Wednesday 12th June. A bust pipe at Thames Water’s Hampton treatment works has left a swathe of South West London with no water. Thames Water have said they’re on the case and trying to fix things (and you’d rather hope so too) but well into the afternoon many households in Twickenham and neighbouring towns were still waterless or operating with very low pressure. Thames Water have said if they cannot fix it soon they will look to make bottled water available. Many schools and some businesses closed early meaning that at least some people (mainly small ones) saw some benefit. It’s like the Great Water Failure of Christmas 2016 all over again but this time without the turkey. A day without water is also great illustration of just how reliant we all are on all utility companies we love to hate. Talking of which, presumably Thames Water management will forego their bonuses and the shareholders their dividends by way of apology. Maybe.

Thames Water have been posting updates on Twitter:

More updates later from Twickerati later. Meanwhile, in happier times… a flowing tap.

UPDATE 17.00: Plenty on social media reporting the resumption of water but some still with nothing.

Tap. In Twickenham