If you thought Strawberry Hill was just a sleepy, friendly kind of DMZ between Twickenham and Teddington where nothing of interest ever happens then you might need to think again. We said ‘might’ not ‘will’. On Wednesday 29th a large police presence descended on Strawberry Hill. Activity centred around the Wentworth Court flats on Wellesley Road near Strawberry Hill station. Trains were directed not to stop at the station for a short time. Although the station re-opened fairly quickly, police activity on the scene continued throughout the day and into Thursday.

Police at Strawberry Hill [pic: Fran Perrow @mediafran ]
Cue muchos speculation on Twitter about the cause of the incident. Various things were mentioned but remained just that, speculation.

Meanwhile there’s been further online speculation, which remains uncorroborated, to link the Strawberry Hill incident to the arrest of a 16 year old by the Metropolitan Police on Wednesday. A statement from the Met said that the arrest in West London had originally been on suspicion of cultivation of cannabis and possession of an imitation firearm but that the youth was then further arrested under the Terrorism Act after an ‘unknown substance’ was found.

Fran Perrow (@mediafran on Twitter) tweeted pictures from the area.

Information on the Strawberry Hill incident remains limited but we’ll update you with more as and when it becomes available.

Update 31 August: The Daily Mail has reported that police have now been given an extension to question the youth until Tuesday of next week.