High tides flooding Twickenham riverside are not exactly a new thing. In fact they tend to occur with a certain degree of regularity thanks to things like the moon. Rainfall can help a bit too. Science, eh?

Flooded. Car on Embankment
[pic courtesy of Twickenham Riverside Park @TwRiversidePark ]
What has made the recent round of high tides more interesting than most is that they come at a time when Richmond Council is pushing ahead with a Riverside scheme that would have an entrance to an “under-podium” car park on the section of Embankment that regularly floods. It’s not surprising that the Environment Agency had concerns about the flood risk in El Brute’s plans as they currently stand. Furthermore, the car park behind Santander which can be used as an option to get away from the flooding will disappear as an ‘escape route’ under the plans. The result? Recent high tides have seen people driving the wrong way up Water Lane to avoid the water (although the previously locked gates have now been re-opened). Some serious re-working of that aspect of the scheme is required.

As usual, better flood warnings are also needed but whether they would have convinced this particular driver that their car cannot operate with an engine full of water is another matter entirely. We’d like to say ‘there’s always one” but it does look as if ‘there’s always some’. Here’s what we found on Twitter….







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