Station Road Twickenham. Monday 12th February. Evening. A car clips a parked vehicle and ends up on its roof. Local police report that no one was injured and that witnesses say the car was not speeding.

Overturned car, Station Road, TW1

Drivers often take that stretch of road too fast and with St Richard Reynolds College just around the corner there are times of the day when the pavements there are busy with children walking to and from school. This incident highlights the risks associated with seemingly innocuous ‘accidents’. Although it does not appear to be caused by the ‘dangerous’ corner by The Albany pub, it is another example of flipping cars on our streets. Thankfully most incidents have not resulted in serious injuries but that’s not always the case. In January a woman died after being hit by a car at a bus stop in St Margarets.

Dodgy corner by The Albany

Recent flips have occurred in Heath Road and near Strawberry Hill station and, very close to this latest incident, a car drove into a wall on Station Yard by the Albany. We can but wonder how a car can overturn on streets where low speed and cautious driving should be the order of the day but here’s @twickerman with a quick reminder.

Take care people, however you’re getting around..

Take note El Brute. Maybe it’s time to talk a bit more about safety on Twickenham’s streets.