Vince Cable

Twickenham’s MP Sir Vince Cable has become leader of the Liberal Democrats after no other candidates stood against him. He has previously served as deputy leader of the party and in the cabinet of the Conservative Lib Dem coalition from 2010 t0 2015. Having first become Twickenham’s MP in 1997, Cable was deposed by Conservative Tania Mathias in the 2015 General Election only to regain his old seat in June of this year. The 74 year old takes over from Tim Farron who stood down after the election. Cable is a vocal Europhile and has said he feared the UK was ‘heading for a disastrous outcome’ over leaving the EU and said he felt there should be an ‘exit from Brexit’.

But what does all this mean for little old Twickenham you cry? etc etc. Probably not a huge amount – less time for constituency matter perhaps – but we wish him well with the new gig. Someone’s got to do it, we suppose.

* BBC News