Back in 2011, in the early days of Twickerati we asked you to name the best places in Twickenham for curry, Italian food and such like. And you replied. We can’t remember what you said but you definitely said it. It’s now 2018 and it’s time to ask again.  God’s Own Outer London Suburb (that’s Twickenham btw) has no shortage of places to eat but there’s a high a turnover too. Remember Chicago Ribshack’s brief visit to our fair town? Remember da Vinci’s on Heath Road? Remember when there was that Mongolian BBQ thing on Richmond Road? Of course you don’t. In other cases some popular longstanding businesses have closed, by which we mainly mean Arthur’s on the Green and Jun Ming.

Eating al fresco in Church Street

So, where’s good right now? There are plenty of places to choose from, some are chains, others independently run and of course there is no shortage of places to get a chicken tikka masala if that’s your thing. Indian, Thai, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Vietnamese and ‘pub’ all feature. We’re not entirely sure what the term ‘fine dining’ means (other than ‘overrated’) but we also know there’s not a huge amount of it in Twickenham. Here it’s more of a ‘go out, have a drink, get some decent food with some decent company’ kind of a place. There’s plenty of choice. If you’re into terms like ‘Modern British’ or ‘fusion’ then you might struggle a bit although the recent addition of M Bar & Grill opposite the station is probably at that more interesting end of the spectrum. You can enjoy a wagyu rib-eye for £100 or simply enjoy the “fish & (not) chips” where £18.50 buys you cod, potato emulsion, tartare, salad and crispy oyster. Yes, emulsion.

Heath Road restaurant, Salt Flakes

And then there are some places where we eagerly look forward to hearing if anyone has been in them yet. Tell us about it.

Meanwhile for those who think food hygiene is important, you might want to take a peek at the ratings on the Food Standard Agency’s website. In a system where a score of 5 (‘very good’) is the best and zero (‘urgent improvement necessary’) the worst we’re helpfully providing a link here to those local places which score 2 or less.  Things change and the gradings cover various categories but we’ll let you follow that up yourselves if you want. We’re here to ask what’s good. Or maybe you’re a TripAdvisor kind of a person where you get swayed by a review written by someone who says they eat at that place all the time, have sampled and loved every dish on the menu but have also reviewed every restaurant from Portsmouth to Perth as well. All tip top too!

York Street restaurants Atithi & Gurkha’s Inn

What do we like here at Twickerati HQ? To provide some food for thought we’ll suggest that the following should be worthy of consideration. Unfortunately none of them yet serve quail bon bons with basil gel topped with a horseradish sorbet (done two ways) and but we like them nevertheless.

Masaniello – Church Street. Decent pizzas and a selection of authentic Italian dishes. Friendly service and a good atmosphere whether you eat inside or out.

Thai at The Albert – A pub? With good beer and good Thai food? Yes please.

The Gurkha’s Inn – Some delicious Nepalese dishes to complement the usual suspects that you’d expect to find on a curry house menu. Eat in or take away. Or do both.

But you can’t take our word for it, we need to hear the views from real locals not ‘review bots’. Get to it.