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Twickenham Festival is Back!

If you’re sick of the election and just want to spend some time enjoying life in God’s Own Outer London Suburb (or ‘the Gools’ if you prefer) then you’re in luck. Twickenham Festival is back! Other sites do far more comprehensive listings than us but we’ve included a few highlights below. It’s just the way we roll.

Twickfest 2017 just wouldn’t be #Twickfest without the Tug Off War to get things underway. It takes place at 6.30pm on Friday 9th June outside the Eel Pie pub and sees local teams huff and puff as they get a grip and try to avoid getting pulled off   their feet and across the marker on the road. Teams are cheered on by crowds of locals and, at the end of the day, the biggest yankers are the winners. Some people even film it for later viewing! [Editor: OK that’s enough!]

On Saturday 10th, new for 2017, there’s a Dog Show in the Diamond Jubilee Gardens. Registration is from 12.30pm with the main event running from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. There’s more info here on the various categories. Saturday also sees the return of the craft market in Church Street. Expect arts, crafts and a few food stalls.

On Sunday 11th between 10.00am and 12.00pm there is a children’s bike ride treasure hunt and picnic around Orleans Riverside Gardens and Marble Hill Park. You’ll need to pay and pre-booking is essential. Could be fun though?

Tugging away, Twickenham stylee

On Saturday 17th June Church Street Goes Green once again. The road will be astroturfed and filled with plants, gardening gizmos, food stalls and a generally eco-friendly mood will prevail. Let’s hope the eco-vibe isn’t soured by the groaning of planes taking off from Heathrow that day. The St Margaret’s Elastic band will be playing from 1.15pm to 2.15 pm and the Richmond Youth Jazz band will perform from 3.00m until 5.00pm. The greening of Twickenham also takes place on Sunday. Continue reading


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Pic of the Week: A Visit from Doris

Blame Doris, she did it! Strong winds from Storm Doris on 23rd February brought down a number of trees in the area including this biggun in St Margarets Road. Cue much traffic disruption until it was eventually cleared away. Stuart Ramdeen (@sramdeen82) was on hand to take this photo.

Tree Down!  Doris downs tree in St Margarets Road (Pic: Stuart Ramdeen)

Tree Down! Doris downs tree in St Margarets Road
(Pic: Stuart Ramdeen)

Twitter link: @sramdeen82

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It’s Twickfest Time Again – Twickenham Festival 2016

Live Music, Twickenham

Live Music, in Twickenham, in the past

It’s June and Twickenham Festival is back! Long gone are the days when we’d do comprehensive listings of every fair, fete, and effing alliterative fun day on this site. It’s just too time consuming and your subscription fees just don’t cover it anymore. But, because you’re nice and we wouldn’t want you to miss out, we’ve dropped a few pointers to selected highlights below.

The ‘official’ start of #Twickfest is Friday 10th June with the traditional tug of war competition. It begins outside the Eel Pie pub at 6pm. Expecting lots of heaving, grunting, groaning, sweaty faces and blistered hands. If that conjures a rather troubling image then fear not, it’s actually an entertaining event.

If you’re after something a little more culturally highbrow then that same weekend sees the Conchord Festival of chamber music take place at St Mary’s Church. Not too far away, All Hallows Church is also running its own music festival across the weekend. Continue reading


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Man Dies After Being Hit by Train at St Margarets

A man died yesterday (Tuesday 24th May) after being hit by a train at St Margarets station. The incident happened after the morning rush hour with British Transport Police being called to the scene at 10.15am. Quoted in the Richmond and Twickenham Times, a BTP spokesman said: “Colleagues from Metropolitan Police Service and London Ambulance Service also attended, and a person was pronounced dead at the scene. The person’s death is not being treated as suspicious and officers are now working to identify them and inform their family”.

*  Richmond & Twickenham Times

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The All New Twickenham General Election Spectacular…

polling station sign in lbrut
Our Election Result item will appear HERE.

Deja vu all over again? You betcha! The previous thread got rather overloaded so we’ve re-launched our election item to allow for three more weeks of heated debate…

May 7th is looming and you’re asking yourself the very straightforward question, “What is the twickerati position on who to vote for in the election?”. It’s a great question. Let us make our position absolutely clear. We regard elections as the very bedrock of our democracy. In fact, over the last ten years we have seen year on year increases in the number of references to democracy across the internet. Furthermore, we’ve shown our support for the use of the internet and social media by opening accounts on Twitter and Facebook and regard good communication as vital for hard working British families. So let’s celebrate the creativity and diversity we have in our midst, right here in Twickenham. To the people at home we say, ‘We hope that clearly answers your question’. Next!

Oh dear. Here at twickerati HQ we’re not very good at politics because we find it so difficult to give a straight answer to a straight question. And that is why we asked five local candidates to write 500 words each setting out their stall for the 2015 election. We said we’d include a link to their website and their profile picture too. They agreed. This is what they have to say to you… Continue reading


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Reprieve for St Margarets A316 Footbridge

Twickenham Ice Cream Van in B&WGood news for fans of the footbridge across the A316 at St Margarets roundabout. As you will recall, last summer TfL proposed to do away with the footbridge and install a new ‘toucan crossing’ facility at the site. Cue much outrage from regular crossing users, not least the pupils (and parents) at St Stephen’s Junior School just next door. Improved crossings seemed sensible but doing away with the footbridge, perhaps the safest way to get across the road, seemed more like a way of saving money on repairs than improving anyone’s road crossing ‘experience’.

After an online consultation and much lobbying from various quarters TfL have now announced a revised plan. The new “at-grade two stage toucan crossing facility” (their words, not ours) will be installed as planned but the bridge will now be retained (and maintained) for a further two years beyond the installation of the crossing. TfL have also announced that they will consult again in the event that further proposals to remove the bridge are put forward. So, it seems that after much debate, discussion and plenty of bridge-related photo opportunities, a sensible outcome has been reached.

The new crossing will be in place by the time the Rugby World Cup begins in September of 2015. Happy now?

* TFL A316 consultation page


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Turner’s Twickenham House ‘Saved’

Sandycombe Lodge, the house designed by the painter JMW Turner and used as his ‘country retreat’ between 1813 and 1826 will be saved thanks to a £1.4m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The villa in Sandycoombe Road, Twickenham (yeah, so what if it’s really St Margarets, deal with it!) can now be restored and opened to the public.  Although the house does currently allow for some visitors, it’s on English Heritage’s ‘at risk’ list and in need of significant restoration. Turner designed the house himself although the original structure has been modified since Turner sold it in 1826. These modifications will be removed as part of the work. After the completion of the project it is expected that the house will be open for 46 weeks of the year from 2016 and will include state of the art visitor information and offer an expanded range of educational programmes.

Good news, and well done to all those Turner in Twickenham fans who worked hard to make this happen.


Turner's House, Twickenham

Turner’s House, Twickenham


Next stop: Rebuild the Temeraire!

*  Turner’s House
*  BBC News


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More School Approvals Twick-side

Richmond College

Richmond College

It’s been a while since we talked schools on here. Too long perhaps. So let’s do it right now but let’s keep it brief… Two new primary schools have been approved for the area, both of which plan to open in September 2015. Teacher’s favourite, Michael Gove has given the nod for a Richmond Bridge Primary and a Twickenham Primary. OK, so perhaps he didn’t study the plans personally but they’ve been given the Gove-ahead (geddit?) by his Department for Education. Richmond Bridge will be operated by Bellevue Place Education Trust, Twickenham Primary by GEMS Learning Trust. When running at full capacity these two schools are expected to provide up to 840 primary school places for local children.

El Brute are delighted. There’s a great deal of pressure on school places locally, especially in East Twickenham and St Margarets – after all, who wouldn’t want to live around here – and the addition of four new forms per year group will help alleviate some of that pressure. Both projects now need to complete the tricky task of finding sites.

“Who are the people behind these schools?” you cry. GEMS Learning Trust forms part of GEMS Education which provides a range of education related services worldwide. It’s currently also opening new primary schools in Surbiton and Didcot. Bellevue runs a number of independent schools in the UK, two Swiss boarding schools (that sounds a bit posh, doesn’t it?) and, in September 2013, it opened its first school in the state sector, Rutherford House in Balham.

Meanwhile, El Brute’s grand vision for the redevelopment of Richmond College’s Egerton Road site into an education hub has taken another step forward. The proposal for a new free secondary school there of the non-denominational, non-selective, co-educational variety has also received His Goveship’s seal of approval. The plan would involve the site operating with three separate educational establishments – Richmond College (which would provide the sixth form), the new free school and the Clarendon special school which would move across from Hampton. This new ‘Richmond Education and Enterprise Campus’ is being developed as a partnership between the Council, Harlequins and Haymarket Media. The land would also provide a new base for Haymarket who are seeking to vacate their riverside offices in Teddington. The powers that be expect construction work to begin in late 2015 and the new secondary to open in September 2017. The school would provide five forms per year group.

* El Brute primary school
* GEMS Learning Trust
* Bellevue Education
* El Brute secondary school


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A316 Crossing Consultation

As we wait for El Brute to decide on the subject of their next consultation, TFL are doing a real consultation that you might actually want to take a look at. It’s the busy St Margarets roundabout on the A316 which is the subject. The proposal? Well, it’s to “improve accessibility to crossing facilities” at the roundabout. This would involve removing the existing footbridge and replacing it with new, improved ‘toucan’ crossing facilities which can be shared by pedestrians and cyclists. This relates only to the western side of the roundabout near the footbridge (soon to be ex-footbridge), with the other crossing points being up for only minor amendments to signage. According to TFL the result will be that “all roads on this roundabout would then have accessible crossing points”.

This is a busy roundabout on the A316, near housing and very close to St Stephens primary school. Lots of cars, lots of kids. In other words, it’s important to get this right. Here at twickerati HQ we don’t know a great deal about road crossings – it’s not our forte – so we’ll just content ourselves with saying that safer crossings sound like a good idea but that an existing, properly working bridge might also be regarded as a safe option. Perhaps it’s just cost that prevents a “both, said Pooh” solution being applied.

Image: TFL website

* TFL A316 Consultation (deadline: 4th July)


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