Consternation abounds in some quarters (probably) at TfL’s proposals to change some of the bus routes and times in our very own piece of London suburbia. TfL is currently running a consultation about a number of routes in Twickenham and Richmond, of which the changes to the 110 are probably the most significant.  The existing 110 route runs from Hounslow, into Twickenham via Staines Road, through the town centre then on past the station to West Middlesex Hospital.  Under the proposals the new route would bypass central Twickenham and instead go via Whitton, past the rugby stadium, then along the A316, into St Margarets and then Richmond and on to wherever the hell is beyond that. It would no longer serve West Middlesex Hospital.  The H22 route would be changed to run from Hounslow Bell Corner (you’ve seen it on the front of the bus but you’ve never been there, have you?) to Twickenham station (but not necessarily right outside it) rather than Richmond. This will mean fewer routes serving Twickenham from Richmond, especially along Staines Road.  Meanwhile the H37 which runs from Richmond to Hounslow via St Margarets and Isleworth would see a reduction in frequency.

A bus stop. In Twickenham

“What is prompting all this?” you cry.  Well, according to TfL, their reviews have “revealed a number of corridors running in Richmond, Twickenham and Whitton are operating with spare capacity. This means that buses are not full. There are also missing links around Whitton and Chertsey Road”. Oh yeah?

Current routes for 110 and H22


TFL’s plans for 110 and H22

Whether the changes make your life easier or harder will depend on where you’re going…. and where you start out, but if you’re a fan of going to hospital then they could make your journey a bit more awkward.

Aficionados of The Inbetweeners may want to take this opportunity to simply shout “Bus wankers!” very loudly. However, if you’re actually affected by the changes you may prefer to have your say in the TfL consultation. It runs until 11th December (UPDATE: extended to 6th January).  The changes will take effect in May 2019, unless of course they don’t.

A bus. And it’s red.