In these times of division and uncertainty there’s no better way of cheering up the Twickerati (that’s you, btw) than by listing out all the places that have closed down in Twickenham recently. Hurrah! Or rather ‘not hurrah’. There do seem to be quite a few of them. But we’re not just here for the depressing things in life, there have been some openings too and yes, we’re going to bloody well mention them as well. It’s been a while so we’ve got a fair amount to get through…

After a long search for premises with a set back or two along the way Brewery Market is open on Church Street selling a wide range of craft ales, including a few brews on tap. Perfect if you like to experiment and buy new things in the beer department.

Brewery Market, Church St, TW1

Warren Wines also on Church Street is closing down. It’s not been open that long, since 2015 to be precise. The location, rather hidden away behind Pincho’s tapas restaurant can’t have helped matters. And if that’s not enough, Pincho’s itself has now closed after a long and seemingly successful stay in Church Street. Big shame that one. You’ll have to go further afield for your tapas now. Rumours of a new curry house abound. Some might question whether one is required but since the closure of the Delhi Durbar maybe a good one is.

Also on Church Street the Games Workshop store has wargamed its last warlord. The war is over, peace has broken out, but perhaps not in a good way. It’s another empty shop.  Further up Church Street, Miss Pretty London has opened in the store where Lovers Lights Gallery, and before that Monica Boxley, used to be. It’s a gifts and accessories business which also sells a wide product range online. Having a strong online presence might prove vital to the survival of many small retailers these days.  (Lovers Lights still has an online store despite vacating Church Street.)

Miss Pretty London, Church St


Games Workshut

Round the corner on sunny old York Street where Taste of Mogul once was, followed by the very shortlived “Bliss Fully Indian” Aangan, Panas has now opened serving Nepalese cuisine. Is this run by the same people was Aangan? Some of the online info looks pretty similar. How this Nepalese stacks up against the nearby Gurkha’s Inn we’ll let you decide. Give ’em a go. Also on York Street, the Food Sanctuary ‘Asian Grocery’ has closed its shop although it is still operating as an online-only retailer. Nice place but perhaps too niche for a town centre location in this part of suburbia? Update: We hear in the comments below that just along Richmond Road, the le Baron Brasserie has now closed although they’re’ still on Twitter. Maybe that’s a tbc closure. Pretty much all the recent ventures there have not lasted long. Top tip for those thinking of opening a restaurant there… don’t.

Panas, York Street

Right then, who doesn’t love a bit of a vape? C’mon, don’t be shy! Vapestore has opened on King Street where Lifetime Shutters & Windows was for the very briefest of lifetimes. Because we just can’t get enough vape products there’s also one on Church Street, one on London Road and another newish one, MobileVape about 10 doors down where the Cavan Bakery had a brief tenure. Oh, btw, Carphone Warehouse have also abandoned Twickenham. They’ve closed their branch which was right next door to the new Vapestore.

Vapestore – for all your vape requirements

And finally in that little stretch of road, Carpet Right has also departed. The company has been closing stores across the UK as it battles to stay afloat financially. The phrase applied to this and others is usually “the troubled retailer” and we now have another big empty store to fill slap bang in the middle of Twickenham.

Carpet Right? Wrong!

On Heath Road, there’s never a dull moment (honest!). What was the Polish shop and then Anna’s Deli Cafe is now Donna Lucia, an Italian cafe. We had a quick look at their website but beyond the homepage it seems you need to sign in to see anything. Bit weird. Let’s hope you don’t have to register before going in to buy a coffee. We’ll find out and let you know. A few doors up, Jo Downs glass has shut although you can still buy her glassware, jewellery and arty gifts online or at her Ripley store and the Twickenham Discount Store has been replaced by a men’s tailor Ryan Cyan where tailor Brandon Koay is offering bespoke and made-to-measure suits as well as an alterations service. Suits you, Twickenham.

Donna Lucia (Heath Road)

The former MultiYork store on Heath Road is becoming a Todd Doors (for all your door requirements, presumably) although it’s been ‘opening soon’ for a couple of months now. Maybe it’s going straight to the ‘Twickenham Refurb’ stage? Hope not. In fact they do have other stores in the London area so perhaps we’re simply in waiting mode. When one (Todd) doors closes, another one opens, etc?

Talking of Twickenham refurbs, we are giving this update’s ‘Ultimate Twickenham Refurb’ award to Riley’s Sports Bar on the corner of Heath Road and Cross Deep. The website says ‘Currently closed undergoing refurbishment’ but let’s face it, that place is never going to re-open. Is it? Really? Come on!

We’re nearly done now.  In terms of the not so recent changes, one place we mentioned last time out and which has now been open for some months is the Meat Room on York Street. It’s a butchers shop. The clue’s in the name and the window display.  The Canteen on London Road has been replaced by the restaurant aka ‘local food factory’ Avocado and Lemon. The name sounds a tad St Margarets but it could do well and initial reviews are certainly positive. And a quick point which has caused some social media twitterage was the sight of the Palm Grill and Chicago Ribshack buildings effectively operating as pop-up bars on the day of the England France match. In other words, closed apart from when it’s time to rake in a few rugby pounds. Discuss.

Avocado & Lemon, London Rd

In other final, final news just away from central ‘Nam, the antique shop Montpelier opposite the Crown Pub has closed and the premises is vacant. A Co-Op ‘local’ has opened on the corner of Sixth Cross Road and Hampton Road. In fact it’s very near where Lidl are planning a new store where the Wickes currently is.  Word is that Sainsbury’s are lining up for a slot at Twickenham station or ‘Fort Twickenham’ to give the new building its official name. And musos with a love of vinyl will be interested to hear that a new record store has opened over on Richmond Hill. Sleeve Notes Records has been set up by a friend of Team Twickerati and we wish him all the very best.



A few updates since posting:

Your Move estate agents on Heath Road has closed

York Street Cafe is closing

We hear the lease at Sweet Diner on Heath Road is up for sale. And there are some comments about Salt Flakes being for sale although the place is still open (and promoting a new menu) so take that with a large pinch, or flake, of salt.


So there you have it, plenty of closings and a few interesting new ventures too. We wish all the new businesses every success. It’s your town, go use ’em.