Vinyl Returns to Twickenham

Exciting times for music lovers in Twickenham! The resurgence of vinyl records (what do you mean you hadn’t heard! Come ON people!) is even reaching the mean streets of downtown ‘Nam.  On Church Street, the former Langtons book store turned short-lived Food Hall is being transformed into a new record store. Under the banner of Eel Pie Records the new business brings something a little bit different to Twickenham whilst also referencing the town’s rich musical heritage. Sounds like a good combination eh?

Kevin sorts out the shop

Co-founder Kevin Jones told twickerati, “We will be full of brand new and quality second hand vinyl and CDs. And damn fine coffee. We’re planning various events like classic album nights, launching new releases, live performances”. Shop staff will also be able to help punters get themselves set up with a new turntable to enjoy that old vinyl magic or just advise on what’s hot. Shoppers, browsers, coffee drinkers and anyone just looking to soak up the atmosphere is welcome to drop by. They might even be interested in your old vinyl if it’s in good nick, although your collection of “Now That’s What I Call Music” compilations might not be what they’re looking for.

Eel Pie Records, Church Street

Kevin and fellow co-founder Phil Penman aren’t new to the local music scene, they’ve been putting on live music events in Twickenham for a few years under the Drumfire Live banner but setting up a record shop has always been an ambition. And now it’s finally happening. Good luck to ’em.

The former bookstore store will also be home to Ricardo’s Cellar, a project of Last Try Wines  head honcho Ricardo Garcia and a Limpopo biltong store.

Eel Pie Records opens on Thursday June 8th. It’s going to be a big day. Why not vote with your feet and get down there to support all of these new ventures.  We’ll namecheck them all again soon in our next High Street Update so look out for that.

Store under transformation


Eel Pie Records
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9 responses to “Vinyl Returns to Twickenham

  1. Benjamin Makins

    Yeh!! Bloody brilliant. I actually bought a new turntable last week to play my old and new vinyl. Try some of the new heavy duty vinyl. Sounds excellent run thorough a half way decent separates set up and good speakers. Given they are selling wine, coffee and biltong too, maybe it should be called One Stop, like the famous record store that existed in Richmond and Soho and where a certain Mr Reginald Dwight,who graced this parish at the weekend, used to work. Good luck. Shame, can’t be there at the opening.

  2. Good luck with this bold new venture. We look forward to visiting soon

  3. lesley christiane

    Great News a new shop that’s not a chain and an original idea..and on the wave of the vinyl upsurge in popularity..such a unique sound and social pleasure to share real records with friends….makes you listen more..Good luck Guys…………………….from all the vinyl lovers at Twickenham Jazz Club..we’ll be there….

  4. Boss

    Good to hear they’re planning live sets, definitely should help get some punters in. If I was being picky, I’d suggest it’s not the most original name and might make folk think it specialises in music linked to Eel Pie’s musical heritage.

    But what do I know – if you’d asked me, I’d have said “Virgin” was a rubbish name for a record shop too.

  5. Gaynor Phillips

    Yay, very excited to visit on opening day!

  6. illiad1

    Yes, I have friends who swear by the much better quality of vinyl… 😀

  7. Micio

    Nobody uses vinyl now. I suspect this new shop will last as long as a glade plug in.

    • Dr NHS

      Quite the contrary, Micio.
      Vinyl has made a massive comeback – in part because of the retro chic but also because album artwork just looks too squashed on a tiny little CD. Purists argue that the truly analogue sound of vinyl always beats the digitalisarion of CDs (Neil Young is emphatic on the subject). Every HiFi store has turntables in the window because they are making a comeback.
      Also, we were sold CDs as the white heat of technological revolution and all that, it being enmphasised that they were tremendously durable, not like those fusty old LPs etc only to find that they scratched just as easily as the LPs they replaced, if not more so.
      I wish them the best of luck and I hope it will be a roaring success.

    • So wrong! When I had a good vinyl hifi setup I had music on all the time, with CDs less so, with mp3s even less. Best of luck to them, spread the word!

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