Picture the scene recently: A delivery truck pulls up outside York House in Twickenham, home to the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames aka LBRuT aka El Brute. The driver jumps out of the cab and opens the doors at the back. A Council official jogs down the steps in front of York House, clipboard in hand.

Driver:  Delivery for you, mate.

LBRuT man:  Jolly good. What’s in the back?

Driver:  Yellow paint. Gallons of it. Loads of the stuff.

LBRuT man:  Splendid, my Precious has arrived.

Driver:  What’s it all for?

LBRuT man:  We’re going to paint some huge yellow boxes on King Street.

Driver:  Why’s that then mate? Street decoration? Brighten the place up a bit? Proper new cycle routes maybe?

LBRuT man:  No, no. It’s to stop people blocking the junctions and maybe fine them if they do.

Driver:  To be honest with you mate, I’ve not noticed that as a massive problem.

LBRuT man:  Well, we’ve now solved all the really important issues facing the town… and the paint was a bargain. 25% off! It seemed like a steal at the price.

Driver:  Kerching!

LBRuT man:  That’s certainly what we’re hoping for, yes!

Driver:  Is it going to work?

LBRuT:  Who knows, and if it doesn’t we’ll just say it’s a piece of public art.

Driver:  Called ‘Yellow Money Box’ I suppose? Nice one. Can you sign my delivery note now?

LBRuT man:  Sure, just park up on those double red lines for a minute while I get my camera and then I’ll give you a signature.


Tick box.  Here’s one:


Follow the yellow box road


And here’s another one:

King St / York St / London Rd