Here’s a quick heads up for you. You might have missed this one in the comments on our “Gigs” thread so we’re giving it a brief mention here. The RFU has a premises licensing application in with El Brute covering the sale of booze on a wide ranging set of potential activities across the site, seven days a week, generally until 11.00pm but later at weekends. Concerts, plays, films, dance, “late night refreshment” you name it, they all get a mention as do ‘off-sales’.  The deadline for comments is soon (9th August) and what with it being summer and the holiday season and all the rest of it we thought we’d give it a quick mention just in case you hadn’t seen it or had missed the RFU’s tweets about it… not that we’ve seen any from them either. Weird. In fact the comment deadline was extended because, as LBRuT say, the applicant “did not display site notices correctly”. Also weird.

Twickenham Stadium

Meanwhile an application from Strawberry Hill House for similar, although on a more modest scale, is also being considered at LBRuT. The deadline for comments was 2nd August.

Simply a sensible case of being prepared for all eventualities? Or a case of the thin end of the wedge getting just that little bit fatter? As ever, it’s your call.

The full application is on LBRuT’s website and there’s a group calling themselves Heatham Alliance who have a Facebook page with more about the RFU’s application.  We’re just putting it out there and if you want to comment you’d better do so asap. The messenger might have been a bit slow on this one but there’s no need to shoot. Capiche?


UPDATE: On 14th August RFU Home Turf tweeted this: “It has come to our attention that there is misinformation being circulated about our forthcoming license application. The application is to include the new East Stand building within the current stadium licence. It is not to extend our hours or hold more events”.  So, simply a consolidation of existing regs to cover the new East Stand development? Now why didn’t they just come out and publicise that in the first place?