Robert Hutton, nephew of regular Twickerati ‘commenter’ Chris Squire, announced on Twitter that Chris had died last week.  Chris was a frequent name in the comments on this blog, in fact, I think he was the first ever person to make a comment way, way back in 2010.  I never met Chris but as a long-standing Twickenham resident  he was a regular feature on the site, often correcting points of fact or adding additional details, context and links… sometimes regardless of whether people wanted them or not! His contributions helped make this site a vibrant discussion forum even though he had his occasional spats with others on here linked to his involvement with the local Lib Dems. He was also someone who was always happy to put his own name to his views rather than use an alias, and had suggested others show similar transparency.  Thanks for talking Twickenham on here, Chris!

Our best wishes and condolences to Chris’s family and friends.

Chris Squire
(pic: Rob Hutton)