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Panufnik Pops Up

Here’s something which may pique your interest. Art. Of the local connections variety. Of the quirky, witty and illustrative variety. Right here in Twickenham for a pop-up exhibition next weekend.
Local artist, designer and illustrator Jem Panufnik is holding a pop-up show of paintings, prints and sculpture at Riverside House near Orleans House on the weekend of 28th and 29th November. It’s a two-man show as Jem’s work will be accompanied by that of his ‘fellow breaks luminary’ Mr Rennie Pilgrem. To be honest we’re not entirely sure what a ‘fellow breaks luminary’ is – that wasn’t on the list the provided by the school careers adviser but we’re most definitely going to find out.

And who is this Jem Panufnik? As well as being an artist, film maker, graphics person and illustrator he’s also co-founder of Finger Lickin’ Records. And for those who recognise his style, he’s the man who designed the ‘Save Orleans Riverside’ poster during Gloriana-gate last year. Why did he do that? Well, for him it was personal, his great grandmother, Nellie Ionides, helped the borough acquire the area for parkland in the first place and also saved Orleans House from destruction. Not too shabby for local credentials, eh? We can only wonder what ‘Our Nellie’ would make of something as vulgar as a ‘pop-up’ art show in her old manor. The very thought of it!

Jem & Rennie’s work will be on display for your entertainment, amusement and we assume, your purchasing. Worth popping in we reckon.

Pop up Panufnik show

Pop up Panufnik show

Dates: Sat 28th & Sun 29th Nov
Time: 11.00am – 5.00pm
Where: The Studio, Riverside House, Riverside,Twickenham, TW1 3DJ (next door to Orleans House Gallery)

* Jem Panufnik website


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Twickenham Theatre to Close?

twickenham theatreThe new Twickenham Theatre above the London Road bar (on London Road, obviously) has closed after its very first run. Why? Well, it wasn’t down to lack of interest from west London theatre goers. Its first production, Sweeney Todd, received excellent reviews and even added extra dates to meet demand. The closure is all about the venue. The London Road has been sold by its owners and, according to the theatre’s Executive Director Tony Green when quoted in The Stage, “The new landlords do not ‘figure theatre as part of their plans’.” Here at twickerati HQ we reckon that’s a big shame.

Mr Green is now looking for a new venue in the area to build on the success of Twickenham Theatre’s first, but hopefully not last, production.

* The Stage
* Twickenham Theatre


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Twickenham Festival 2014 – It’s Here! Event Information.

HELLO! The weather might be a bit so-so but the great twickerati (that’s you btw) won’t be deterred by a cloud or two. You’re better than that. What the hell, let’s re-phrase it… we’re better than that!

Twickenham Festival and a load of other summer fun is upon us. We don’t do proper listings on this site (it’s just too hard and we’re just too lazy) but we have pulled out a few highlights for you. And of course, as you’d expect, we’ve provided copious links to sites which contain not only more, but better, information than you’ll find here. So let’s get to it, let’s get ready to #Twickfest!

[UPDATE: And now that things are underway, we’ve created a new item for festival pictures so take a look.]

Morris Dancers outside The Fox, Twickenham


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Your Twickenham Christmas Guide 2013

Some Christmas

Some Christmas

Be warned. We’ve fired up the 2013 plagiarise-o-meter machine, topped up the tank with highest grade liquid rip-off and set the controls for the heart of Twickenham. That’s right, it’s heading for the beating heart of our town and it’s set to explode in a ball of festive fury, tinsel and overcooked sprouts on Christmas Day itself! Here’s some stuff to keep you occupied in the meantime. Whether it’s Christmas lights, festive fairs, a pantomime or rugby at Twickenham Stadium that you want, we’ve got it all below. Or at least some of it…

OK, we’re going make this real easy for you. You want categories? You got categories. Just click n go.
Christmas lights
Other Christmas events (err, like the ice rink)
Panto & Theatre
Music & Comedy
Other Useful Links

Want to see the place you love light up, like Terry’s All Gold? Here’s how…

Twickenham Town Centre – Friday 22nd November
Expect big crowds in Church Street for Twickenham’s Christmas lights. Events kick off in the afternoon. There’ll be craft stalls, Punch & Judy shows, a band from the Royal Military School of Music. Mayor Meena Bond and the vicar from St Mary the Virgin, Rev Jeff Hopkin-Williams will be pushing the illuminations plunger at 6.30pm. Expect plenty of mulled wine, mince pies, festive music and a whole lot of milling. Worth a visit.
More info: TTBA

Twickenham Green – Saturday 14th December
Rumours of another Chrimble do on Twickenham Green on 1st December turned about to be false. Last year’s inaugural event all got a bit wet and muddy, the snow machine was vetoed by greater powers (apparently) and the official light turner-oner Rob Brydon got rather hidden by crowds of (mostly taller) people. For whatever reason, it just didn’t happen again in 2013. However there will be a small local event on Saturday 14th December at 5.00pm on Twickenham Green. More details pending but we’re reckoning on some carols, mince pies and a glass or two of mulled wine.

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Christmas What’s On

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine,
most of our shops sport a charity sign;
But with hand-crafted coffee and an artisan treat,
we ponder the state of our local high street.

Despite it being a time-consuming exercise involving endless Googling and plagiarising, the team has put together a quick guide to some of the events going on in Twickenham over the next few weeks. Keen observers may have spotted that Christmas falls during that period, which is a handy co-incidence given that there’s so much happening. Funny how things work out isn’t it?


St Margarets Christmas Fair – Sunday 9th Dec
The Fair takes place on Crown Road between 11.00am & 4.00pm with festive food, drinks, stalls, games and an open-air carol service. More info.

Twickenham Green – Sunday 16th Dec
Wooo! Twickenham Green is also doing a switch-on this year. There’ll be a Christmas Fayre, stalls, food & drink, carol singing, snow(!) and the presence of Mr Rob Brydon to do the honours with the lights. Yes people, Sir Robworth of Brydonshire himself will be there. In your face Teddington! Starts at 4.00pm with the switch-on at 5.45pm.

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Autumn What’s On

We might do some autumn listings. Might not. Just depends, like. It just depends on things like whether we can actually be bothered to do all the hard work before it’s too late. Meanwhile, as we mull it over, time, that wily thief, slips past us unnoticed, picking the hopes and dreams from our pockets and replacing them with memories and regrets. So with September’s “back to school” freshness still infusing our spirits but tempered by the knowledge that melancholic autumn evenings will soon be closing in, here’s an initial selection of things to entertain you. Be lucky:
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Twickenham What’s On: May to July (updated)

Twickenham: Spring 2012

UPDATE: Many of the events we’d featured on here have been and gone but we’ve added a few jolly exciting new ones which are pretty nang so it’s worth a look… Aye. Respect!

And one more time… we don’t do listings here. Way too hard for the likes of us. But here are some plagiarised and edited highlights. Selected extracts, if you will. Always read the label and always, ALWAYS check a proper site for proper details. Here we go then…

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The twickerati art feature…

When you hear the phrase ‘local artist’ you might think of someone sitting around wearing a smock and a straw hat, sketching flowers plucked from a nearby meadow. Someone who’d fit right into a Merchant Ivory film and who is now on their way to the organising committee for the village fete. On a bike. Whilst making jam. But you’d be wrong to do that, especially around here. Twickenham has a busy and diverse local art scene. Yes, support for the arts, or rather lack of it, is frequently in the news and spending real hard-earned cash on art is likely to be seen as a luxury purchase. But that doesn’t stop creativity. In fact, the leafy surroundings of this part of south west London, the River Thames and one place in particular have helped create a vibrant artistic community. Let’s take a look…
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