It’s been so long since our last high street update that you’d be forgiven for thinking that Twickenham had ground to a complete standstill. But you’d be wrong, so wrong.  So flippin’ wrong.  If not, then what? Well, here goes…

Starbucks, suppliers of American style vats of coffee and not a lot of taxation, have moved to a new store, still on King Street, where Carpetright used to be. Their previous place was looking pretty tired and so it was a case of ‘do it up or move’ and clearly they chose the latter (or the latte?).

Starbucks Twickenham

Now then, everyone moaned when Pincho on Church Street closed. Many speculated on what would replace it. If you speculated that it would be replaced by a place called  Tsaretta Spice serving “Indian tapas” then treat yourself to a biscuit. Initial reviews are pretty good so it’s worth checking out. The owners have experience of running a sister restaurant in fancy-dan French ski resort Meribel, dontcha know.  Expect something a little bit different. That’s a good sign, right?

Tsaretta Spice, Church Street – “Indian Tapas”

Round the corner on York Street it’s all going on. The Bear has closed and been reincarnated as a branch of Be At One. If you don’t know Be At One, it’s a cocktail bar chain which is pretty popular ‘up town’ especially with the after work brigade. Yeah that lot.

Be At One, Cocktails on York Street

Across the road, the recently opened butcher, The Meat Room is (or was) up for sale. According to the blurb online the owners are based in Leamington Spa with shops in that area and so Twickenham is a bit of a time consuming diversion from their focus on their home patch in the midlands. They’re trying to sell it as a business, presumably because they invested in fitting the place out only about a year ago. Former Asian grocery ‘Food Sanctuary’ is now a new barber Baseri. Twickenham people must have the fastest growing hair in London!  Scary thought. It must be all the vape fumes in the air. And sticking with York Street, former posh-but-shortlived bathroom store Hugo Oliver is being turned into a show room for Green Retreats who specialise in garden rooms. Interesting. Grumpy middle aged men around the TWs cry as one: “What’s wrong with a good old shed?” Get with the times, Daddio, it’s 2019! Cargo are the people doing the fit out.

Green Retreats, coming soon (as fitted out by Cargo)

Talking of closures, estate agent Your Move followed their own advice, The Rifleman pub has shut down (but is set to re-open soon under the Twickenham Ales banner, how exciting!) and  TW2 Bar and Grill by Twickenham Green is no more. The TW2 owners have a new place in Surrey that they’re focusing their attention on. The German Bakery on Water Lane is closing too. Did they actually bake bread there? We may never know the answer to that but it did all seem a bit less ‘bakey’ than the likes of Rubens and Cavan (while it lasted).

York Street Café has closed but a new Mediterranean café Faraluna has opened a few steps away on London Road. It’s opposite Avocado and Lemon which, despite the St Margarets style name, often seems to be busy and gets good reviews. Worth trying them both out. And coming soon to that stretch of road is Roxie. Billing itself as ‘steak and tap’ we can only assume it’s big into steaks… and taps or at least serves beer out of taps or has people dancing as they serve you your steak. Etc etc. There are already a few other Roxies around south west London and their interwebsite describes them thus: “We’re Roxie, the people’s meat local”.  So now you know, if you’re going to meat people, then meat local.  Anyway, we hope the place does well in what has proved to be a tricky location over recent years (Palm Grill, Blues, Grand Union to name a few recent occupants).

Roxie – for all your steak and tap requirements

Not really a shop thing but we’ll mention it all the same. Solum – yes them of the Twickenham Station redevelopment – are planning to build on the plot of land in Station Yard in front of The Albany pub. The space is ripe for development – whether you like it or not – and so it’s probably just a question of how high and given Solum’s (railway) track record when it comes to developments then we can only assume that higher is better.

Sadly, that’s all we have for the time being.  Do remember that there are plenty of local places which are not new or which haven’t just closed so please do use ‘em or lose ‘em. Adios Twickerfolks and take good care out there.