Ahoy Twickenham. Your help is required.  This is the bit where I ask you to show your support for twickerati by giving money… to someone else entirely.

If you like what you read here (or at least find it vaguely useful) or follow twickerati on social media then I hope you’ll make a donation to SPEAR, the Twickenham based charity helping homeless people in south west London. Oh and I’m running in the London Marathon for added motivation in supporting the SPEAR cause.


Apart from things like a day job, a family and updating twickerati with Twickenham related news, I also find time to run a bit. A long held running goal of mine has been to take on the London Marathon. This April I finally have the chance to do that and help a fantastic and vital local charity at the same time. Double bubble!


Running on a flooded towpath!


I am raising funds for SPEAR, the charity based in central Twickenham. Its mission is to enable homeless people in south west London to find secure accommodation and work towards a positive future. As well as brokering accommodation, SPEAR also provides support for its clients to address mental health, addiction and relationship difficulties and build the skills necessary to live independently.

In 2017 SPEAR marked its 30th Anniversary. It’s an impressive achievement but also a necessary one. The issue of homelessness continues to affect many vulnerable people and SPEAR’s services are as relevant and important today as when the charity was founded back in 1987.

So, if you enjoy reading twickerati whether on the blog, Twitter or Facebook then I’d be hugely grateful if you could support me in my marathon effort and make a donation to SPEAR to help it continue its work. You could always think of it as your subscription to being part of the great twickerati community!

And if you’re a local business and fancy making a donation we’d be very happy to discuss giving some publicity on this site. Email twickerati@gmail.com for info.

Any donation, large or small, would mean a lot to me but it will mean so much more to those who need it most.


Thank you very much for your support. Russell