What sort of person pours concrete down a sewer and hopes that it will just drain away, or at least go unnoticed? A complete idiot (or rather a ‘concrete idiot’) that’s who! Or maybe someone – or some people – who just doesn’t care. Either way, they’re still an idiot. This is what seems to have happened several weeks ago in Richmond Road, East Twickenham. The concrete blocked over 35 metres of sewer pipe and Thames Water are still busy sorting out the problem, pumping out waste and generally causing traffic delays and disturbance in East Twickenham as they do it. Not their fault, but it’s gotta be done. The blockage is right outside the big building site where Ryde House once stood and where a new Lidl and home for Deer Park School is going up. A co-incidence? Who knows? Investigations continue into exactly how this callous concrete dumping disaster happened and who was responsible.

Thames Water sorting the drains
Richmond Road, East Twickenham [pic credit: LBRuT]

The work to repair the problems was estimated at three weeks by Thames Water but it’s taken longer than that and it’s still not finished and so now El Brute has taken the decision to fine Thames Water in an effort to make them get a bloody move on. Daily fines are now being applied. However LBRuT has given TW permission to work 24/7 on the fix. This is likely to be met with conflicting views from locals who will welcome the problem getting solved but perhaps not the prospect of night work on Richmond Road. Come on Thames Water, just get it finished! And it is indeed expected to be finished next week (commencing 19th November).

Queries on the works taking place should be addressed in the first instance to Thames Water on 0800 316 9800 quoting reference number BB971876 but issues around any noise complaints should be made via the Council’s website.

Let’s hope that whichever block head – or block heads – caused the problem in the first place are identified and brought to account or at least get told to try to do better next time. We wonder if any of that surplus concrete can be made into boots.


* LBRuT press website