You’ve seen the news already and if you haven’t you won’t be surprised to learn that this week MPs voted in favour of Heathrow Expansion.  The government’s proposal won by 415 votes to 119, receiving more than enough opposition support to carry it through. Conservative MPs were under instructions to support it although some, such a Zac of Richmond, rebelled.  Labour members were given a free vote with 119 in favour of expansion compared to 96 against. The Liberal Democrats, including Twickenham MP Vince Cable, voted against and the SNP abstained. Amazingly, former-vocal-opponent-turned-Foreign-Secretary Boris Johnson was unable to vote because he was out of the country. How very odd. He must have been on a mission… to avoid things getting a tad ‘awks’.

Mind the crane!

Supporters hailed it as showing Britain’s commitment to being open for business in a truly global economy and as good for jobs and wealth creation (and that kind of stuff, but of course they would wouldn’t they) while opponents vowed to fight on saying expanding Heathrow is not the right solution and citing the major environmental impact in terms of noise and air pollution. Several local councils, including Richmond, as well as London Major Sadiq Khan, continue to oppose the plan, promising to pursue a legal challenge. El Brute’s new head honcho Gareth “Red Robbo” Roberts said, “The councils have pointed out repeatedly that Heathrow contributes to illegal and lethal air pollution… The Government has still offered no evidence showing how air quality obligations can be achieved. We will use all the tools at our disposal to end this third runway nightmare once and for all”.

Heathrow? Heath Row more like!!  That’s ‘row’ as in cow and not like row as in toe. Yes? No? Oh, just forget it.  To be continued…. (yet again)