Pic of the Week: Potter Lives!

It’s not totally new news but in case you missed this on Twitter, we can reveal that Harry Potter is alive and well and living in Twickenham. In your face, muggles! And if you’re wondering where Diagon Alley is, it links Lion Road to Marsh Farm Road.

We say, “Nice work” to whoever did this. Or maybe just, “Wizard!”


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4 responses to “Pic of the Week: Potter Lives!

  1. Steve P

    Isn’t this where rugby fans say “expelliarmus!” to their bladders in vast numbers on match days?

  2. Boss

    If you look closely at the sign, there’s some initials and a hint as to why someone made the effort to put it up. But nice to keep a bit of mystery about the whole thing.

    Good effort, whoever!

  3. Alan Winter

    Magic! Diagon Alley is where the young trainee wizards go to buy their wands and owls etc before going on to Hogwarts School. Please don’t ask how I know this!

    • illiad1

      Oh, Alan, alan…. I think only those living IN that alley may be the only ones that do not know…. 🙂

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