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September, October & November 2010

Photos from September to November 2010

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November 2010
The adult college on a misty morning

A Sunday in November in Twickenham. It doesn’t get any better than this does it? Lovely stuff.

Anyone need a plastic bucket? They’re under the plastic sheeting.

Signs. Endless signs. This couldn’t look much worse…

And something a bit better. Extra low tide around Eel Pie during the annual weir draw off.

Thames at Twickenham during weir draw off

Thames near Eel Pie Island

Thames at low tide from Eel Pie bridge

St Mary's Twickenham seen from the river.

October 2010

Barges at Twickenham

Tree in river, Twickenham

September 2010

This first one is from the local AntMusic blog ( A great early morning image facing east. See comments for link to other photos from Lynn.

AntMusic blog's view of Twickenham early one September morning

And more from twickerati….

Railings on Station Road

Skip on barge, early morning

Spider making a web of phone lines

Regal House, early evening

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