Jan 2018: The mass debate over the future of Twickenham Riverside rumbles ever onwards. The planning application is still live and although the official consultation period seems to be over it’s still possible to make comments on LBRuT’s grand ‘New Heart for Twickenham’ scheme, Fleming’s Folly, Fort Riverside, call it what you will. In fact, recent days have seen a flurry of comments arriving on the Council planning page.

LBRuT’s image of Riverside Development

As you might expect there have been many negative comments about the scheme – the “move cars away from the prime river front” issue, the scale, the lack of scale of the ‘toytown square’, the missed chance for a whole site approach and so on, but there have been some positive comments too. In fact, the recent surge in comments have mostly been supportive or of the ‘let’s just get on with it’ variety with many of these coming from residents and businesses on Eel Pie Island. Co-incidence or co-ordinated campaign? Dunno. Needless to say the issue remains divisive, which is a shame when just about everyone wants to see the site improved and for Twickenham to have a riverside its residents can be proud of. Does this scheme do that? We’re not convinced.

Embankment Car Park

If you want to make comments then you still can and, if and when the online forms cease to be active, you can always drop the planning peeps a lovely email. As we said last time, any objections need to be made on valid planning grounds if they’re to carry any weight. Layout and density of building; design, appearance and materials; traffic flow; consistency (or lack of) with the wider proposals of the Twickenham Area Development Plan; visual amenity and so on might be the things to pique their interest. Saying “I’d prefer it in blue with no cars” won’t.


Blink & you’ll miss it planning notice

El Brute’s planning page still says a decision is due by 7th March 2018 and so your views can still count if you email them in.





Water lane