Record RFU Revenues Bankroll Redevelopment

The RFU will battle again with Twickenham residents and El Brute’s Planning Committee after it announced plans to redevelop the East Stand (the Rugby Road side) to increase corporate hospitality at the stadium. A heated debate at the recent planning meeting led to the Union’s plans to hold a Monster Jam at the home of rugby being sent back for further assessment of the environmental impact, as reported here on twickerati.

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Twickenham MP Votes for Syria Air Strikes

Tania Mathias

Tania Mathias

Twickenham’s new Conservative MP Tania Mathias last night voted in favour of air strikes against ISIS targets in Syria. Dr Mathias who has previously worked with refugees in Gaza and also marched against the Iraq war in 2003, said the situation faced today was different. “I believe that Daesh has effectively declared war on us. I do believe Tunisia and the seven thwarted attacks are effectively acts of war… Today I do believe it is different”. In the conclusion to her speech she fought to control her emotions as she said, “When I go through the ayes lobby, it will be for the refugees and it will be for the security in Twickenham”.

* Daily Mail (with video)

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Talk Richmond. Well Will You?

The seat of El Brute power

York House – the seat of El Brute power

LBRuT has been sending out emails to borough residents inviting them to join its new “innovative online community”, Talk Richmond.  The closed community is open to anyone who lives, works, studies or volunteers in the borough.

The proposed deal is that members can use the live online platform to have “open discussions” with the council and contribute to the development of LBRuT’s services, campaigns and communications.

If you get on board (and El Brute accepts you as a member – aye, there’s the rub, of which more below) you will be able to get involved by taking part in polls, posting photos and creating videos as well as sharing your views about council matters. Members will be expected to sign in to the website for 5-15 minutes a week on average and take part in up to two weekly activities.

“The community is a platform for members to influence council campaigns, such as isolation and loneliness among older people, improvement to roads and pavements, the development of schools, community safety and Village Planning,” LBRuT says.

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Twickenham Riverside – Are The Natives Revolting?

Extract of design from LBRuT website

Extract of design from LBRuT website

Arguments over the plans for Twickenham riverside rumble on as LBRuT’s 11th December deadline for feedback fast approaches. The idea for the newly purchased site running down Water Lane from King Street to the river hasn’t met with universal approval. OK, forget universal approval, it doesn’t even seem to have met with widespread Twickenham approval. We recently ran a simple 24 hour poll on Twitter. It read: “What’s your view on LBRuT’s new design concept for the Twickenham Riverside development?” and it offered a choice of two options:
(a) Broadly right
(b) Simply wrong

121 voted, not a large sample we’ll admit and not a very scientific poll but the results were:
(a) Broadly right 37%
(b) Simply wrong 63%

Interesting. Comments on other social media platforms tell a similar story. The Richmond & Twickenham Times ran their own poll and managed to find a few more people in favour, but not too many more.
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Christmas Fairs, Switch Ons, Other Twickmas Stuff!

Christmas display, Corto, Church St. We usually do a big Christmas ‘What’s On Extravaganza’ but as a result of cut backs (of effort) we’ve not done one this year.

Instead we’ve resorted to the simple yet highly effective technique of plagiarism. Yes, the good people behind the Twick Mums website have kindly allowed us to rip off the list that they have been lovingly curating over weeks, if not years.

In order to add that special twickerati Christmas vibe we’ve added a few extra bits of our own both for your benefit and to try to make us feel less ashamed of such blatant thievery. Merry Twickmas.

Scroll right on down or just click on our categories if you want to keep it simple:
Christmas lights
Other Goings On
Panto & Theatre
Music & Comedy
Other Useful Links

Twickenham-Mums-FB-profile centered square

Thursday 26th November

  • 4.00-9.00pm: Lights Up and Shopping Event, Teddington
  • Broad Street, High Street & Elmfield Gardens, Teddington TW11: Broad Street road closure 4.30-5.00pm; High Street road closure 5.00-9.00pm; Elmfield Gardens 6.00-6.30pm carols and switching on of the lights by The Mayor of Richmond Cllr Martin Seymour and Danny Care from Harlequins.

Friday 27th November

  • 4.00-8.00pm (TBC): Christmas Parade, Hampton Hill
  • High Street, Hampton Hill TW12: Details TBC, but this is usually a big event with a street long parade, live music, entertainment, lots of stalls, and children’s entertainment. Road closure at 5.30pm, parade at 6.30pm.
  • 4.45-5.45pm: Christmas Lights Switch-On, East Twickenham
  • Foot of Richmond Bridge, Richmond Road TW1: The Mayor of Richmond will open proceedings, followed by Father Christmas, carol singers, mulled wine, mince pies, children’s luck dip, music and much more.

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Panufnik Pops Up

Here’s something which may pique your interest. Art. Of the local connections variety. Of the quirky, witty and illustrative variety. Right here in Twickenham for a pop-up exhibition next weekend.
Local artist, designer and illustrator Jem Panufnik is holding a pop-up show of paintings, prints and sculpture at Riverside House near Orleans House on the weekend of 28th and 29th November. It’s a two-man show as Jem’s work will be accompanied by that of his ‘fellow breaks luminary’ Mr Rennie Pilgrem. To be honest we’re not entirely sure what a ‘fellow breaks luminary’ is – that wasn’t on the list the provided by the school careers adviser but we’re most definitely going to find out.

And who is this Jem Panufnik? As well as being an artist, film maker, graphics person and illustrator he’s also co-founder of Finger Lickin’ Records. And for those who recognise his style, he’s the man who designed the ‘Save Orleans Riverside’ poster during Gloriana-gate last year. Why did he do that? Well, for him it was personal, his great grandmother, Nellie Ionides, helped the borough acquire the area for parkland in the first place and also saved Orleans House from destruction. Not too shabby for local credentials, eh? We can only wonder what ‘Our Nellie’ would make of something as vulgar as a ‘pop-up’ art show in her old manor. The very thought of it!

Jem & Rennie’s work will be on display for your entertainment, amusement and we assume, your purchasing. Worth popping in we reckon.

Pop up Panufnik show

Pop up Panufnik show

Dates: Sat 28th & Sun 29th Nov
Time: 11.00am – 5.00pm
Where: The Studio, Riverside House, Riverside,Twickenham, TW1 3DJ (next door to Orleans House Gallery)

* Jem Panufnik website


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Church Street Shows Solidarity Following Paris Attacks

Twickenham’s Church Street showed its solidarity with Paris in the wake of Friday’s terrorist attacks in the French capital. The street is well known for putting out the flags for big rugby matches as well as a host of other occasions and only weeks ago the town welcomed thousands of French rugby fans during the World Cup. Decking out the road with the French tricolor made for a fitting show of support and respect after the horrific events of Friday night.

Church Street, Twickenham

Church Street, Twickenham


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Body Recovered from Thames at Swan Island

This week’s Richmond & Twickenham Times lead story is the recovery of the body of Anthony Parillon-Ojeer from the Thames at Swan Island last Tuesday. The 32 year old from Ealing was last seen at The George in Twickenham on the evening of Saturday 31st October. His death is not being treated as suspicious and a post-mortem will be carried out. “Missing” posters appealing for Anthony to make contact still dot the towpath between Richmond and Twickenham, a sad reminder of this tragic event.

* Richmond & Twickenham Times

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Twickenham Riverside & Town Square Plan – Have We Come Full Circle?

Santander. King St / Water Lane

King St / Water Lane

There’s no local issue guaranteed to get Twickenham people all fired up quite like the fate of the old swimming pool site by the river. Apart from Heathrow expansion, the RFU, the Gloriana boathouse debacle, schools, cycle lanes and traffic that is, but let’s put them to one side for a second.

When it comes to the saga of the old Twickenham Baths site, or more specifically the piece of land running from Water Lane down to Embankment then this week is an important one. It’s time for the big reveal. Woohoo! This is the week when you get to see LBRuT’s plans for a town square (and other stuff) which will, so we are told, ‘give a focus to the town’ and help open up the space between King Street and Twickenham’s greatest asset. And by ‘greatest asset’ we don’t mean the twickerati ice cream van or even that giant pink rugby ball, we mean the riverside. The concept being promoted by El Brute is a ‘regency style’ development complete with covered arcade, colonnade and amphitheatre. Well, at least we can say that there’s not a lot of that in Twickenham town centre at the moment. Continue reading


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