Farewell to Florist as Station Development Gets Underway

Solum’s ‘regeneration’ of Twickenham station will finally get going in the next few weeks. Sort of. This was the development that dithered and dallied but was then definitely going to take place after the Rugby World Cup back in 2015. It’s now 2017 and, true to their word and the very passing of time itself, it still is definitely after the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

It’s been a long wait. The process will see preparatory work take place before and a new station building goes up and the construction of new residential blocks. Think several years’ worth of work.

Peter the florist – moved on

One of the by-products of the project is that  we say goodbye to the Puccino cafe outside the station, the ABC newsagent and Peter the Florist whose “Two bunches for five fifty therrrrre” has been a regular refrain outside the station for many years. And of course, who can forget the fateful day when prices went up 10% taking those all important two bunches from “a fiver, therrrre” to “five fifty”?

No bunches for five fifty!

Although the development itself can hardly be news to anyone let alone the traders affected – it’s been ‘almost happening’ for years – the word is that Peter was given just one week’s formal notice to vacate. Hmmm. Assuming that’s correct that’s not great Solum. His pitch is within Solum’s development boundary and perhaps they were not obliged to offer alternatives either.  And what of Richmond Council? El Brute’s Pamela Fleming tweeted that, “Our licensing officers are proactive in helping him relocate”.  That’s good, although one might wonder why nothing had been finalised with only days to go before the deadline.  Peter’s most likely destination is Teddington but at least one option in Twickenham has been explored.  Surely there must be one spot in the town where he could continue selling to local shoppers and commuters?

ABC News – closed

Hoardings are due to go up soon (note the blue marker lines on the pavement) and a building site created. Strange to think that the old sorting office site opposite has been almost fully rebuilt in the years that the station development has not been happening. Funny old world innit?

* Richmond Council Page on Twickenham Station Development

* Sign up for updates from Solum on the construction sheme


And finally. Thanks for the memories….


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13 responses to “Farewell to Florist as Station Development Gets Underway

  1. Annie

    So sad to see Peter the Florist last day when got off the train. His flowers were great and so was he. Won’t be the same commuting.

  2. illiad1

    It seems links are not wanted… :{(
    full plans at 11/1443/NMA6

  3. David

    No way it was “therrre”. Listen to the recording!”

  4. Twickerman

    Way back in the pre-teenies (or 2011 tbp) our lordy leader promised the station development would be finished BEFORE the Rugby World Cup.
    So, sad as it is to see Peter go, he’s been fortunate to have a long long stay of execution.
    Good by nowwwwwww, or should that be goodbye therrrrrrrre!

    • illiad1

      AFAIR, If we had not protested about a 10 or 12 floor ugly monolith, it MAY have been ready…

      and I do think the delay may have been to reduce extra traffic – there was **plenty** enough delays due to BIG lorries supplying the sorting office site…

  5. Alan Winter

    At my age I will find lifts very helpful to get up and down from the platforms at last. Therefore I welcome that bit of the development. Should have happened years ago. Surely it is not beyond the wit of man to allocate Peter a temporary pitch with some decent footfall somewhere on the manor? If you globalize and street cleanse everything it won’t be an enjoyable world to live in will it? Bring back village England – or have I simply lived too long!

    • Twickerman

      I’m afraid you’ll have to be patient. The lifts aren’t gonna be up & running before 2020.
      Until then you’ll have to climb up & down the platform footbridge steps to get to platforms 4&5 from the temporary ticket office in the car park.
      The rusty bridge/pigeon home will be demolished. Instead, there’ll be a nice new scaffold bridge between the platforms as well as the newish grey one.
      Apparently Solum are gonna put stannah lifts on the grey footbridge but if they’re like the current one they’ll be permanently out of order/unattended.
      I’m sure it’ll all be finished eventually and we’ll wonder how we ever managed without the 8 & 9 storey tower blocks blighting the ‘Gateway to Twickenham’ skyline alongside Travelodge.

    • illiad1

      Until 2020 or later then, it bus to Richmond station, where they DO have lifts! 🙂 I guess the new ‘retail units’ will be unaffordable too!! 😦 😦 😦

    • Twickerman

      There’ll certainly be lots of replacement buses to Richmond!
      There are two station closure weekends in June, so you’ll be able to enjoy free bus rides.

    • illiad1

      Twickerman, you only get replacement buses if its not possible to get on the train, not if you cannot use stairs… 😛

    • Twickerman

      If you can’t use stairs, take train from platform3 to richmond and use their lifts. .
      Alternatively, burrow under tracks or use stair lift.
      Simples 😉

  6. Diane

    Omg, I’ve have been trying to figure out what he has been a saying for a year now! Why ‘therrre’ and not ‘herrre’. I can die in peace now that I know what he has been saying.

    • Having previously thought it was “noowwwwww”, one day your humble correspondent asked him to confirm precisely what it was and Peter exclusively revealed to twickerati that the word was in fact “therrrrrre”. True story.