A woman was rescued from the River Thames by Eel Pie Island on Sunday evening. The quiet end of a scorching summer’s day was punctuated by sirens from emergency response vehicles and a dramatic river rescue. According to an eyewitness a woman had thrown herself into the river from Eel Pie Island opposite the Diamond Jubilee Gardens, having previously been seen arguing with another individual on the footbridge to the island.  Emergency response teams arrived, including the RNLI lifeboat from Teddington, which then pulled her from the water and took her to safety. She was treated by medics on Embankment before being taken to hospital in an ambulance.


Emergency vehicles on Embankment
Lifeboat and crew by Eel Pie Island


We hope she recovers quickly and also salute the response teams, especially the volunteer lifeboat crew.



Response team, Embankment