Who’d have thought it would take nearly ten years to get from planning to opening? It was going to be built before the Rugby World Cup (2015 edition) but it hadn’t even been started and then it was going to be completed by autumn 2019 but then it wasn’t. But on the 27th January 2020, the new station opened its doors (barriers, actually). Angels sang! People cheered! Trumpets trumpeted or something like that. Oh and of course when we say the station has opened what we mean is that the ticket hall and new barriers are open for you although the place remains a building site. It’s not just about the actual station itself you see, there are the blocks of flats too. In fact there is still building work which has not even begun yet let alone got close to finishing. But the new opening is progress for rail users.

An open entrance pictured recently

Not only do you get to enjoy a whole new “walking in and out of the station” experience but you’ll soon get to enjoy a M&S Food to Go store which will be one of the units in front of the entrance. That temporary entrance which we’ve all come to know and love is no more. No more shuffling single file down the narrow path to the temporary set up.


Even has ticket machines!

It’s got the works!

Barriers too!

The number of barriers doesn’t seem to have increased much from the olden days. We hope the rugby and ‘big gig’ traffic can be managed smoothly. We’re sure they probably know what they’re doing.

People actually using it!


Here’s some exclusive video footage of it on a dark damp January evening…

And here it is before in unhappier times.


Twickenham station… as was

Excited much?