Local dog walkers are up in arms… or should that be ‘up in paws’? Probably not as it doesn’t actually make any sense regardless of how long you paw over it.  The issue?  El Brute seems bent on restricting the way dog walkers operate in the borough. Not great if you run a dog walking business. Barking perhaps? We could go on with the puns but we’re sure you can do your own.

Dogs: In happier times

At present licensed dog walkers can take out up to six dogs on their dogging expeditions.  Under plans being pushed at Richmond Council this number would be cut from six to four. The exception would be where specific licences were issued for a few walkers to take out six dogs but there would only be fifteen such licences. That’s across a borough where there are currently approximately 75 licensed walkers. In short, small scale dog walkers could see their income take a big hit by the new restrictions. There are already plenty of regulations about keeping dogs under control and picking up all that nasty brown stuff. So who’s driving this? We’re not sure but it feels a bit like a solution to a problem that no one knew about.  You can read more about it on a blog here and if you want to make your voice (or your bark) heard then there’s a rally on Twickenham Green on Sunday 10th September at 11.00am. More about that on Twitter.

Are you a victim of over-dogging or is El Brute intent on meddling where no meddling is needed?


Meanwhile, in happier canine related news, Sunday 10th also sees the Kneller Gardens Dog Show. Registration is from 12.30pm and the event starts at 1.00pm. It will include a tug of war, drumming workshop and plenty of doggy fun. We have to say that training dogs to drum and to do a tug of war sounds absolutely fascinating. We can’t wait to see it! Our money’s on the St Bernards. Whichever breed wins it should make for a good afternoon. Expect plenty of prizes, rosettes but not too many conflicted council officials. Oh and apparently there are duck races too. It’s all getting a bit surreal so we’re going to paws this piece right here.


Kneller Gardens Dog Show