After weeks of fake newsing, social media perusing, lobbying, petitions and vainglorious emissions the UK finally got to have its say. Yes folks, the election results are in (or mostly in) and your beloved Twickenham constituency has a new member of parliament. OK, so with Sir Vince Cable stepping down we were always going to be a new MP either way but, dear reader, we can now non-exclusively reveal that Liberal Democrat Munira Wilson is your new representative ‘up West(Minster)’. That means Twickenham is a Lib Dem hold. And not just any Lib Dem hold but with an increased majority.  It’s all about that there Brexit, innit. Boris wanted to just get Brexit done but Twickenham wasn’t so convinced.


Polling station

Local resident Munira beat Conservative Isobel Grant as well as Ranjeev Walia (Labour) and Stuart Wells (Brexit party). It’s perhaps not surprising that ‘remainy’ Twickenham returned an anti-Brexit MP to follow on from Sir Vince (and we wish him all the best in his political dotage).  This was, after all, the ‘Brexit election’, the most polarising or recent polls.

If you don’t know Munira, she is, according to her website, “a senior leader in a leading global science and technology company based [and] has also worked in the NHS and for leading charities”.

Munira Wilson
(Pic: @munirawilson twitter)

Next door: in leafy Richmond Park, the residents said ‘bye bye again’ to Tory Zac Goldsmith and ‘welcome back’ to Lib Dem Sarah Olney. The Lib Dems also held Kingston and Surbiton where Ed Davey continues as MP and could become the new Liberal Democrat leader given that Jo Swinson lost her seat. Labour’s Ruth Cabdbury is expected to retain Brentford and Isleworth.

That’s all folks. Twickenham has a new voice in Westminster but what it means to the overall UK result which is heading towards a sizable Conservative majority, we just don’t know although ‘not a lot’ might be a fair guess. We wish Munira all the best as our new MP and hope she represents all of her constituents with a strong voice.

Result in full:

Munira Wilson (Lib Dem)  36,166

Isobel Grant (Conservative)  22,045

Ranjeev Walia (Labour)  5,476

Stuart Wells (Brexit Party)  816

Her majority of 14,121 is an increase compared to Vince Cable’s 9,762 in 2017. Turnout was 76%. That’s called a resounding win.

Happy now?