrian & cyclist hating” Why? Because I dared to challenge his somewhat blinkered view of the world as seen through the eyes of a cycling obsessive. Often due to lack of stimulus from work pressures, these sort of people can become incredibly self absorbed and convinced of their own rectitude. How do I know this? Because I almost became one myself. Fortunately my beloved spotted the signs and insisted on a bit of self-counselling which sorted me out – I can now laugh at myself and have no problem with the sort of gratuitous insults and thumbs down as dished out by the somewhat unfragrant Twickerman and his twit chums.
      As to his pee patrol, who can object? It does seem a bit infra-dig to have a matelot or squaddie pointing his percy into your prize petunias rather than the porcelain which was so parsimoniously provided – Since Twickerman seems to live on a through route between the stadium and the pubs in Twickenham and complains about the paucity of pit stops, I wonder why he doesn’t cash in on the passing trade – a nice wee tax-free earner perhaps?
      I look forward to my re-branding.

    2. A popular spot for a quick pee break is the little tunnel under the railway between Lion and Marsh Farm Road. I have often entered the tunnel to find a line of men with their todgers out spending a penny. It is not very pleasant and I think they are genuinely embarrassed to be found out. Maybe it would be a good idea to place a couple of portaloos somewhere on the route from the Rugby Ground via Marsh Farm footbridge.

    3. Please report this ASB to Fraser Cullen & ask your local SNT to patrol the tunnel & put up pee fine signs.

      I’ve asked Cllr Fleming if the pee fine money will be invested in more loos, but have not received an answer yet.

      I seriously hope the Council don’t turn the ‘river of urine’ into a new revenue stream!

  8. Clidfdengate continues! This planning webcast from last night’s meeting (Apr 25th, item 4c) reveals a row over the positioning of the St Richard Reynolds infant play area in the one corner of the Clifden Road site that is overlooked by a home for disturbed and vulnerable adults. The new headteacher puts in his ‘not guilty’ plea, the lady mayoress breaks ranks to support some very unimpressed residents, Scott Naylor goes awol, the St.Dicks team are given a dressing down by committee members, and Cllr Burford’s canapes provide some comedy moments. See

    1. On a point of information, Cllr Head is no longer Madam Mayor; that role is currently held by Cllr Rita Palmer. And for those MayorWatchers out there The Mayor is due to regenerate next month whereupon the role will be taken by Cllr Meena Bond.

    Can I thank everyone on Twickerati who has contacted me with messages of goodwill and support since I floated the idea of establishing a permanent indoor market in Twickenham.
    The positive response has encouraged me to pursue the vision as an active project.
    You may recall that the idea was to utilise one of the several larger empty buildings in Heath Road to establish an indoor community market focusing on arts, crafts and collectables. Stallholders would be local resident entrepreneurs and craft persons who are unable to afford current retail rents and business rates but who would like somewhere to try out and sell their wares.
    By introducing the community element into the equation I proposed that stalls could be used by the police, council, local groups such as history societies etc and local charities to raise their visibility and profile, promote their latest activities, and in the case of the charities have an opportunity to raise funds.
    The market would be open for a minimum of 5 days per week and suitable stallholders could rent on a one day , weekly, monthly or even annual basis.
    So how do we move forward?
    At this stage I would like to hear from borough residents who would consider becoming an “anchor stall” in the market. I believe we require 4 or 5 such stalls from the arts, crafts and collectables sectors who would commit to the market on a minimum number of days per week. Collectables encompasses a variety of offerings from records to books and toys, bric-a-brac, ephemera and antique watch and clock sales and repairs. If you are out there and think that this may suit you, please drop me a line at
    Heath Road needs something to put the energy and focus back into this tired looking part of Twickenham. I firmly believe that a well advertised and permanent indoor community market would significantly increase footfall into the area as well as the town in general.
    Support for such a project is essential of course, so if anyone can offer or suggest practical or funding assistance please get in touch at my email address.

    Thanks & Regards

    Alan Winter

  10. A reminder to all you lovely Twickenham folk that the Lovers Lights Gallery on Twickenham Green is only exhibiting the current show ‘Illuminated’ for one more week! The final day is Sunday morning May 5th. Will will then be preparing our Summer exhibition ‘Curiouser and curiouser…’ which will be open to the public from Saturday 11th May! (But if anyone fancies a sneak peak, you are welcome to come to the private view on Friday 10th May from 6.30pm!)

  11. Does anyone know if there are statistics available on sibling versus newcomer primary school places offered this year in the Richmond borough?

  12. Banner needed! We need to have a durable plastic banner made for the York House Society’s stall at the HANDS charity fair at the end of May. Nothing elaborate, just lettering and URL on durable plastic, say 2m x 50cm. Does anyone know a local company who can do it?

  13. Please can someone answer one of the most important questions of our time, namely where can you buy good sausages around here?

    1. Bruce’s butcher shop at the top of Staines Road opposite the Fountain pub – good choice of shop made bangers and good value.
      If you like venison sausages, which I do, try the South Downs Venison and Game stall at Twickenham Farmers market every Saturday morning – 9.00-1.00pm, although they are only there in season.

    2. Thanks for the Laverstoke Park tip!
      I tried a couple of Bruce’s sausages last night – lamb & mint and a hot chili one – and both were delicious!

  14. We’re planning to get married next spring and were looking for some ideas for places to have the reception. Ideally something that isn’t going to be too OTT for a wedding of around 70 guests, but we do want something classy. Any thoughts much appreciated.

    1. I’ve just done this task recently Jim and there are a million different options! They vary so much depending on your budget and what kind of thing you’re after. Do you want something old or modern? Country manor or a bit different? How far out of Twickenham are you willing to travel? I’m happy to share the different options I’ve looked at if you wanted to email me directly with a bit more information on what you’re after? I’ve spent hours researching so please feel free to save yourself some time and use my experience!

    2. We had our reception at Hampton court golf club. Was reasonably priced, staff were excellent, wedding planner was really helpful and we were able to get some amazing photos. Highly recommended!

    3. The Lensbury in Teddington was great nearly 7 years ago and caters for large or small. They couldn’t help us enough, are reasonably priced and didn’t charge too much corkage on wine as we preferred our own to their choices. Good food too. We also took all the guests there by boat from Hammerton’s Pier. It was fab!

    4. Hi Jim
      We had a similar number of guests at our wedding. Which we had at Chiswick house it was a very classy afair ( well i thought so). Its def worth a look.
      Good luck

    5. Have you found somewhere for the ceremony or are you just looking for a reception venue? As a photographer I would have to say ceremony at Orleans House Gallery because the light is spectacular and then on to Petersham Nurseries for the evening reception or one of the Turks Cruises riverboats. York House has just had a refit so would be worth taking a look at as well but you have to supply everything yourself. Enjoy the planning!

    6. I photographed a wedding at Orleans House Gallery in February, they had their reception at the Bingham which was really lovely & very classy! Pembroke Lodge is also fantastic for weddings of the size you are looking at. You might struggle to get a date for next Spring though, they are popular for good reason. Warren House on Kingston Hill is another of my favourites or Clandon Park near Guildford if you want to travel a bit further. We are kind of spoilt for choice in this area!

    7. Thanks for all the help guys, we’ll definitely look at all of your suggestions.There’s plenty of choice in the area so it’s going to be a tricky decision!

    This is a letter I wrote to the Richmond and Twickenham Times which was published 2 weeks ago. It attracted a couple of supportive replies in last weeks column and i seem to be picking up positive responses from people around the town. i’d appreciate any feedback or suggestions on how to progress the idea from twickerati folk.
    Dear Sir
    Heath Road is now hosting an unacceptable number of empty retail and commercial properties. In the 50’s and 60’s this was a busy and varied shopping area with many specialist shops. It is now a sad looking entry route from the west into Twickenham, full of eateries that often don’t last very long or estate agents, barber shops and charity shops.

    With the Blockbuster site possibly staying vacant for a while, Chris Scruby’s old furniture shop (rumoured to be part of the Tesco property portfolio in this area) and the large office building that once hosted the Citizens Advice bureau and other local government bits and pieces at some stage, all now empty, the road is ripe for some serious thinking on a subject that was previously dropped when Poundland took over the then vacant Woolworth site.

    I refer to the establishment of a midweek and weekend indoor market. The idea here is a simple one. The empty shops that are all clustered around Rubens excellent bakery are empty for a reason. These are some of the smallest retail units in Heath Road. Traditionally they would have been taken on by budding entrepreneurs and start up businesses but in today’s climate these units represent too much of a financial risk for a start up. Business rates and rents are coming in at a minimum of £20,000 p.a. This is before shop fitting, stocking, insurance and utility costs.

    So we need somewhere for the small retail business person to get a foot in the door.

    Hence Twickenham Indoor Market.

    I propose that the council takes on the lease of one of the larger sites in Heath Road mentioned above and kits it out with purpose built stalls. It should be managed within the Town Centre manager’s department. Make sure there are Toilet facilities and then offer the stalls on a day rate to borough residents at something like £20 per stall per day. This would attract a wide range of craft and collector type small businesses all of whom can’t afford to take on one of the empty retail units. The stallholders could either book one or several days a week with the market manager.

    To me its a no brainer as it would breathe life back into a dying area while helping exactly the type of get up and go people that we need to see being successful in the town. Remember that this road has the largest number of bus routes in the borough which link in to both Main Line and Tube stations easily.

    Let’s expand the thinking to suit the concept even more. I see the stall by the market entrance allocated to the police as a very visible out of station base in the town. Let the council also have a stall where current projects are displayed and discussed. The market could also offer a daily stall to local charity’s to help in raising their profiles.

    Potential stall holders may well include arts and craft style hobby businesses. Then there are antique and bric a brac style stalls. Home based jam, marmalade and chutney makers could be next to the cake stall. Every market like this would have collectors stalls selling and trading records, books and toys, ephemera and of course stamps, postcards and coins.

    This really is a low cost solution that will bring extra footfall into the town as a result of marketing activities by the stallholders and market manager. This will no doubt be supported by editorial and advertising in your own journal as well as the Richmond Magazine and the TW magazine titles. Of course we mustn’t overlook the growing media power of the RTT, Twickerati and Totally Richmond local websites.

    If we really want it, there is no reason why Twickenham Indoor Market cannot be open by the summer. I therefore urge support and discussion in your letters column from your readers so that we can all see that this can be a hugely worthwhile addition to the future prosperity of a vital but tired looking road.

    I have many more ideas on this subject but let’s just use this letter to start the ball rolling.

    With Best Regards

    Alan Winter

    1. I think that’s a great idea – Heath Road is dying on its arse at the moment (to be blunt). What’s the worst that could happen?

    2. Good stuff Alan. There was a brief flurry of dialogue either on here or on Twitter recently about using the old Langton’s book shop as a ‘general store’ or some kind of indoor market but you’ve clearly given quite a bit of thought to actually making something work. Having a flexible approach has to be the key. And a venue with local content has to be a damn sight better than an empty shop.

    3. A wonderful idea …BUT… The business rates and rent on Langtons are about £34,000 a year. So 12 stalls would have to pay £250 a month just to break even without paying a single utility or insurance bill. That’s assuming 12 stalls could fit in an they would attend all year round,

      I am not sure the council has the budget to underwrite such an enterprise and justify it to rate payers.

      I would prefer to see a cooking hub with a booking fee in a light-industrial unit (say £9000 a year and possibly rates free, we have one in Twickenham) shared by registered producers with hygiene certs and allow temporary and personal change of use for food.There has to more to hot food than kebabs and chicken (much as i love both)

      Anyone who has been to Golborne Rd in North Kensington and seen the fantastic street-food stalls selling fish platters mixing with traditional and highly original shops will see this draws the people in.

  16. Has anyone been waiting a year or more for BT Infinity in Twickenham? Have you constantly had the dates changed? Want to know why? Well, it would seem RIchmond Council has an ‘embargo’ on updating some of the cabinets. How do I know? After much trawling of the web I found that the people in the know are openreach, so I emailed them. This was their response:
    Information about the commercial fibre project can be found on the rollout site:-

    A couple of the properties in your TW1 postcode are served by cabinet lwtwi40. Work on that cabinet has been subject to a Richmond council works embargo and it will be the middle of the year before that continues. This ongoing work is expected to run for another five months. If all goes to plan we aim to complete within the given end date of March 2014.

    My question to Richmond council – Why do you have an embargo on certain cabinets? I know, because you can. Frustrating!!! The link above will provide limited information about your own postcode and gives you a link to email openreach. It took them around 2 weeks to reply to me

    1. Been juggling various BT plans waiting for Infinity to arrive. Think it was meant to be December 31 2011. BT are also at fault though as some parts of their vast site profess to it being available!

    2. I waited for several years, then gave up a year ago and switched to Virgin who I’m happy with. I’m probably wrong but the council delays may be due to getting planning permission, although the last I looked at an application for a BT fibre cabinet in my area, the application had been withdrawn some time ago. Would be nice to hear the real reason.

    3. I’m not sure if the question in your last para is a rhetorical one, or if you genuinely wish to know the answer. If the latter, I suggest you ask your Councillor to find out from Planning, or make an FoI request yourself.

    4. I did follow up with Richmond council and was impressed that they phoned me this morning to discuss. They said that the Council has twice walked a BT representative round the town agreeing on re-siting of several cabinets. However, some are still not confirmed as they are deemed to be in a conservation area. They have also passed my enquiry onto Planning to see if the ongoing delay is down to my road being in a conservation area. As I live in the shadow of Regal House, the suggestion that this is a conservation area is laughable but I will await their reply.
      I still feel that this information should be more readily available. We should not have to dig for it. BT and the Council both seem to be shirking responsibility. I wonder if the local paper would be interested in this? Quite frankly, I’m sick of seeing the BT Infinity adverts.

    5. Didn’t Richmond Council announce a little while ago that they wouldn’t allow cabinets of any shape or size to be plonked just anywhere in LBRUT.

      This seemed like a sensible control, providing they work with telecoms companies to find satisfactory solutions so that residents don’t lose out on services.

      It’s rather ironic that the same planning team, who are blocking a few smallish comms cabinets, thought that the 9 storey Solum station development wouldn’t visually harm the Twickenham townscape!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dear SWT Sardines,

    Today on twitter, I asked SWTrains when they would introduce extended trains, from 8 to 10 carriages, to increase passenger capacity.
    This was planned for Spring 2013.

    Here are their replies:

    ‘We will be lengthening some services over the next 12 to 18 months.’
    ‘This is a program that includes new units and training, this will take time. Thank you.’

    If you have any comments you can tweet @SW_Trains or email

    Please let me @twickeman know how you get on?

    1. I saw your Twitter chat earlier.

      They seem to be dragging their feet, no?

      Am I right in thinking they have to pay for the extra rolling stock? So there’s really not very much incentive for them to get on with it, is there, given that everyione squeezes on now anyway? Or are they expecting extra passengers to turn up?

      And are they only 10-carriage trains? I thought it was supposed to be 12.

    2. According to their 2011 plans we should already have 10 carriage trains.

      With all the fare rises you’d have thought they could have delivered them by now.

      Apparently they are refurbishing old trains, having originally promised new stock.

      There are future plans to extend to 12 carriage trains, but that requires additional platform lengthening.

      I supect that won’t happen for a very, very long time.

      It’s a mystery why they didn’t extend the platforms to take 12 carriage trains over the last 18 months?

  18. Revision to all Residents Parking Permits
    Following the Residents’ ballot in February, the Council has finally agreed to allocate one parking bay per house in all Residents Parking Bays in the Borough. This means that each house will have its own, numbered, parking bay as close to the house as possible. Each bay will be numbered with the house number. Parking Enforcement Officers will be able to give Parking Control Notices (PCN) to any car parked in an incorrect resident’s bay.

    The reason for this urgent notice is that the Council has arranged with their contractor to do the work but has failed to formally notify the residents. Even worse, they have told me the work will commence on Easter Monday because the financial year end settlements can’t be made if they don’t complete by 5th March 2013.
    You will NOT need to move your cars while the work is carried out – the Council had proposed to tow any parked cars, but they will now work around them, marking empty bays as they go.

    When the work is complete you should remember to park your car in the single bay numbered with your house number. Those houses with parking restrictions outside (yellow lines) will already have been informed of the position of their bay, in some instances this will be in an adjacent street. Residents with more than one vehicle will need to park in adjoining streets. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell from the scheme rules, houses without cars will be unable to allocate their bay to another resident.

    If you’ve any questions, please come and see me on Monday 1/4/13 before noon at 44 York Street.


    Hugh Felforet

    1. This might work, but only if the Council paints corresponding numbers on cars. A large number on the bonnet and one on each side would do the trick.

      Happy Easter Fools Day 😉

  19. Twickenham Choral Society Concert, St Mary’s Church, 23rd March 2013, 7.30pm

    The choir is a very longstanding organisation- about 92 this year!- based in Twickenham with a distinguished conductor, Christopher Herrick. We do not often perform in Twickenham, as the church is not big enough for an orchestra as well as the choir, but this time we are performing with organ accompaniment only.

    The programme is a very interesting one, including a work by Panufnik, who was a Twickenham resident, and with a specially commissioned work by Ian Farrington. There is a Holi Festival in Church St and the Orleans Park Gallery in the afternoon, but our concert is in the evening so why not come along afterwards?

    Date & time: Sat 23rd March, 7.30pm
    Tickets: £16 with concessions for under 18 or fulltime students at £8.
    You can apply for tickets by sending an email to

    To find out more, our website is

  20. Local specialist music label Drumfire Records has been holding high quality Americana live in Kingston for some months now. On Friday 22 March 2013, we’ll be holding our first event in Twickenham at The Cabbage Patch.

    It features acclaimed singer songwriter Dean Owens performing songs by and inspired by Johnny Cash amongst others.

    ‘Dean Owens is Scotland’s most engaging and haunting singer-songwriter’ (Irvine Welsh)

    ‘Fantastic stuff’ (Bob Harris BBC Radio 2)

    Here’s a link to the Facebook page where there’s more information and a link for buying tickets priced at just £8 in advance. Music will start around 8pm with support act Alan West and Steve Black. Dean Owens will be on stage around 9pm.

  21. Reminder:

    Twickenham station will be closed all this weekend from Midnight Friday to 4am Monday.

    Network Rail are still extending the platform after just 18 months!

    Be warned: they are also tinkering with the signals!

    My top tip to avoid potential Monday mayhem is to plan to work from home.

    Oooops, I nearly forgot – the station will be closed next weekend as well.

    1. Just what are they doing that is taking so long? The extended platform looks like as temporary structure anyway! I can’t help thinking some contractor is drawing that job out as long as possible.

  22. Twickenham Police are currently monitoring misuse of the London Road northbound cycle lane opposite Regal House.

    This is a mandatory cycle lane, meaning it is illegal to drive in it.

    A number of motorists and a bus driver have already been fined. Don’t be the next!

    Hopefully the Council & TFL will put up a warning sign, in addition to the existing road markings (which are often ignored).

  23. There’s lots going on at the project to restore JMW Turner’s house (Sandycombe Lodge) in East Twickenham. We’ve just got a Twitter account: @TurnersHouse. Follow us for news of the project and for our summer opening house. We will be running another Big Draw event later in the year and an exciting archaeological project.

    Also, we have an interim website: A smarter replacement will be coming along shortly.

    1. The latest event is “Tea with Turner” – a chance to celebrate JMW Turner’s Birthday by taking “Tea with Turner” presented by the well known theatrical company “Past Pleasures” . Eavesdrop on Turner’s conversation with his Old Dad and learn about life in their country retreat. Sunday April 28 at 2 00 pm and 3 45 pm. Sandycombe Lodge, Sandycoombe Road, Twickenham TW1 2LR.

      Tickets £10 adults £5 children. email turnerintwickenham@gmail,com or telephone 020 8892 3908
      The new website is up and running – learn more about the project there

  24. Calling all interested men!

    I’m offering a local group for men and have some places left for a new evening group I’m running. The group will offer: a held space where we can meet together as men, a mixture of sharing with some guided material and will offer a time to be heard with space to speak and listen. It’s an opportunity to grow personally, feel supported and challenged by other men and inquire together into our roles as men in relationship and community today.

    For more info contact me at:


  25. The RFU have submitted a planning application that will de facto increase capacity at the stadium.

    They are planning to change the members room to facilitate a greater viewing area of the pitch, and you have to remember that many more people are in the stadium (via the hotel viewing areas and RFU bars) than there are seats. The RFU have stated that they are catering for 88,000 spectators at rugby matches rather than lower 82,000 seating capacity in the stadium. .

    I fear that safety may be being compromised, as I could see organisations such as the fire brigade & police making judgements based on the lower seating capacity rather than the actual number of people in the grounds.

    It also means that planning decisions could also be based on faulty evidence, as the Solum scheme also uses the much lower seating figures in its justifications.

    We should also remember that many of the promised transport improvements when the new stand was built are yet to materialise, and amounts negotiated to improve public transport was based on seats.

    You can see the planning application here

    And the report showing 88,000 people are at a stadium on match days can been viewed here

    1. Just had a quick look and basically all they want to do is just put a couple of windows in and a louvre panel !!
      Quite unexceptional really.

    2. The RFU have corrected the PLANNING, DESIGN & ACCESS STATEMENT to read: ‘A typical match day can see up to 82,000 spectators arrive at the stadium’

      The minor changes proposed will have no impact at all on capacity, and as Dazza correctly observes they are trivial and inconsequential.

      Panic ye not Jon R! 🙂

      Of greater concern will be capacity of the Solum station building site during RWC2015 – if they are allowed to start construction work before the World Cup (taking place in just 947 days).

  26. Twickenham Station Update

    There will be two more weekend station closures for platform lengthening & signalling works next month. These will both be full weekend closures of 52 hours (from midnight Friday to 4am Monday).

    I find it amazing that it’s taken >10 weekends to extend the platform just 40m (=2 carriage lengths).

    The dates are 16-18 and 23-25 March 2013. I include the year cos these works started in Sept 2011!

    With a little luck trains will be running in time for the Monday morning rushes.

    Just saying! Don’t shoot the messenger.

  27. People of Twickenham! The time has come and it is the end of our ‘Light Within’ show at the Lovers Lights Gallery! But fear not as coming very soon is our new Spring exhibition – ‘Illuminated’! Featuring five different lighting designers and seven new jewellery artists, along with indoor fountains and fine art teapots, the gallery will be open to the public from Saturday 8th February.

    This weekend only (2nd/3rd Feb.) we have 10% off in the gallery so make sure you pop down for the final days of the current show!

  28. Quick rant….Why does it take me 25 minutes to get from Twickenham Green to the A316, yet only 15 minutes to drive the rest of my journey to Hammersmith?? Will the new town centre plans help this because its quite clearly not working at the moment!

    1. Which direction do you take? Have you tried heading back up towards Hospital Bridge Road roundabout and then going A316 all the way from there?

    2. Thanks Gareth. I will certainly try that route once they reopen Hospital Bridge Road, but I’m avoiding it at the moment as I can only assume that way is the same if not worse! There seems to be a fundimental issue with traffic flow in Twickenham. It would at least help outside of rush hour, if they let people drive in the bus lane on Heath Road/London Road. (When did I turn into that person who moans about traffic flow??!! Haha)

    3. Surely outside of the rush hour there isn’t congestion so no point in driving in the bus lane.

    4. I have a Smart car and the speed humps on the Meadway are like mini-mountains in that car. I can see why all the parents buy panzer tanks to ferry their kids to school.

    5. That is actually My Smart car, husband. Did I give you permission to drive it over all the humps up the Meadway?

    6. My reading of town centre plan is that it’ll cut traffic through King Street down to one lane each way – which will lead to immense congestion.

    7. Yvonne,
      There will be two vehicle lanes each way.
      We’re trying to understand if the ‘advisory’ cycle lane will be painted on the inside vehicle lane (=conflict) or will run along side it (so in effect 2.5 lanes)?
      Unfortunately, Council officers aren’t prepared to give us ‘details’ like this, so we have to expect the worst!

    8. Post the Mayor’s Vision the West end of King Street westbound is two 3m general lanes plus a 2m cycle lane. (good). The west end is to be marked as a 2m cycle lane + one 5m general lane. (umm we shall see).

  29. Dear All

    I’m just setting up a children’s art club called Let’s Make Art. There will be a Saturday morning club 9.30-11.30 for 2-6 year olds and an after school club for 5-7 year olds on Tuesdays 3.30-4.30.

    The Saturday club starts on 2nd February and will be based at LoverLights Gallery on the Twickenham Green. The after school club starts February 5th. For further details and information look for the Facebook page Lets Make Art or you can contact me on 07989 309932.

    Many thanks

  30. Anyone interested in really good swimming lessons for children in Twickenham or Teddington? Very small groups of 3 children and exceptionally gifted and warm, friendly teachers. Swimming course every school holiday for children 3 – 8 years old. Call 020 8255 7455. Thank you!

  31. Hi All. Twickenham Stamp Fair is on Saturday 2nd February 10.00 – 4.00 at the Methodist Church Hall, Percy Road Whitton. TW2 6JL. Free Admission. All sorts of stamps and covers from GB, Commonwealth, Europe and World. Lots of Channel Islands and Isle of Man on the stall by the stage.

  32. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good IFA who charges by the hour? My IFA on the green sold out last year to a bank so need to find someone new

    1. Tweeted this and:
      @matt_fantastic has recommended Simon at Executive Mortgages & Investments in Teddington. (you’ll need to check them out for yourself, obvs)

  33. Hi Twickerati,

    Can I point you in the direction of a local charity who are providing direct and much needed help for people with mental health problems and who get overlooked or simply ignored by many of us And also by by Government..

    This charity is called Together As One and they provide a drop in centre and meals twice a week and also support services,for the vulnerable within Twickenham. They are currently situated in the cricket pavillion on the green and also have a ‘pop up’ charity shop next door to Iceland.

    All other local local sources of aid such as Mereway, Twinnings and Centre 32 have closed down due to lack of funding, therefore many people such as my late friend Seth Cohen (whom I am sure that many of you have fond memories of), have no local support mechanism. Which is disgraceful.

    Please support this local charity, (of which I have no involvement with whatsoever), but as a local resident feel that they are providing a small but important service for the disadvantaged members of our community.


  34. Yes, lets keep it local. 🙂

    The Go Local Weekend was a great idea of twickerati’s.

    Incidentally, does anybody know if KFC or BK pay taxes in UK? Not that I’ll be going to either. Yuk!

    1. I’ve just read that Specsavers are Guernsey based, and hence avoid paying most taxes (like Jimmy Carr did!).

  35. I was in Reuben’s Bakehouse at 2.30 today and the head baker (the one who looks like Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips) told me that he’d already sold 600 loaves that day. Nice to see a Twickenham business doing so well.

    1. Reuben’s is the best thing that has happened in Twickenham for a long time. It puts bread back on the map.

      Another good business to mention is Sweetie Pies in Church Street who have had a refurbish and offer savoury food for lunch too.

      Now we need a good gym to work off all the calories.

    2. Also nice to see places like PK’s fish bar on London Road by the station doing well – best fish & chips in Twickenham and the only one with a legitimate 5* Hygiene rating. His food is lovely – I highly recommend it.

  36. Would any writers or poets out there be interested in coming along to a free social monthly poetry circle at The Lovers Lights Gallery. The chance to share and develop work and also meet like minded friends. Perhaps as things develop we’ll invite the odd guest poet every so often. Any interested folks please contact me and if there’s a few of us we’ll set a date and get things rolling.

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