On Monday evening at around 6.30pm a police pursuit around the mean streets of Twickenham ended when a car collided with another vehicle and a traffic island while trying to evade the long arm of the law. Witnesses ave described on social media how the silver Citroen Picasso was chased by police around roads in the Twickenham Green area up as far at The Fountain pub and back before the whole incident came to a rather abrupt halt on Heath Road near the junction with Laurel Avenue.  The perp was seen cuffed on the ground before being taken off to “help the police with their enquiries”. Police remained on the scene taking statements from witnesses.


Locals say silver car had been pursued by police

At this stage the reason for the pursuit is not known but from accounts on Facebook there was some seriously idiotic driving going on and it is fortunate that there appeared to be no serious injuries. Further to this, the Evening Standard has now reported the Met Police as stating that the driver of the silver Citroen was arrested for shoplifting… and of course for failing to stop for police.

Heath Road nr Laurel Avenue