Last week was a bad one on local roads. On Wednesday 23rd at around 1.30pm a 19 year old man was taken to hospital with head injuries after being hit by a car in East Twickenham at the junction of St Margarets Road and Richmond Road. The Richmond and Twickenham Times reports that the driver of the car, a silver 5-door VW Golf or Polo failed to stop and that the police are seeking witnesses to this hit and run and more information to help identify the vehicle. The paper describes the injured pedestrian as being in a critical condition in hospital.

On the evening of Monday 21st January, a cyclist was hit by a car on Richmond Road near Montepelier Row in what @stevolaughton on Twitter described as a “serious looking collision” while on Friday 25th another cyclist was involved in a collision with a car also on Richmond Road. Ambulances attended both events with buses being put on diversion up Crown Road.

Richmond Road

These incidents raise questions of road safety just weeks after the end of the Council’s consultation on a borough wide 20mph speed limit. Several commenters on social media also pointed out the lack of good cycling infrastructure in the borough. Fair points, but it’s not just all about speed limits and infrastructure. In December a cyclist was sent flying, yet again on Richmond Road, by a car turning right across a lane of stationary traffic by York House. The cyclist was in the bus/cycle lane (OK, so it’s not a dedicated cycle lane) and the driver cut across it. Just be careful out there people and keep your eyes open!

In a further incident, also on Monday 21st, a cab driver suffered a cardiac arrest in his vehicle and hit the hoardings by Twickenham station. A member of the public performed CPR and the driver was taken to hospital where he is recovering. No one else was injured. (And if you think Twitter is just for angry rants then you’ll be heartened to learn that the the social media platform was able to track down the person who assisted with CPR so that the driver’s family could thank her and others for helping out).

We hope the injured all recover quickly.