Ahoy rockers! After this summer’s appearances at Twickenham Stadium by  70-something rockers The Rolling Stones and 40-something rapper Eminem, the RFU has announced another big name gig for next summer in the form of 50-something metalheads Metallica. It’s on Thursday 20th June 2019.  This is big news for fans of the band as it’s one of only two UK dates on their world tour, the other being in Manchester. However, the fact that, like the Stones’ gig, it’s on a ‘school night’ won’t impress many locals. There was plenty of debate on recent our “Gigs, how was it for you?” posting about midweek concerts, post-gig transport problems and the ‘anti-social’ behaviour of some fans (by which we mean noise and “ye olde pissing in the streetes and gardyns” tradition).

Metallica at Twickenham (as pictured on RFU website)

The announcement also comes hot on the heels of the RFU’s comprehensive licensing application, designed to encompass its new East Stand development. It’s a touch ironic that as part of that process it was noted by the licensing wonks that stadium disturbances are more bearable when they’re not on a ‘work night’ but hey ho, Metallica is an opportunity not to be missed. Right?

Residents registered with RFU Home Turf get the chance to buy tickets from Friday 28th September. Tickets go on general sale at the same time. Expect the gig to sell out quickly.

So, is it a case of “Let’s get ready to  ROCCKKKK!”. Or is it a case of “Let’s get ready to GRUMMMBLLLLE!”