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Regal House Travelodge unveiled


The scaffolding is coming down on Twickenham’s new Travelodge bolted on to Regal House. Given that Regal House was named after the cinema that once stood on the site, the new design does have a slightly Odeon-ish look to it. This might be OK if the rest of Regal House wasn’t now a 1960s office block. But they’ve had a try haven’t they? They’ve had a little go, Gawd bless ’em.

Like it? Love it? Loathe it? Only you can know that.


by | November 18, 2011 · 4:10 pm

Work Starts on Regal House

Another roof box for Regal House

Without wanting to re-open the debate about whether permission should have been granted for knocking down part of Regal House and grafting a new hotel on to the side, it’s now time for the work to begin, kicking off with some refurb work. Depending on your point of view, Regal House is probably the most iconic, ironic or just plain chronic building in the town. There are plenty that would love to see it razed to the ground let alone be expanded with a modern addition. There are others (OK, probably a small minority) who regard it as something of a sixties classic. Perhaps it is, but not in the acid-tinted pop of Sgt Pepper kind of way but more in the style of a raw and uncompromising album track from The Velvet Underground. No doubt, back in the day, the new Regal House was going to pave the way for a brave new future for Twickenham: “It’s like, err, one big office block, man.

Regal House

And, err, it’s got another big block on the side. Far out! And we’re gonna name it after the old cinema.” OK, so perhaps it wasn’t quite like that at all. And now? Well the barriers are up round the Tracy Island jutting-out bit, the skips are on site and the skyline is enhanced by yet another cabin on the roof. Seriously,what goes on in those places? Actually don’t answer, it’s bound to be something more boring than idle speculation might suggest. We just hope that they manage to do the work without demolishing the whole building (ahem, topical). Well, on second thoughts….


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Who’d be a Twickenham Nimby?

A recent post on the Twitter website referred to the Nimbys of Twickenham. Do you know these people? Are they a well established local family? Could one go through the Nimbys of Twickenham to secure a letter of introduction to the “Disgusteds of Tunbridge Wells” whose patronage is renowned across the Home Counties? It’s very likely there’s a connection.

For those not up to speed with acronyms, “nimby” stands for “not in my back yard”. It is generally used as a pejorative term for people who try to block developments close to them. The tweet in question was referring to opposition to the hotel which will be built adjoining Regal House. A link on the post led to Richmond Council’s planning website page with its endless documents about the development. There’s an awful lot there, far too much to read without being paid for it, and so please look elsewhere for a proper, balanced critique. That’s not what we’re about here…
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This is Twickenham. The next stop is Croydon.

If you have opinions on the future development around Twickenham station then you’d better be quick about getting them in.

Twickenham Station. 10 storeys here please?

The Council is consulting on how it should deal with developments in the area and the deadline for comments is 27th August. Most residents will agree that the station area needs some work but by no means all are convinced that the proposed station scheme is the way to do it and that’s why it is important to have your say on the Council’s approach. Continue reading


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SHOCK NEWS: Local Council to listen to local people

Hot on the heels of the revelation over the prophetic powers of 80s popsters Spandau Ballet comes the news that Richmond Council will be holding a series of public consultations on the future of Twickenham. Starting from the assumption that it does indeed have one, and we sincerely hope it does, these sessions are designed provide locals with an opportunity to put forward ideas on regenerating the town. The word “regeneration” implies that a Dr Who like transformation is required to turn Twickenham into a city of the future but regardless of whether you think that is the case or just think that a measured evolution is needed or simply want to voice opinions on local issues such as Twickenham riverside, Regal House or the plans for Twickenham station then it could be an ideal opportunity to have your say. Continue reading


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Fancy another gherkin?

Is it really that bad

Regal House - is it really that ugly?

Plans are afoot to redevelop Twickenham station and crown the project with 170 (text confirmation: one hundred and seventy) flats. That’s the equivalent of ten lots of seventeen flats. Or even four blocks of 42 and a half flats. No wonder some of the local residents are upset. Perhaps the announcement is one of those politico style briefings designed to make you feel oh so relieved when the eventual building has just 100 flats. Perhaps it’s all about managing expectations. Continue reading


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