Solum Regeneration, the famous purveryors/delayers of the new Twickenham station are getting ready for their next big project. Hurrah for them! The empty lot on Station Yard (behind the Haymarket building, near The Albany but the fenced-in bit not the bus turning bit) is up for development. It’s been a car park for many a year and is currently being used by residents of Mary’s Terrace while their street is embroiled in the station building works.  The plan for the new site is 46 flats of the one or two bedroomed variety in a building that will be “five or six” storeys tall. In other words, six storeys but it will, apparently, look like five from street level. Nice one, champ! That’s about the height of the adjacent and rather dull Haymarket building (real name: Bridge House) which faces onto London Road and which, you’ll note, doesn’t look that high from the front because London Road is built up to cross the railway. We just hope that the houses opposite this new build on Grosvenor Road and Railway Approach aren’t too fussed about trivial things like daylight. There will be disabled parking and cycle parking provision but nothing for regular cars; if they own one they can share Mary’s Terrace with its residents once they reclaim their road or perhaps try their luck in Queen’s Road. As someone once said to Gordon Jackson when he was escaping onto a bus, “Good luck!”

Proposed flats on Station Yard, by The Albany Proposed flats on Station Yard

It’s certainly handy for the station but a quick look at the designs show it to be very blocky and lacking the some of the (relatively) more interesting features in the Brewery Wharf development on the north side of the tracks. Yep, it’s another identikit Twickerblock.  No wonder colour images are hard to find in the plans. What’s more, of those 46 flats on the planning application, how many are for social housing, key workers or other such worthy cause? None, that’s how many.  “Tidy” as the developer might have said when looking at the projected profits.  We wonder how much of it will get ploughed back into rail infrastructure.

Station Yard / Railway Approach – Twickenham

There’s already been some comment about it on this blog and on social platforms.  Among others, local Twitterer @twickerman is not best pleased….

The application is still trundling through El Brute’s planning process and a decision is expected by late February or maybe later. It’s a plot that probably needs something doing to it, but is it this particular Solum design You decide!


The ‘official’ consultation period has ended (sneaking past over Christmas and New Year) but you still have time to comment online or email your support, indifference or disagreement to the planning honchos as you see fit.


The site, with Bridge House on the left.