We’ve featured the famous “Twickenham Bollard” on here previously. It’s the bell shaped one on the corner of King Street and Wharf Lane and it’s famous for getting left-turning vehicles stranded on it.  Well guess what, Twickerfolk? It’s only gone and been bloody altered hasn’t it? The Twickenham Bollard now comes “with added post”.  This freakish Frankenstein Bollard should help prevent future strandings… although we do now fully expect to see a healthy rise in the number of door scrapings. Or is it in fact a piece of contemporary artwork raising questions about identity and bias in a car obsessed society? How the hell would we know?!  Either way, drive carefully folks.


The new ‘Frankenstein Bollard’


In full effect…

Ouch! Me bollards!


Previously… just a simple bollard

Oops! (as pictured in April ’17 by Martin Oxley)