After presenting five sets of Twickenham Riverside design concepts to the Twickerati (that’s you btw) Richmond Council has announced that its preferred bidder for the project is Hopkins Architects. 

“Architect 1 = Hopkins”

Hopkins were billed as “Architect 1” during the consultation. Their plan has open space by the river with the buildings placed to the Wharf Lane side and at the back of the site adjacent to Water Lane, away from the more central river front area. Are there too many buildings? Some would say yes. The scheme incorporates the Diamond Jubilee Gardens and it moves the traffic and parking from the river front.  In our humble view more work is needed around Water Lane to better connect the river to King Street but the choice of Hopkins, who received the ‘highest overall score’ during the competition, means there’s now a broad plan to work with and refine. More to do but it’s a start. Probably. And of course there’s no lido which will upset some.

What next? The appointment of Hopkins as preferred bidder will be ratified by Council Committee in January and the Committee will also be asked to approve the funding to take the project forward. There will be more engagement with the community at ‘appropriate stages’ (say what?) and of course there will be ye olde formal planning consultation further down the line.

Architect 1 (Hopkins) plan view of riverside design
Architect 1 (aka Hopkins) plan view of riverside design


Happy now, Twickenham? Let’s take a guess….



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