Twickenham Decides… Again

9th May

In more candidate news:

Labour have announced their their candidate in Twickenham will be Katherine Dunne. She works at NPL in Teddington and lives in Hounslow where she’s also a Labour Councillor and Cabinet Member for Housing.  According to the Labour Party website she believes that a “reckless Brexit should be resisted” and will be “campaigning on the issues that matter most to local people”.

Meanwhile after the recent local ‘progressive alliance’ meeting the Green Party has announced that its candidates for Twickenham and Richmond Park will stand aside. The Greens have endorsed Liberal Democrat candidates Vince Cable and Sarah Olney in the two constituencies. The Green Party says it has much that it does agree on with the Lib Dems including holding “similar views on stopping ‘blank cheque’ Brexit, and  Heathrow Expansion”. Tactical stuff eh?


27th April…

In candidate news:

In addition to Tania Mathias (Conservative) and Vince Cable (Liberal Democrat), the Green Party has announced that its candidate for Twickenham will be first-timer Caroline Wren. The local Labour Party office has said that it will have announced its candidate by next week. There is no news yet on whether UKIP intend to field a candidate in Twickenham.

In neighbouring Richmond Park, Zac Goldsmith will be the Conservative Party candidate, returning to the fold after resigning over Heathrow expansion and then getting beaten by Sarah Olney of the Liberal Democrats when standing as an Independent in the subsequent by-election. Andree Frieze will be the Green Party candidate.


Meanwhile all this talk of so-called Progressive Alliances and tactical voting has manifested itself locally in the form of a meeting planned for 3rd May in Richmond. The local Green Party has invited members of “all progressive parties – and of none or the non-aligned” to a meeting to “discuss the options for ensuring centre-left politicians win or retain seats” in five local constituencies including Twickenham and Richmond Park.  Will a spirit of enlightenment and co-operation emerge or will party interests be hard to break down, as in “You’re very welcome to stand aside in favour of our candidate”.   The panelists will come from a range of parties and groups. It’s not yet known if the Judean People’s Front or the People’s Front of Judea will be attending.


19th April…

In June 2016 Twickenham said “Bremain” but the Nation said “We’d Bretter Brileave It”.  With a clear majority in favour of leaving the EU (a whopping 52% versus a measly 48%) the nation is united like never before. So bloody united in fact that the best way to show that national unity is by having a general election on June 8th. Hurrah! More voting, more punditry, more analysis. It’s clearly a dig at all those people who thought this country already had too many experts and too many polls.

Here in Little Ol’ Twickenham we’ll get to have our say too and send a message straight to the very heart of Westminster, wherever the hell that is.  In the last general election way back in May 2015 longstanding Liberal Democrat incumbent Vince Cable was narrowly defeated after a big swing to the Conservatives and their candidate Tania Mathias. Labour trailed in third with UKIP and the Greens following some way back.  A couple of other blokes stood too.

Although pollsters are suggesting an increased Tory majority in Parliament, Tania Mathias’ own 2,000 vote majority looks quite slender. Just two years into the job and she’ll be defending her seat already. The Liberal Democrats have announced that Vince Cable will again be their candidate which means we are treated to a re-match of the 2015 battle. Will voters turn it into a re-run of the EU referendum? Will tactical voting play a part? Will UKIP bother to field a candidate in Twickenham now the nation’s voted to leave the EU? Will twickerati and gardening get a mention in the pages of Private Eye again? All good questions. Or maybe not.

Scores on the doors, 2015 style. (From Wikipedia)

We’ll bring you the full list of candidates when we know it but we think it’s fair to say they will all oppose Heathrow expansion and will all want ‘the best deal for Britain’ when it comes to negotiating with the EU.

In the meantime, here are the two front runners…

Vince Cable

Tania Mathias

Good luck Twickenham! And remember, Vote Early, Vote Often.


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220 responses to “Twickenham Decides… Again

  1. Aaaannnnd we’re done! Thanks for the comments so far but in the interests of preserving the sanity of the posters here, and indeed Twickenham as a whole, this thread is now locked for new comments. Whether that’s a popular choice, it’s probably ‘for the best’. One thing’s for sure, we won’t be having a vote on the decision.

  2. demokrat

    Oh dear, Tory Blair is back, forget Brexit, now the country could really be in trouble!!

    • Alexis

      For those who are still in any doubt, please have a look at Demokrats most recent post. It really is quite revealing.

  3. A. Robot (Mrs)

    Oh dear. Sorry about below. I’m not trying to outdo others in space wastage and just meant to paste the bloody link!
    Technology, eh?

    [EDITOR: Now replaced with a a link direct to a version of the story]

    • demokrat

      Oh Dear Dirty Dems again….. can’t you just talk about the election without all these insults, please stick to the point. Oh no I forgot you can’t, you’re Lib Dem, so let’s talk about them for a change…….
      “be wicked, act shamelessly, stir endlessly”, “advises candidates to “exaggerate” claims and to use a range of other negative campaigning tactics”, “you can secure support from voters who normally vote Tory by being effectively anti-Labour and similarly in a Tory area secure Labour votes by being anti-Tory.”
      This is from strategy guide titled Effective Opposition only available to Lib-Dem members – Published by the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors (ALDC)

      “What this publication shows is that the incidents uncovered can’t just be dismissed as the ill-judged actions of the occasional ‘bad apple’, but are instead symptomatic of broader, rotten attitudes to democracy”. Just a few examples………..

      Lib Dems in Cornwall were forced to make a formal apology after using a highly offensive obscene term to describe an opposition councillor ahead of last year’s county council and Euro elections.

      A Lib Dem councillor in Sussex has been forced to apologise for misleading voters during last year’s county council elections

      Liverpool Lib Dems in ‘ban on children’ smear
      The activities of the Lib Dems in one Liverpool ward is something of a case study of the party’s brand of local-level negative campaigning, misleading claims and false accusations against their political rivals

      Right from the top
      Senior Lib Dem accused of Nazi slur over ‘skinhead’ William Hague
      When it comes to highly personal attacks against their political opponents, local Lib Dems clearly take their lead from the very top. Back in September, it was revealed that the senior Liberal Democrat MP and former leadership contender Chris Huhne had been planning a “Nazi slur” against Conservative foreign affairs

      There are lots and lots and lots more, just the tip of the iceberg, Mrs Robot and we don’t need to worry about the ink, now do we!!

      Really I can’t be bother to carry on, unless invited, because it is so very sad that the only way the Lib Dems can get votes nowadays is by trying to appeal to a relatively smaller number of anti-democratic disgruntled EU Remainers.
      Good luck on that!!

  4. A. Robot (Mrs)

    Remainers, Leavers and the Terminally Confused should all find this interesting/appalling/terrifying/amusing (if only for the ketchup bit). Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’s leaked account of May/Juncker meeting and reactions to leak (nb Juncker is said to have a taste for the booze)

    TWICKERATI EDITOR: Replacing the previous long Twitter link with one directly to the story. Whether this is the ‘best’ or ‘most accurate’ version, who knows, but it’s ‘a version’.

  5. Sally

    So far we have only had the Conservative leaflets through the door. Did they get a few days’ tip off to make it to the
    printers first ?
    Are the other parties frantically looking for their own photos of representatives shaking hands with locals, leaning against the riverside railings, sporting high vis jackets? Usually by now we would be knee deep in such flyers.

    • ‘Did they get a few days’ tip off to make it to the
      printers first ?’ – No, no-one but no-one was trusted to keep the secret.

      ‘Usually by now we would be knee deep . . ’ – hardly – the campaign only started, officially, on Thursday and runs for 6 weeks – a long time for a British election. Most electors will ignore it as far as they can untll the start of week 5 or 6 (particularly if there’s to be no leaders’ debate) so there’s no point in putting out a flood of stuff at the start, which will be binned.

      Both the Tories and the Lib Dems put out a quick ‘flying start’ leaflet before the official start, as best they could in the time available. Today I’ve received the 2nd Lib Dem leaflet, Vince’s election address but not the bundle I would expect to deliver – it may be that we are getting so many volunteers from out of borough that they’ve done it for me.

    • Sally

      You are right, I spoke too soon, leaflets through the door just now.

  6. demokrat

    Does anybody here actually believe and trust that politicians from any party would ever put real people, you know you and your neighbours, first?

    Ahead of their party, ahead of treasury tax coffers, ahead of big business, ahead of they mates and ahead of their own personal bias, so that the people come higher than 6th in reality on their list of priorities?

    Because real people would and should be the priority, its all our country and if policy isn’t being made for us, who it really being made for?

    • Sally

      Ok, ok Mr Edwards we understand your laborious strap line. The People Need , you know, a party headed by your good self which will really , really be independent of everything including rational thought. (easier in a single person party)
      That taken with your attempt to attatch rude handles to posters’ names and claim to be the only one who can be trusted to know What Is Going On suggests rather too much time at certain Trumpish websites.
      Please, please don’t get into claiming standing as A Scientist again. We will have to stand up to you , you will threaten legal action be trounced, withdraw and come back as if nothing has happened. Let’s take it all as read. That is the umpteenth time you have tried to publicise your unique political views/party. on this site.

      “Real people”- as opposed to Daleks? Plant cuttings?

    • demokrat

      Oh Sal, please don’t get all babyish again, I like you better when you are attempting to be coherent. Attempts at personal insults are now very old, Please stick to the topic and answer the question. Yes or no will do!!

      And if you think me supporting real democracy, where people make the decisions is irrational, it would seem that you are best suited to join your mate Fallon, Kim Jong-in and the mind police in some kind of totalitarian FSS – “Fascist Sally State”.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Arse-wibble, Mr D, pure arse-wibble. Unworthy of serious consideration, I’m afraid.
      Total arse-wibble.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      The above was intended to relate to the 11.33 post. On the other hand, it seems applicable to all your posts so please regard it as my response to all past and future ‘demokrat’ posts until further notice.

    • Alexis

      Hello everyone,
      I have popped back briefly to offer a bit of advice to those who are, yet again, confronting Demokrap aka Barry Edwards of the nascent Enact party. My suggestion is simple – Ignore him!
      Chris Squire described him as misguided and harmless – he is. This is his only forum and, given the ratio of thumbs up to down, he has about 10 likes vs 400+ dislikes. Most normal people would get the message – clearly Demokrap hasn’t yet seen the light and probably never will.
      It takes all sorts but this one seems to need conflict so why not starve him of it? He has already wasted too much of your time and energy.

    • Sally

      Hello Alexis! We were hoping you would come by.

    • demokrat

      Alexis, maybe you missed the post from Twickerati, but it ask very nicely for contributors to stay on topic and drop the senseless personal attacks. If you have anything rational to say, we are all ears.

      And as for your baby twist to my pen name, I will take it that you have no interest at all in democracy!! So if not, which political system do you favour. Fascism, Communism or some other Totalitarian system?

    • Dr NHS

      Dear Demokrat/Barry
      I don’t think it’s a straightforward choice between Freedom and Obedience, as you suggest. There is also (and I think it is the most effective) Co-operation.

    • demokrat

      Wow Dr NHS, that is the most sensible thing I have ever heard you post. I regard co-operation as freedom. But this is always a 2 way street.

    • Dr NHS

      Dear Demokrat/Barry Edwards,
      I agree, co-operation is a two way street. It involves compromise on both sides to co-operate. After a bit, more people do a small bit of compromising and join in. Someone particularly good at summarising the collective, compromise, position volunteers to to be elected to present that position to other, as yet undecided people in the hope that they can compromise a bit and join in. That big, compromise group is called a ‘political party’ and the people presenting the co-operatively derived, compromise view are called ‘politicians’. We are currently being asked to choose which of these strategies we can most co-operate/compromise with, the most currently popular in this area being those of the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrat party (although there are others on offer).
      I don’t think that now, in this place, is the time for theorising about your radically different mode of government. The plain truth is that it’s not currently on offer and none of the declared candidates are suggesting it.
      Shall we try to confine ourselves, please, to considering which of the current offers for prospective MP seems the best bet for the future of this constituency and which party the best bet for the future of the country it is placed within.
      My dillemma is that, for me, these two don’t match up.

    • demokrat

      Dr NHS, sorry this is a long post, I am trying to cut down, but you did ask many very important questions.

      I disagree that the compromising and working together group is a political party. These are failed salespeople that make their own manifesto, then try and flog it to the public, I should know, I have been involved with this in several of these parties. None of the political parties ever asks local residents for their input for instance asking “what would you like for your local area”??

      So my compromising and co-operating group is the public itself, no party members, no members party manifesto and no sales pitch. Of course we have ideas and can put these forward to help decision making, but these ideas are formulated directly from the responses of voters, NOT party members. The direct digital mechanism for this is being developed now.

      We are asking people to ignore these old style parties and claim power for themselves – the voter, by themselves for themselves, doing away with party bias and the exploitation of them by these political tricksters.

      I agree that Enact is not ready for this election, it was rather unexpected, but it will be ready shortly and we are working hard to be able to offer a real and meaningful alternative to the old broken system.

      But for the here and now, Enact’s view is that if the EU question was a local one, then I would vote to Remain (even if this was against my own view), because this was majority in Richmond and Twickenham. (Nobody bats an eyelid when a Richmond Borough Councillor is voted in by just 1 vote out of 4,000 in a ward, its how elections work). But it was actually a national referendum and therefore by its very nature every person that believes in democracy has to consider the overall UK figures which was 52% Leave and 48% Remain as your democratic guide (and there was 1,269,501 votes difference). So in this undeniable case, I would vote for the UK majority, as this is the only rational conclusion that supports the democratic vote, from a properly held ballot.

      The only party supporting this democratic vote is Tory, so that’s who we will support, but only in this case, because it respected the referendum. The other parties don’t understand democracy and have staged huge attacks against the referendum and therefore against the people of this country, to try and force their authoritarian own way on the public!!

      There are of course many other important considerations over and above the EU referendum, such as the national debt, pubic services, quality of life, resource allocation etc etc. On these again the public has not been asked and never will be until Direct Democracy is in place. On these issues the Labour party, Lib Dems, Greens and SNP are in disarray. So the only sensible choice for the country at this time again is Tory.

      All the predicted catastrophes of “this being the end of western civilisation as we know it (Cameron, 2016), we will lose all trade with Europe, if we lose access to the single market (Lib Dems) etc etc, has not and will never happen, it is lies, lies and more lies. I have studied world resources for 30 years, countries need to trade with each other to survive and will continue to do so, despite how individual, or conglomerated countries administer themselves. This is just an economic fact.

      So it is easy for me and all Demokrats to know that until we are ready, we have to support the party that supports the national consensus from the referendum and is in a position to protect the national interests – as this represents the will of the people. This currently is Tory.

      All the other voices/parties are either sour grapes, or anti-democratic authoritarians that wish to exploit people. I hope that helps.

    • Sally

      Demokrat/ Barry, have pity on us.
      Wading through your spiel you seem to be asserting that:
      1.No other party knows the will of the people or speaks the truth
      2.You do
      3.Therefore, to vote for you would be do some thing quite different than voting for any other party.
      4.Everybody else is bad or blnd and only you can see.
      5.Especially the baddies who seem to be more clever or accomplished.
      6.The Will of the People bit does not apply when told to push off or put a sock in it.

      Got it. No need to restate.

    • demokrat

      No Sally not got it, direct democracy is different because it asks and accepts what the voters say, its not my view. The point is, it gives PEOPLE nationally or locally what they actually ask for. Got it, this short and clear enough for you??

      How are you going to “be wicked, act shamelessly, stir endlessly” on this?

    • Sally

      Sorry Demokrat/Edwards you are still blithering. Glad you suggest asking (your capitals) PEOPLE – as opposed to? .?Frogs? Dogs? Bits of,wood?
      You,do seem to be in a state of foaming paranoia about some sort of lib dem conspiracy against your immortal words.. It is possible,to find your stuff silly without any need for conspiring. Only clear thinking and a sense of the ridiculous is needed.

    • Dr NHS

      Dear Barry/Demokrat.
      Could you perhaps save us all from further details of ENACT’s principles and proposed implementation plan until such time as you/it are actually standing in any election, anywhere ? You/it will have had more time to flesh things out and a more substantial offering as a result.
      I think we all have the idea now. Repeating it again and again to us just uses up column inches on this site which might better be used by others to discuss those who are actually candidates.
      Soon we will have manifestos from the major and minor parties, so more to discuss and a need for space to discuss it in. I’m keen to see the minor party offerings as (and you might appreciate this) I think small parties often have some good ideas.

    • demokrat

      Sally, as you are a Lib Dumb you would say that. I have posted proof of the LIb Dems strategy at the top of the tread, so believe it or not, it is fact. And it is only people that think they are level-headed that are delusional, its call self-prophecy, so keep listening to yourself, because Sally completely agrees with everything you say!!

      And Doc NHS, you Sally, Ex Twickenham Resident and Boss have made this forum toxic, to all but a few who take a risk by writing a post. You rubbish everyone and everything, There is absolutely no chance of a proper debate here, so don’t expect the candidates any time soon. And don’t worry about anyone taking your precious column inches, because there won’t be a huge crush to post, as all of you Lib Dems are anti-social and disrespectful.

  7. Enough (too much) of fretting about UKIP, irrelevant to Twickenham’s electors. Read instead the latest jeremiad from St Vince ‘Cassandra’ Cable and make up your minds whether he’s right:

    Brexit could trigger worse crash than 2008, says Vince Cable – Liberal Democrat former business secretary launches election bid with warning of dire consequences of leaving EU without a good deal

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      1.Oddly enough, the world doesn’t end at Richmond Bridge, Mr Squire.
      2. And is the 2008 crash that Vince refers to, the same one that you and your coalition chums spent 5 years telling us was caused single-handedly by Labour(amazing how a little country can bring about a world recession, isn’t it)?

    • demokrat

      Look at this from your lovely fluffy Lib Dems:

      And what about this?

      An apology is still outstanding from Richmond & Twickenham Lib Dems and Vince Cable for this insult.

    • Not Ex-Twickenham Resident (who is not playing anymore)
    • RiversideVoter

      I don’t think you have to be Cassandra to work out that this is a massive act of economic self harm. All those Twickenham residents who work in the industries that enable UKPLC to earn its living in the world know full well how important the EU and its networks and frameworks are for Science, technology, financial services, the creative industries and the knowledge economy which is why the constituency voted 70% to Remain.

      The problem is that whilst some indulge in dogma and tribal loyalty / paranoia, the Tories in morphing into blue kip are quietly dismantling all those policies that were put forward by more liberal regimes, including the tories, in the past. Not only will the likes of May and Boris, and Farage, not suffer financially at the hands of an economic crisis but it will give them an excuse to reduce the state still further. As an example you can look up how the cuts are affecting local schools here, type in your postcode and it will click through to the site.

      As well as being shocking it reveals some disturbing patterns. Take St Stephens, it is shocking enough that it will lose £271 per pupil equivalent to 3 teachers but Worple School just over the A316 whose pupils have far higher levels of disadvantage, and whose parents are less likely to vote Tory are facing cuts of £808 per pupil (5 teachers). St James’s which has one of the lowest percentage of pupils on Free School meals (1%)in the country loses £172 per pupil, whilst Stanley next door with 10% loses £274 ( 6 teachers)

    • Mrs AR: 1: Agreed – however this is a ‘hyper-local blog’* and this thread is about the Twickenham contents so it should stick to the serious contenders in that race – Cable vs. Mathias. Chuntering on about the world in general crowds out posts about the election here and discourages others from contributing.

      2: it’s no use banging about the past and the unfairness of how all the blame was heaped onto the Labour Party – nobody cares a hoot. Politics is a rough old game and it is quite usual for a simple lie to win out over complicated truth. Look to the future, to what your party will do and say when the Brexit bill is presented to the unprepared British people. Which side will it be on then?

      * ‘ . . And, when we say local Twickenham website we really do mean local – we’re talking TW1 and TW2 thanks very much. It’s all about the ‘hyperlocal’ these days… apparently . . ‘

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Mr Squire
      1. You don’t know who ‘my party’ is.
      2. The coalition ended less than 2 years ago (though you’re honest enough to concede your party’s ‘lie’).
      3. This election, in this constituency, will (like most) not be decided on (hyper)local issues. The greater national question of our membership of the EU is the reason it’s been called and the battleground on which it will be fought, particularly in Remain Tory marginals like this.
      The Lib Dems have an authentic history of being pro-Europe and will, I hope, succeed in Twickenham because of that. I’m not sure that your attitude is helping. Nor have I noticed you actually raising any relevant (hyper)local issues here yourself

    • Riverside Voter

      Mrs A I do think that what has transpired since the last election, and especially since June, suggests that Conservatives held on an even slightly shortened rein during the coalition, was not actually a bad thing. In comparison to May and her Brexiteer right wing I find myself feeling slightly warm and fuzzy towards politicians that previously had me throwing things at the television / radio, even the Cameron Clegg bromance. In fact just to show how low my threshoId has sunk as a result of May, Loathsome and the rest I even find myself appreciating Thatcher. I may not have liked what she did but at least she had a plan and the ability to implement it. I feel sure that she is turning in her grave at the sheer incompetence shown by her party in the last year……

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      I know what you mean, R.V.
      It’s come to something when you find yourself in the same camp as Michael Heseltine, Jeremy Clarkson, George Osborne, Jeremy Hunt, Nicky Morgan, Richard Branson and Simon Cowell. And when you feel like applauding a passionate (it’s all relative) speech from 50 shades of grey, John Major.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      ‘The opposite (OF POPULISM) is therefore class or faith or interest or nativist based politics’ ?????
      This must be a mis-type, I think

    • Alexis

      Whilst everyone is entitled to a point of view, would it be possible to request that posters limit themselves to a number of words – say 250? The latest polemic from Demokrat is interminably long and repetitive. As a result it is virtually unreadable and therefore pointless – I wonder how many of your other readers persevered to the end? – I ran out of will power after the second paragraph.

      The R&TT used to have a suggested limit which worked well, sadly, it’s now little more than an advertising rag – does anyone get it delivered any more? We don’t. Last week’s edition had a couple of pages of long winded letters from charities or educational bodies plus one from someone called Chris Key extolling the virtues of St Vince who had sorted out his daughter’s educational problems, whereas his MP, Tania Mathias had done nothing. Nowhere did he mention that he is a LibDem activist and prospective PPC. How disingenuous is that? Perhaps Mr Squire has a view?
      That is the sort of tactic I and many others dislike intensely and is one of the many reasons I will vote for Tania again. I voted for Vince when he stood against Toby Jessell and was impressed with him for the first few years, sadly he got a taste for power, backed Williams and Lourie and is not the local MP I want.
      Vince can huff and puff about Brexit as much as he likes, the reality is that unless Labour get a new leadership they are doomed and his protests will be nothing more than yet more wasted LibDem breath.
      PS: Please don’t count these words but I think the rest is under 250!

    • Alexis

      My last post should have popped up here.
      Mea culpa

  8. A. Robot (Mrs)

    A rather worrying YouGov poll just published states:

    ‘A majority of Tory and UKIP voters want Front National candidate Marine Le Pen to win the French presidential election run off next weekend, according to a YouGov poll.
    The pollster asked over 5000 British voters whether they thought it would be better for Britain if Le Pen or centrist opponent Emmanuel Macron becomes French President. The results show:
    29% of Tory voters think it would be better if Le Pen won, compared to 18% for Macron
    49% of UKIP voters think it would be better if Le Pen won, compared to 3% for Macron
    A majority of Labour, Lib Dem and SNP voters think it would be better if Macron won
    Overall 23% of British voters think it would be better if Macron won, compared to 21% for Le Pen’

    The ‘missing’ percentages were ‘Don’t Knows’, which at least is honest……. but possibly even more worrying. A large proportion of British people’s ignorance of European politics is consistent with their ignorance of other European matters it seems.

    • Anonymous

      Are they ignorant? Or do they rather like what Le Pen exemplifies?
      Annie Marie Walters’ selection for UKIP. ,exemplifies just that combination of far right worship and bucket of rocks ignorance. Ex Pegida. Fan of Geert Wilders. And ,seriously, allowed to stand.
      It’s as if the barrel is scraped and we fall through to the bottom of a barrel below.

    • Sally

      (Anonymous was me, not sure what happened there !)

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Farage, as if we’re surprised, has already ‘come out’ for Le Pen. The Daily Mail (‘the voice of middle-class England’) was full of praise for her too after last week’s election result, ‘new Joan of Arc’ etc. The Mail has ‘heritage’ form on this with the present owners’ grandparents being big fans of Hitler and the paper in the 30s having front page headlines proclaiming ‘Hurrah for the Blackshirts!’. Ukip (its leadership, if not necessarily its voters) were always obviously crypto-fascists and, in a way, it’s good to see them being more brazen about it. But a mainstream paper like the Mail? This is normalisation of a very worrying kind.
      I used to fondly believe that ‘progress’ ( ie the evolution of society) was benign, linear and progressive. It seems to be becoming much more clearly cyclical, retrogressive and malign. It needs to be urgently resisted.

    • Sally

      A.Robot, yes we tend to think that society moves towards enlightenment , so watch black and white clips of windows being smashed, shouting dictators and groups being scapegoated and think that that sort of thing couldn’t happen again;people are more intelligent.. Nobody,surely would fall for populism and strutting,” strong leaders”, or say “voice of the people “without thinking hard about who else has used the term and why. The morons who loved being told that sort of rubbish must have died out. Who would risk the World?
      It’s frightening to see that none of it has gone away. The Mail is pretty well the same . The collection of fanatics, fools and failures seizing the opportunity to ride high on populism is definitely the same.
      Worth arguing about even in a little local election when the plausible person arrives at the door to tell you it’s all the migrants fault although (s)he “hasn’t a problem with them”. Poised !

    • demokrat

      I think you should live and let live and let the French, Dutch and Americans get on with their own affairs, we have enough on own plate with our own democratic problems. Guys all this hate speak about other countries politicians, what’s the point? The populations of these countries will decide, not you.

      And you would not believe this, but their are some Twickeratists that actually believe the Lib Dems, Labour, Greens and SNP are better than these foreign politicians they are slagging-off and actually believe our politicians represent people and not just follow their own party interests!! Right !! (the Tories did support the referendum against their own party policy, so a just a little credit due here – but only a bit).

      Look at this from your lovely fluffy Lib Dems:

      This is real, I have actually seen a physical copy of this book. The Lib Dems are worse than Le Pen, Trump, Kim Jong-un multiplied together, they are disgraceful, if you don’t believe me, I encourage you to go a meet Gareth “Red” Roberts and find out for yourself.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Thanks, Mr D, but I think we already had you down as a Trump, Le Pen and Wilders man. And it might come as a surprise to you and your worldview but what happens in other countries does actually affect this country and its people. We occupy the same planet you see. It’s a bit like living in a road in Richmond rather than in a union flag-flying bungalow in the middle of the Kalahari.
      But thanks for pointing out the equivalence between the Lib Dems and Kim Jong-un. I’d never noticed that before. Tim Farron will be worried sick once this gets out.

    • aristophanes

      It has been suggested on this thread before that being rude to the electorate is rather unwise. “Ignorant” is a pretty harsh word. Perhaps the boot may be on the other foot?

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      ‘Ignorant’ means not knowing, having no knowledge of. Are you contesting the suggestion that a large proportion of the UK electorate have little knowledge of European politics?

    • Sally

      Aristophanes, Ignorant is quite different to stupid. It is not an insult. We can argue about what knowledge we do or don’t have with our egos intact.
      For example, a good case could be made out for a section of the electorate having been left ignorant about the full consequences of Brexit or indeed the appaling connections of the far right by dint of the highly biased uncritical media from which they get their information.
      Reading the Mail or Sun I I could have been forgiven for thinking that Le Pen was nothing more than an attractive Strong Leader and the voice of her people, Brexit will mean £350 million a week extra to the NHS , the death or a Syrian refugee toddler was staged , Teresa May is compassionate, UKIP are not racist. and the most important issue when the First Minister of Scotland and the Prime Minister met was the shape of their legs.
      Rigorous investigative journalism and Pulizer prize winning journalists are under a sustained attack from both US and UK alt right who prefer short memories, catchy slogans and alternative facts. You can see it in this website in a microcosm,. I diont think “ignorant” has been the worst insult bandied about.

    • illiad1

      Mrs.A : but then there is ‘blatantly ignorant’ like many London MPs (who never go to the supermarket, just order from Fortnums), who think £1 for a pint of milk is fairly cheap… :/

      Most supermarkets do FOUR pints for a pound..

    • demokrat

      Bot, your comment April 29, 2017 at 1:19 pm really show how ill-informed you really are. First you don’t understand my political position at all. Let me explain and “I will say this only once”, I don’t believe in representational democracy, that means I don’t believe in Trump, Le Pen, Wilder, May, Corbyn, Farron, Nuttall, in fact any of them, because they all lie – fact.

      Second having qualified as a Environmental Scientist, it is rather intellectually stunted of you, to suggest I don’t understand the complex inter-relationships between global system and countries. Where I am different to you, is that I like countries and respect the referendum, so don’t want a EUpean style new soviet block. This conglomeration of the UK into a some kind of Frankenstein United States of EU, has been rejected by the population – so move on.

      Finally and despite the fact that you may not understand it, we are in a huge propaganda war between factions. All the parties are lying (Lib Dems the worst) and this “virtue signalling” from all party political gangs, is not helpful and has to stop. People are far better at making decisions than politicians, so let the people run the country, we no longer need these old fashioned, power hungry, political gangs.

    • Nemesis

      Would anyone care to enlighten me to a definition of what the opposite of ‘populism’ is.

    • Sally

      A rough definition of Populism- is the message that the common people are exploited by a scheming elite/cunning conspirators and therefore require your good self or party to save them and make everything wonderful.
      . This theory has immense flattery value, trades in fear and paranoia and is of course bad news for anybody helpless caught up in the definition of the Elite/schemers.,
      The opposite of that I imagine would be -examining the realities, calling for unity, thinking! Has anybody got a snappier definition?

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      I’ll have a go, Nemesis.
      There’s no single word antonym so you need to look at populism itself to work out what it isn’t. ‘Populism’ has usually been used to characterise political movements which (a) claim to be able to sort out the discontents or aspirations of the mass of ‘the people’. (b) To do this they appeal to the emotions rather than to reason (demagoguery).(c) This requires an extreme simplification of the issues involved and usually this means finding a scapegoat for society’s ills ( see Hitler and the Jews).(d) For all this to work ‘the people’ need to be fed only information which suits the movements aims (so lies and propaganda) (e) Opposition usually needs to be suppressed ‘for the greater good’ of the project.
      (Some of this sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it?)
      So I suppose the opposite of populism would be a recognition of the difficulties of any political or economic situation, an application of reason to a problem, the elevation of facts, informed opinion and expertise over prejudice, misinformation and ignorance.
      That’s a start. I hope others can add more and correct my errors/omissions.

    • Nemsis: OED defines populism:

      ‘< classical Latin . .
      1. The policies or principles of any of various political parties which seek to represent the interests of ordinary people, spec. of the Populists of the U.S. or Russia. Also: support for or representation of ordinary people or their views; speech, action, writing, etc., intended to have general appeal.
      . . 1972 Time 17 Apr. 31/1 Populism is a label that covers disparate policies and passions: among many others, New Deal reforms, consumer rage against business, ethnic belligerence.
      1995 New Republic 10 July 12/1 His creed..consists of a rampant economicism, an elitism disguised as man-in-the-street populism and a knowingness presented as folksiness.’

      The opposite is therefore class or faith or interest or nativist based politics. In practice the term is used very loosely mainly pejoratively to discredit one’s opponents: you are a populist whereas my policies are in the national interest, etc. etc.

    • Nemesis

      So Mrs Robot and Sally, would you describe yourselves as elite or common?
      In my experience everyone in the end acts in their own self interest no matter how they profess otherwise.
      Mrs Robot – your detailed description of populism would describe all political movements IMHO. I don’t believe any particular person or group has a monopoly on truth.
      I have come to the conclusion that you could put people into one of three different groups; those who want to manage other people’s lives (for their own good you understand!), those that like to be managed and those like me who want to be left alone and can manage quite well without all the busybody interference.

    • demokrat

      Nemesis, You are so right, there are only 2 ways in life, obedience, or freedom, I also prefer the later. Live and let live and when do you stand up for freedom, the only people that criticise your views are the ones that want your obedience.

      Well you Lib Dem loonies, freedom is going to win, democracy is something worth standing up for and no end of your efforts to discredit, abuse, or down right lying is going to work.

      Again here is the true face of the Lib Dems.

      Look at this from your lovely fluffy Lib Dems:

      And what about this?

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Sorry, Nemesis, I took your enquiry about populism as a serious question. From your response it is clear that It was simply an elaborate way of giving yourself a chance to say ‘your detailed description of populism would describe all political movements’. Either I failed to make clear what ‘populism’ means or you genuinely can’t see the difference between, on the one hand, the regimes of Hitler, Mussolini, Peron and Berlusconi (and also the ideas of Ukip, Poujadism and Huey Long, George Wallace and Trump) and, on the other hand, the kind of liberal democracy enjoyed by the UK, France, post-war Germany, Holland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
      If the latter is the case then you will find a friend in Mr Demokrat (who I think has already welcomed you, on this blog, to his small but eccentric fold). Well done. He needs all the support he can get.

    • Nemesis

      Firstly it was a serious question and secondly I don’t hold a political allegiance. I would guess Mr. Squire tells the most accurate description, quoting as he does from the dictionary, or perhaps there is no definitive answer and it is merely used as a pejorative term for the opposition.
      You and Sally seem to conflate populism with totalitarianism which is very fashionable these days but I believe to be two separate issues although they can overlap.
      Perhaps you can re-address my question of whether you consider yourself to be one of the wise elite or of the common people.

    • demokrat

      Well populism has had some very strange interpretations over the years. Most of all by the political elite themselves. Here is the best description of its origins and definition.

      Where this term is used correctly, it represents real democracy in action (the complete opposite of totalitarianism) and a way that the unheard masses of the population gain a voice. Of course the establishment has criticised this, because it is against their authoritarian control and command paradigm.

      So if populism is to be just a common person, I am there 100% and Super totalitarian elite Sally, Alexis, Boss Ex Twickenham Resident, Dr NHS (well maybe changing considering his last comment) and all the rest of their believers, are clearly supporters of this exploitation.

      So the definitive answer is that the opposite of populism, is exploitation. As I said there is only Freedom, or Obedience. (and co-operation is freedom – live and let live).

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      The reason I ignored your elite/common thing is this: if you ask someone to choose between 2 loaded terms which are capable of very varied interpretation, and you do this without any attempt to define your terms, then you can’t really expect a reasonably intelligent person to give you an answer. To do so would be to join in your over-simplification. And if you ask a question to which you’re not going to get an answer, then it’s really saying more about you than about them; your ‘question’, therefore, is actually a statement.
      No one’s conflating populism and totalitarianism, though the one can be an aspect of the other.
      If you’re happy with Mr Squire’s dictionary research then that’s up to you.
      I really don’t want to pursue this further as we’re straying away again from general election issues and local issues (no populists, Poujadistes or totalitarians were standing last time I looked) and we’re stumbling again into Mr D’s incoherent fantasy worlds. That’s it from me on this one I’m afraid

    • demokrat

      Hey Robot, do you believe in democracy or not? Are you one of the elite trying to exploit common people? And no, these terms have no grey edges. You are either for the people, or for your own elitist group, this or that my friend? And this is central to the election.

      Your Lib Dem programming seems to be corrupting and showing signs of the real fantasy. You belief that endlessly slagging off others, trying to discredit them, will help the Lib Dems recover their hard-drive. Well it won’t, it just shows how mean and nasty you are.

      So come on Bot give Nemesis an answer, because just running away with your tail between your legs, just proves you have no substance.

  9. demokrat

    Get your tickets now:

    General Election 2017 Hustings
    with high profile Chair TBC
    Hosted by Richmond Adult Community College
    on Thursday 1st June 2017
    17:30 to 20:30

    Other Hustings soon to be announced

  10. Update 27th April…
    Also added to the top of the item

    In candidate news:
    In addition to Tania Mathias (Conservative) and Vince Cable (Liberal Democrat), the Green Party has announced that its candidate for Twickenham will be first-timer Caroline Wren. The local Labour Party office has said that it will have announced its candidate by next week. There is no news yet on whether UKIP intend to field a candidate in Twickenham.

    In neighbouring Richmond Park, Zac Goldsmith will be the Conservative Party candidate, returning to the fold after resigning over Heathrow expansion and then getting beaten by Sarah Olney of the Liberal Democrats when standing as an Independent in the subsequent by-election. Andree Frieze will be the Green Party candidate.

    Meanwhile all this talk of so-called Progressive Alliances and tactical voting has manifested itself locally in the form of a meeting planned for 3rd May in Richmond. The local Green Party has invited members of “all progressive parties – and of none or the non-aligned” to a meeting to “discuss the options for ensuring centre-left politicians win or retain seats” in five local constituencies including Twickenham and Richmond Park. Will a spirit of enlightenment and co-operation emerge or will party interests be hard to break down, as in “You’re very welcome to stand aside in favour of our candidate”. The panelists will come from a range of parties and groups. It’s not yet known if the Judean People’s Front or the People’s Front of Judea will be attending.

    • demokrat

      Oh my goodness, I have just read the details of the meeting, this is bizarre. I cannot believe that these people and parties wish to discredit themselves so badly, by openly trying to undermine the Referendum,

      Quote “any candidate elected must pledge to campaign against Brexit”. Yes there are some very unhappy people about the referendum vote, and they should be listened to, but this is actually acting against a bona fide national vote by the electorate.

      Sick, anti-democratic fools, why don’t they go and live in their own totalitarian state, but somewhere else other than here?

    • Dr NHS

      Dear Barry/Demokrat,
      Firstly, I am not a Liberal Democrat. I am not a member of any party.
      Secondly, I have not rubbished ‘everybody and everything’ or even anyone standing in this election, as you will have seen. It’s rather more exact than that. I have said that I think your ideas – and yours alone – sound like rubbish to me. And it seems that I am not alone in that view. At no time have you ever garnered any support stronger than the suggestion you are a crackpot who is best ignored.

  11. RiversideVoter

    In other news. Zac, who we all remember stormed out of the Tory party in a hissy fit because of his strong principles on the go ahead to Heathrow, and incurred a lot of tax payers money on a by election, has decided his strong principles were not that strong after all and has been adopted as the Conservative candidate for Richmond Park…….

    On the other issue I am reminded of parenting, indeed dog training, advice that you ignore bad behaviour and reward good but just to make the point that May continues to show every sign of taking her party in the direction of bluekip, pandering to the whole right wing populist agenda, and away from Tania’s brand of compassionate conservatism. I do not agree that it is harmless.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      1. Goldsmith
      There used to be a certain type of middle-aged Tory male who, for whatever reason deep in their mental make-up, seemed to get terribly excited by Thatcher’s strict authority (a phenomenon currently resurfacing in the same type of inadequates stimulated by May’s buttoned-up severity). The obverse of this seems to be a certain type of middle-aged Tory female who is a pushover for drippy wet-lipped Tory boys of which Zac is a shining (if fading) example. I think they’ve made a mistake as his mayoral campaign gutlessly let Lynton Crosby’s racist crap sully whatever liberal reputation he had, and his associates’ (and his?) sexist, bitchy and entitled reaction to Sarah Olney’s victory made him look even worse. I don’t think the matrons of his fan club nor those who bask in the imagined reflected glamour of inherited billions will be concerned, but the rest of the Richmond Park electorate could well be.
      2. The other issue?
      Not harmless at all. Visit the website. Delusional and worrying. Obsessive and potentially dangerous victimhood: the classic extreme-right paradigm in fact.

    • demokrat

      Glad to hear Zac has been adopted, in a world of playground politics, the Tories seem to be the only safe pair of hands at this election. The Lib Dems have all but disappeared, with Sarah Olney only winning in the By-election, because of whipping-up protest Brexit voting. The delusional SNP want their country to be independently run by the EU, Labour are dismantling our military security and the Greens advocate building houses on more brown field sites than exist in the UK, so actually this means building on green open spaces, isn’t that hypocritical? And UKIP will just have support the Tories on this occasion.

      So guys, if you want to attack anything, attack the stupid gang orientated representational system. None of them including Zac, can really represent the people, because they are all whipped by their parties, so can’t represent the voter and therefore won’t ever be able to do what people actually want.

  12. A. Robot (Mrs)

    I’m conscious of your wish to keep discussion on here to polite and reasoned comment on relevant issues but reading Mr D’s latest effusion presents a problem. But for the fact that I’m trying to behave myself, I would dismiss it as aggressive, rambling, repetitive and incoherent arse-wibble of the kind which he’s posted so many times before, (and I’m sure that many would agree with that judgement).
    So what to do? Ex-Twick Resident has already been bored and abused off this site with D gloating that he’d ‘seen the light’. This shouldn’t happen.
    Would it at least be possible to suggest a word- limit to contributors? He would no doubt complain that this was a vicious attack on his democratic right to ramble, but then he could hardly claim to be one of Chesterton’s ‘people of England; (who) have not spoken yet’, could he?

    • Sally

      I agree. There we were doing Zen deep breathing and getting ready to rise above further bad behaviour, but this is ridiculous.The man is behaving in an unhinged bullying way and should not be allowed to try to threaten or bore others off or to make demands about identities and so on.
      This is not his therapy group.or thiefdom. He is now trying to bully and intimidate Mr Twickerati. Hell’s Bells!
      He entered the thread posting a link to his own party for one, name in address, name all over website, large labelled photo.
      It is absurd to then complain that his name is used., but Mr Edwards is dead to absurdity.
      I have to say though if Mr Edwards was truly trying to be anonymous, his characteristic communication style would identify him a mile off-. puerile name calling UKIP or Trumpian cliches, pompous tosh and ludicrous threats when caught out.
      Look ,Edwards. You say you want to discuss the issues. Go ahead if you must. But cut out the rest of it. The only person who will look bad making ridiculous attempts at legal threats is you, as you have some reason to know. Try to take small steps, working up to small posts which don’t mention yourself. Extra marks for showing any interest in another living being.

  13. Talbot Ted

    Saw Vince powering along on his bike in central Twickenham yesterday. Looks pretty sprightly to me!

  14. Sally

    “Cuts decimating locals services, research finds” runs a headline in today’s Guardian. While the poorest areas are being hit the hardest the dismantling of core local services is happening everywhere.whether it’s youth services, the parks, the bins, help for the disabled. Even in our well off area services are being scraped, and their remits continually redefined to save some money
    No matter how stirring the Tory slogans or winsome the photos of Zac or truly nice is Dr Mathias , a vote for the Conservatives is a vote supporting this process. It’s very hard to get past that.

  15. People should feel free to comment on matters of relevance to the election, focusing on the key issues and the candidates and parties that are standing. I would ask that people try to stay on topic and if that means resisting the temptation to reply to something not entirely relevant then please do your best to do that. I don’t think silence would necessarily be construed as agreement or consent.

    Speaking frankly for a change, I hate having to moderate comments. I want this site to be one where people can comment freely and where ‘newbies’ and occasional readers feel comfortable posting without fear of name calling or being subjected to endless monologues on the same thing over and over again. It’s one of the reasons I almost (but did not quite) cease blogging at the time of the 2015 election.

    Deep breaths and self-moderation folks. Your twickerati community will love you for it.

    • demokrat

      Twickerati, well done that’s how we would all like it. I think some more factual debate would allow more to contribute within a positive setting.

      No different to Councillors and to aid this process, it maybe useful to have declarations of interests. I will leave Ex Twickenham Resident out, (as he/she seems to have seen the light), but please could the following describe their political allegiances?

      Boss, Riverside Voter, Dr NHS, Sally are you all Lib Dems? if not, what?

    • I am a Liberal Democrat – as is tolerably well known after 30 years. I agree that a prolonged period of non-response to Demokrat by those who’ve been teasing him would be welcome: if they have anything to say about the election here in Twickenham, lets hear it instead.

    • This site will not be asking for declarations of interest unless there’s an obvious need for it and it definitely won’t be asking for real names. GCHQ can provide that information for you.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      If issues are to be discussed and points made and commented on then it’s not going to be helped by what Mr D calls a ‘declaration of interest’. Who can say they ‘are’ a Lib Dem, Tory, Labour supporter or whatever when what that means is constantly changing and people’s attraction or otherwise to parties changes with it. This is particularly true at the moment when many people who ‘are’ Tories are quite likely to find they ‘are’ Lib Dem because of Brexit. Mr D, with his own varied history of political allegiances is a fine example of this (that’s not a ‘tease’, Mr Squire, and I’m sure Mr D can take it even if he feels it is).
      The other thing with ‘declaring an interest’ is that people’s preconceptions about political parties will colour their response to any argument. I am quite happy to admit that if I read a sentence beginning ‘Andrea Leadsom today argued the case for ………..’ then it is pretty unlikely I will consider what follows with a completely open mind.

    • Sally

      Chris Squire, I am not sure why you felt you had to declare your political,allegiance at this juncture. In your case it’s come up before of course but there is no requirement to do so and its bad manners for anybody to demand it.

    • Mrs AR: I didn’t feel I had to, I chose to, as a gesture of goodwill towards Barry Edwards, whom I consider to be misguided but well-intentioned and quite harmless and therefore to be mollified. It costs me nothing as my loyalties are well known to anyone who pays attention.

      Those who don’t choose to declare themselves can say they are ‘Independents’ as is done in the U.S. Or, if they prefer, they can say nothing and ignore calls for them to declare themselves. Just do it without feeling the need to comment about it.

    • Sally

      Is anybody else reminded of the Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade in Catch 22?

    • RiversideVoter

      Mrs R is quite right. One of the most disturbing things politically for me since the referendum is the tribalism and division that has been stoked, not just in the country and communities but even within families, my family included. I am happy to declare myself a citizen of the world, and as such feel that Brexit is a terrible mistake in the current order of global trade, business and geopolitics. I will vote for the candidate who on 8 June has convinced me will be most effective in bringing some recognition of those realities into the planning for Brexit and ensure negotiations are conducted in a way that causes least harm to the country, and who deserves the mandate not just of the 48% but also that proportion of the 52% who were misled by the media and deceived by promises and lies from the Leave politicians

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Wrong person, Mr Squire. It was Sally what done it. But I do agree with her.
      And any more bossy contributions like these and the Lib Dems will be doing a Boris on you: sending you on a foreign trip or two until the election’s safely over.

    • demokrat

      Riverside Voter (RV), Sally and Mrs Robot, CJ Squire is correct and though completely committed to his party, therefore bound to criticise others even when they are writing absolute sense, he is at least honourable enough to admit who he is and his allegiances, and here’s the important bit – when he criticises people. He doesn’t skulk and hide behind anonymity, well done Chris.

      I have not given my name on this site, but rather unscrupulous contributors have chosen to publish my name against my nickname. So why should it be different for others? I don’t really mind this, but it would have been polite to have been asked first. And if any of you are involved in real politics, you will understand that if you say something, you should own it, or you are a sham.

      You see the nature of politics today is that it is filled with liars, cheats and propagandists and just to answer RV, the 52% were not deceived by the media, because to the more objective thinker realises, that the media was actually biased in favour of Remain. So it was the people overall nationally, who rejected the MPs view, the “experts” view, the media’s view and were totally aware of what they were being spun.

      I was told in the pub the other day that after the England Vs Scotland – 6 Nations match, that Nicola Sturgeon demanded the match to be played again. I asked on what grounds, and the man said, because she didn’t get the result she wanted. Yes it is a joke, but these politicians today are so arrogant now, that they are just after their own ends, even when the people have spoken. I wish to see more direct participation by people on how this country and Richmond Council is run, because I believe people are better at making decisions about what directly affect them, than politicians can. I believe in people and therefore direct democracy is the only answer.

      Twickerati, I do think that in the case of offensive, or illegal activities on your site you should consider releasing identities. I have run forums before and to keep yourself safe under the rules of website ownership, if left undisclosed, you may also be liable for their activities. Some forum guidelines maybe useful.

    • Demokrat/Barry, I was concerned that information had somehow been ‘leaked’ which suggested a connection between the poster using the moniker ‘demokrat’ and ‘Barry Edwards’. I checked back on recent postings and found this, a posting by ‘demokrat’ on April 20th with some knowledge of what Barry Edwards has been doing recently and a link to Barry Edwards’s website. I suspect, though of course cannot be sure, that some posters on here inferred that ‘demokrat’ and ‘Barry Edwards’ were one and the same person. Is that unscrupulous? Not especially,

    • Dr NHS

      I actually met Tania Mathias at a meet and greet and shared my dilemma with her – namely that I rather liked her and thought her decent and humane but did not much like her party and the course it seems it would be likely to steer were Mrs May to win.
      She suggested that it would be better to have her inside the Tory camp arguing for views we both seem to share than Vince outside it and ignored as opposition. She assured me that Mrs May does listen to what backbenchers like her have to say. The question is whether I believe her, I guess. I forgot to ask her the key question, of course, which is whether she is prepared to go so far as to defy the party whip or intends solely to confine herself to exerting whatever influence she has.
      My dillemma continues…

  16. demokrat

    Twickerati, is it possible that you could request questions from Twickeratists, that could then be asked of the candidates when announced?

    These could be then fielded by you, so that the candidates are not subjected to any of the usual nonsense and we could all then get then the benefit of their answers, an Online Hustings?

    You never know, if people could be totally civil, the candidates may then go on to debate these, in a safe environment.

    • Some kind of online hustings might be an option. Although no reason why a real life one could not be streamed online and incorporate Qs from the live audience and online viewers.

  17. A. Robot (Mrs)

    It’s only a week since I said ‘enough blossom already’ and asked that the election might be again considered as a suitable topic for the social and intellectual arena your estimable site provides. But it’s all gone horribly wrong, hasn’t it, and there’s still 6 weeks to go.
    I was wondering whether it might be possible for Dr NHS and Mr Demokrat to meet and an intervention of a medical nature agreed so that future embarrassment to all concerned might be avoided. They can do wonderful things these days, I hear, and it could be in everyone’s interests if action were to be taken now rather than later.
    I feel confident that Dr NHS would not let personal feelings interfere with her professional detachment but if Mr D has concerns in that area he could be reassured by the fact that on the occasion of my last digital prostate examination I was asked whether I wanted a ‘chaperone’ to be present, presumably to ensure fair play.
    Far be it from me to wish to suppress genuine adult debate but there does come a time when perhaps people need protecting from themselves, even in the leafy suburbs.

    • Dr NHS

      I do see your point, Mrs Robot.
      It’s the age old matter of whether this is simply personality or actual psychopathology. For what it’s worth I think it’s the first, as far as I can make out; I would suggest and take a different approach if I thought it was the second.
      There’s not much we can do. If confronted he gets threatening and puerile with remarks that imply a somewhat disturbing fantasy life. On the other hand, he takes silence as an indication of agreement rather than the sort of ’embarrassed hiding behind a newspaper, hoping he doesn’t sit next to us on the bus’ that it actually represents.
      Had it been needed any hospital admission might have been rendered tricker, given the exodus of EU nationals from the NHS that seems a consequence of Brexit.

  18. demokrat

    News Flash, heard it on the grapevine that Nick Grant will not be standing in Twickenham. Now there’s a turn up. I quite liked him, he was a breath of fresh air, being a solicitor, he could stick to the point and use facts in debate. He will be sorely missed.

  19. Ex-Twickenham Resident

    Mr. Edwards – Please could you answer this question.

    Is the Enact party officially registered as a political party in the United Kingdom?

    • demokrat

      Why do you want to know? Are you going to attempt to do some harm? Are you a real internet freak/stalker?

      Twickerati, I would hope that if I hear that there has been some kind of negative action or attack toward the party, with the Electoral Commission or anywhere else, that you would offer me his/her details, so I can contact the Police regarding any possible Anti-social behaviour. On this site its fine, but if Ex Twickenham Resident’s obviously aggressive behaviour spills into real life, then I’m afraid this will be your responsibility to deal with.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Ex-Twick Resident
      I would move all your money offshore asap if I were you. Looking at your question for Mr D, I can see that it’s a coded threat not only to his burgeoning and potentially massively-transformative Enact social movement but also to his personal safety, with the probability that your ‘obviously aggressive behaviour will spill(s) into real life’ at any moment. You don’t really have a leg to stand on. Free speech has its limits, I’m afraid, and ‘Is the Enact party officially registered as a political party in the United Kingdom?’ clearly crosses ‘many, many red lines’ to quote Mr Trump. Retract and apologise now, my friend, before the constabulary and Mishcon de Reya come hammering at your door.

      (PS And I would just assume that the answer is ‘No’)

    • Sally

      Puerile name calling, demands for poster’s names, now pathetic threats of legal action for being politely asked a perfectly straightforward question – Bingo! The full set of
      Edwardsisms once again. And so soon.
      Ex-TR asked a polite ,perfectly reasonable question about Edwards’ party , a party which nobody would even know about had he not used this site to try to promote it and thus himself.

    • demokrat

      Mrs Robot, have your circuits fried? Its not a joke, you are not the one who is being threatened. And yes the enquiry “Is the Enact party officially registered as a political party in the United Kingdom”? is a tell tail sign of a precursor to action. I am really concerned that these people could do something silly. At the last election Dr NHS did. So really play it a bit fair, if I knew these people, it would not be of any concern, it would be funny, but these are internet trolls are hiding their identity. Who knows what they are up to !! Or why are they so nasty?

      I welcome free speech and good healthy banter, but in the open and respecting law and order and the rights of the individual. I don’t want anymore threats and insinuations thank you. This is supposed to be a forum, not an inquisition !! Why are you humouring this type of behaviour?

      Let them show themselves, put all our minds at rest, or put an end to this behaviour now.

    • RiversideVoter

      I am surprised Mr Edwards aka Enact is not using many other Trump tactics, yet. Perhaps we will see the sale of “Make Twickenham Great Again” baseball hats, proposals that will see the Council and economy focused on landscape gardening, the best landscape gardening you will ever see, it will be beautiful landscape gardening, the criticisms of the amount of time Cable spends dancing, the release of Tania’s hacked emails, the sudden appearance of bots, trolls and shrills on here betraying themselves with a failure to know who Reuben or Sandy or Arthur are…..

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Mr. Edwards – It is obvious our political views are very different. Like you I believe in the democratic process that includes honesty and integrity. My question was an honest question seeing as you have advertised your party on this website. It is quite a task setting up and running a political party and in the interests of civility and harmony I will wish you luck with your endeavour, though i will say I do not think the concept of direct democracy has a lot going for it.

      Perhaps in certain communities in certain circumstances there may be some merit in the idea, but as a way of running a nation state I think the process would be unwieldy and perhaps produce unwelcome results. The referendum on the EU has certainly divided the country and hence the country finds itself in the position it is in. Do not forget also Mrs. Thatcher quoting Clem Atlee calling referendums ‘a device of dictators and demagogues.’

      Though a former resident of Twickenham, I take a keen interest in the happenings of my former home town, a place that I am quite attached to. Now I live in the neighbouring constituency of Richmond Park as stated in an earlier post. Like you I do not have a vote in Twickenham, therefore i have decided not to contribute to the election debate anymore on Twickerati so as not to cause further misunderstanding. The Twickerati deserve better than playground squabbles and name calling.

      Once again I will wish you luck with your endeavour and look forward to seeing Enact field a candidate in next years local elections.

  20. Boss

    “I am encouraging all ENACT supporters to vote Tory”.

    They only have one supporter, and he doesn’t have a vote in our constituency.

    • demokrat

      Baby Boss, please concentrate on the election!! Nobody want to hear your potty mouth. Have you anything positive to say about the actual question we are debating – Twickenham decides?

    • Boss

      Anyone want to hear my “potty mouth”? Thumbs up to hear it, thumbs down if not.

    • Anonymous

      How was Boss potty mouthed, Mr Edwards? He just pointed out two facts. 1. You don’t live here 2. Your phantom party has no members. As an avowed champion of The Truth surely you can cope.

    • Sally

      Mr Edwards ,Boss wrote nothing at all potty mouthed or babyish.. What he did was commit the lese majeste of pointing out that your party consist of you and alas, you can’t vote here.

    • demokrat

      Baby Boss asking for the thumbs up his nappy bit lame, but ah love him/her!! Its like asking the LIb Dems to vote for themselves. The one thing I have leant is that this site has a awful lot of Yellow Bookers.

      Anonymous, 1st I can legitimately stand in any election within Richmond Borough and any General election constituency in the country (the reason for this has been explained on countless occasions and the babies repetitions behaviour represents an unhealthy preoccupation with exclusionism, please don’t join in with the babies), 2nd everyone knows you cannot start a political party on your own. Ain’t that the truth.

      Finally Baby Sally, you might learn from Anonymous, a genuine question, gets a civil answer. Oh children can be so difficult nowadays!!

    • Boss

      A mandate to remain – thank you, Twickenham.

  21. It may indeed be time to focus on the election bearing in mind of course that Enact will not be fielding a candidate. We’re still waiting on news of other candidates. There’s a ‘progressive alliance’ meeting in May which is likely to affect which parties field candidates in local constituencies.

    Meanwhile it looks as if Zac Goldsmith has thrown his hat in the ring for the Conservative nomination in Richmond Park.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Why would Goldsmith want to stand again after his last humiliations? If he loses it’s just another rejection and if he wins he’s not really going anywhere as his past political career showed. I know he doesn’t have a lot to do with his time, billionaire hours being much less than a 40 hour week, but you’d imagine he could find something more stimulating than sitting on an uncomfortable bench all day listening to William Rees-Mogg.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Or even his son Jacob!
      Sorry. Heavy night last night celebrating the French public’s refusal to give any meaningful support to their own anti-EU crypto-fascist so admired over here by the Daily Mail (see today’s front page)

    • demokrat

      Zac should certainly throw his hat in the ring, given at the by-election the Lib Dems mugged him. Now he knows the Dirty Dem tactics, if he uses this knowledge well, he should have every chance to overturn the previous result.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      I think you could be right, old fruit, and now that you’ve swung the might of your support and the Inactive masses behind him I imagine he’ll be feeling that it’s in the bag.

    • RiversideVoter

      I can well imagine that Zac would be arrogant enough to stand again, there were some pretty iffy tweets from his family manifesting their misogyny in their insults of Sarah Olney. Their illusions of superiority and entitlement were clearly on show. I am sure locally the Tories would want revenge too, they looked very cross indeed leaving the count. However would Conservative HQ who are said to be considering a shortlist of three be stupid enough to give him a third chance to fail? They might just be influenced by Lord True, a former colleague, and by the possible pro Brexit value of reversing the vote but I don’t think the voters of Richmond will like being asked to endorse Zac, his racism and misogyny, and his buccaneering approach to a hard Brexit any more a second time round. If they didn’t want the cake in the first place, they are not going to eat it too.

  22. demokrat

    Ex Normal Resident, Satanist Sally and Dr Death, could you are stop being babies and talk about the election, who do you think is going to win?

    • Sally

      Well, of course I can only speak for myself and not the other people you have been rude about with humourless mock names as part of your standard charm offensive on Twickerati
      Who will be the winner? Not you, in any conceivable election. The dead pigeon I saw floating in the river today would be ahead of you for my vote on the grounds of charm, empathy and political nous.
      . Mr Edwards, it is a testimony to your narcissism that you seem unable to see how your dim, pompous, cliche ridden rants and grating personality put others off. Attempting to butter locals up,with clumsy flattery and UKIP cliches invariably falls flat around here. I really don’t think this is your target audience.
      Sir , you are coming across as unhinged.

    • demokrat

      Baby Sally, in answer to your points made.

      I am not standing in this election, the snap election broke too early for me. (pun intended). I don’t think that any dead pigeons will be on the ballot paper either. You have clearly stated you don’t like me, so what, could you please stick to the subject matter. Then after yet another lame piece of sarcasm, there we have it – oh dear no answer to the question. What a let down!!

      Well I will be clear my friend, I am not as vague as you. I am encouraging all Enact supporters to vote Tory; support democracy – SUPPORT THE REFERENDUM. I am also guessing that my previous party UKIP, will not be fielding candidates and will also be encouraging a Tory Vote.

      Going on the figures from the last election, this would mean that Tania would be at 25,580 + 3,069 = 28,649. So “The Ponz” Cable would have 23,563 and maybe the Greens might vote for him + 2,463 = 26,026. The Labour party will not vote Tory, but some may vote with Lib Dem because of Remain, but there are also plenty of working class people in the Borough that are losing their jobs to foreign workers, so some Labour voters may also vote Tory on the basis of Leave.

      Given this, I think that this will all even out and it will be Tania by 2,623 and if I am right, we will certainly see who has the more realistic opinion. So:

      Baby Sally says – No Idea
      Demokrat says – Tania by 2,2623

      And Baby Sal, you really should own-up to who you are, its the honourable thing to do. Don’t worry nobody is going to spank you!!

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Mr. Edwards – Has Enact been registered as political party yet?

  23. Ex-Twickenham Resident

    Brush seal letter boxes are a pain in the arse and should be banned during elections.

    • Sally

      You are so right- go to deliver a flyer about the school fete and spend ages mangling it through various brush seal doors. There is always the nightmare possibility of getting stuck only to have swing around with the door when the occupant opens it to find out what on earth is going on. Seems to work best approaching the offending letter boxes with a sort of run up .

  24. A. Robot (Mrs)

    Isn’t today the day of St George, England’s mixed-heritage Roman/Greek patron saint whose shrine is in Israel and who is sometimes thought to be Czech?
    So should not all patriots be out doing good Christian things like slaying dragons, rescuing maidens (leave the non-virgins to their fate!) or at least crushing a saboteur or two, not sitting festering over a spittle-flecked keyboard?
    Shame on you, democrap, it’s clear that you weren’t brought up a good vicar’s daughter!

  25. demokrat

    Why aren’t the candidates answering questions on this website?

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      What did you have in mind, o voice of the people? The kind of thing you asked Ex-Twickenham man? Like who are you? Where d’you come from? Why are you interested in anything beyond the end of your own road? Have you read every word of every treaty ever entered into by anyone? Do you regularly, or have you ever, knowingly drunk wine? Spoken a word of a foreign language and tried to make an approximation of the accent? Kissed anyone on both cheeks as a form of greeting? Not risen to your feet on hearing the opening bars of the national anthem? Eaten anything containing garlic (apart from garlic bread as a side order with your pizza). Been abroad (Orlando doesn’t count)?
      That kind of thing?

    • RiversideVoter

      Mrs A Robot Are these questions designed by any chance to root out that pesky metropolitan elite aka enemies of the people? Traitors? Saboteurs?

    • Sally

      Ah, rhetorical questions. I have some too:
      Why would any candidate think it worth their while to show up here now and risk receiving pointless shed loads of Mr Edwards ‘ threats and rants ?
      How could anybody however dim imagine that threats and rants are the way to win votes?
      Who in Isleworth is encouraging this individual to rant at us.? (“Yes, yes Mr Edwards. Now, go and tell the nice people back in Twickenham, all about it”)
      Where in all hiis threats and rants is a single coherent thought?
      When will he submit to the will of the people and stick his head in a (sturdy British ) privet hedge?

    • Boss

      Who knows, perhaps they will in time, once all candidates have declared. And like last time, they’ll have the opportunity to either engage here with Twickenham voters in an open, intelligent manner, or be flushed out as narcissistic liars who threaten to call the police when challenged on their views.

    • demokrat

      A. Robot, Your list of questions is ridiculous, I just honestly thought that if the candidates started to answer question here, the Twickerartists might actually get sensible answers about their policies, to help people decide how to vote. You never know!!

      Oh and Sally, why do you keep up this on-going personal attack? Your psychopathic fixation with attacking me has no relevance to this question, or any other topic under consideration on this website and frankly these posts just makes you look stupid. I have as much right as you to take part in Richmond Borough, I lived there for 25 years and still have property in the Borough, so please drop-it, move on from this and discuss the questions posed, without all your bitterness. I am not ranting at everyone, just a few babies that obviously don’t understand what is means to be mature. If you continue these attacks, the rest of the Twickerartists will no doubt make their own minds up about why I have to deal with you babies the way I do.

      Grow up !!

    • Riverside Voter

      That’s told you Mrs Robot and Sally!

      An election round up in Twickenham would not be the same without Barry and his irony deficiency. Is the Christian fundamentalist going to come along and add some homophobia and misogyny into the mix?

  26. physicist

    My personal absolute priority is avoiding (hard) Brexit. My question for this forum, however, is a purely tactical one. Should I vote for Cable to be an effective voice, yet almost certainly one seated on the opposition benches? Or should I vote for Tania Mathias, who is clearly one of the sanest Tory MPs on this issue (one of only 3 to vote in favour of the amendment to the Article-50 legislation guaranteeing EU citizens’ rights) and who can therefore be a voice of reason within the ruling party?

    I fear neither outcome will make any difference in the end, but nevertheless I would like to ask – what is the smart tactical vote for someone with my views?

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      MPs almost always vote with their party or are whipped to do so. Mathias’s party got us into this. Cable’s party would like to get us out. Also a Cable victory would make the anti-hard Brexit bloc stronger as the party most clearly opposed would be strengthened.
      There seems to be a belief (wish?) among some that a new intake of Tory MPs will moderate May’s approach. This seems unlikely. Those coming in will be unlikely to want to upset Miss and, given who’s running the party at the moment, are more likely to be hard Brexit supporters anyway.

    • Alex S

      Depends on your perception of how things pan out. If the Conservative’s win a large majority, some theorise that the negotiating position with the EU will be stronger and a no deal scenario is less likely. In theory, booting out the more liberal conservatives like Tania does increase the chances of a Tories being more hardline as its one less voice contrary to those of the hard right wingers.

      If you believe Conservatives might lose, Cable is probably a better bet (even though he does oppose freedom of movement) . If you think Conservatives are going to win a large majority no matter what, I’d say Tania, as an insider will probably have more fortune than an outsider as May will only continue to ignore her opposition (and that will include Cable) in the event she increases her majority.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Here in Richmond Park we now have a Lib Dem MP who votes according to the mandate given by the electorate against brexit. More are needed. With all due respect to Tania, Dr. Cable is vastly more experienced in the intricacies of govt. and could be an effective foil.

      The Tory party are obviously quite split but good at covering the split up. I am not sure about this idea that giving Mrs. May a majority will soften brexit when one knows the ideas of Rees Mogg, IDS, Redwood and the Tory hard right.

      And whilst brexit is foremost in people’s minds, consider also Grammar schools, the NHS etc.

      Mrs. May was a supposed Remainer and now she seems a hardline brexiter. Look how Heseltine was treated. In the final analysis giving Tories more power is never a good idea.

      I will admit I am a Lib Dem supporter so quite biased – I do believe however the idea that voting Tory for a softer brexit is not feasible. If you are against Brexit vote accordingly – for the party that is against Brexit.

      In the final analysis, all voters must make up their own minds and take responsibilty for their vote. In Mrs. May’s own words – brexit means brexit, there is no turning back. Except – should many people express different views then brexit can be turned back.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      I would also add – at the time of the referendum some people voted ‘leave’ on the expectation that ‘leave’ would lose but a strong ‘leave’ vote would force the EU into concessions. That idea did not go to plan.

      Mrs.May or The Tories are using a narrow majority of the referendum to claim ‘the will of the people’ when quite patently it is the will of 17 million and not the will of 16 million.

      One can be too clever when one votes. Best to vote for the party that expresses your view best.

    • Riverside Voter

      Eric Pickles is today’s Remain MP who has announced they are standing down. It is clearly very difficult to be a voice of reason in a party that May is leading towards a hard Brexit and a right wing agenda that is already undermining the NHS, Schools, Universities and Science I am afraid that without any evidence the idea that May might be susceptible to moderating influences and that Tania might be the one to do it is just wishful thinking. May has not shown any interest in the views of moderate Remain MPs like Ken Clarke, Nicky Morgan or Anna Soubrey who have been far more effective in making their voices heard.

    • demokrat

      Physicist, “Ponzi” Cable would sell the people of this country down the river. He has already stated he would go against the referendum (anti-democratic) and give power back to Brussel. Tania will follow the Tory party line and respect the referendum – so she at the moment is the only safe pair of hands for the majority of people in this country, (but possible only on this issue and on this occasion). So this is the tactical vote.

      So what is this “hard” Brexit? There is no such thing, it is political party propaganda to scare you. There is no way on this planet that the companies and manufacturers within France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc etc, will wish to stop trading with UK companies, they depend on us for jobs and sales. What will happen is a trade deal and probably our terms.

      In fact if our politicians were a bit brighter they would realise we don’t even need a new trade deal. If we just repealed the Treaty of Lisbon and Maastricht, we would be left with the Common Market. The founding treaties were amended:1973 (Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom).

      This is what the whole country want, both leave and remain, but no political party seems to have understood this!!

      However given they have not understood this, the commitment is to get a free-trade deal, which the EU would be mad to refuse. The reason they would be mad is, Netherlands, Demark, Hungary, have already stated their criticism of the EU, France and Italy are close behind with their concerns and others will follow out of the EU, if in the pipe-line, there is a better free-trade deal with UK, USA, China, India, Japan, Russia, etc etc.

      The EU is not Europe, it is an organisation not a country. The UK will always do business with the European countries, therefore if the EU try and stop this, the other countries will leave the EU – Fact.

      But this election is not just about Brexit, it is about democracy. Can you trust any politician if they go against the people? I don’t think so!! The Lib Dems and SNP are the most overtly condemning of the voters choice, then the Greens and Labour. The will of the people is what politicians should do to represent people, so the only political party that is doing that at present is Tory.

      So loathed that I have to say this, to get the most democracy at present (even if this is very little at about 30%) you have to vote Tory, because the Lib Dems, Greens, Labour and SNP are all completely anti-democratic, by not accepting the referendum and unequivocally leaving the EU.

    • Hi physicist, in case you decide to vote for Cable even tough you have voted Tory in the past- let me know if you would be interested to talk to us about your decision. I work for ARD German TV and we are doing a story on tactical voting in order to oppose a hard Brexit. you can contact me on

    • Nemesis


  27. aristophanes

    Mrs R: the mayoral vote referred to was whether we wished for a Mayor of London (ie before there was one).
    You may be unfamiliar with the term The Man on the Top of the Clapham Omnibus: this is used in the courts of law and is non-sexist see Wikipedia “The man on the Clapham omnibus is a reasonably educated and intelligent but nondescript person”, As you see, no “particular man” is referred to
    I am still happy to accept such opinion, although I may not always agree with it

  28. Hi there. I work for ARD German Television out of their London office. We are the main public broadcaster in Germany comparable to the BBC and our London office deals with any UK based stories. We are currently working on a story about tactical voting during the 2017 election. For this we are looking for people who have voted Tory in the 2015 elections but will now vote Lib Dem since Brexit and because they see them as the party for remain. If that is you and you would be interested to speak to us in an interview please email Rabea on Many thanks!

    • Boss

      Rabea – no one ever admits to voting Tory. Good luck.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Good luck with this, Rabea. I can’t help you myself, not having committed the relevant folly in 2015 (nor at any other time in my life), but please convey to the German public:
      that the British are not all economic and social self-harmers; that we’d like you to leave the key under the mat so we can get back in once the realities of Brexit become clear even to the most benighted;
      that Nigel Farage is a genetic aberration and not really of this island;
      and that, yes, ok, maybe the ball wasn’t actually over the line.

      See you when we regain our sanity.

    • Sally

      The very best of luck to you. I am sure you will not be short of candidates. Please ask the German public to bear with us and apologies for any moronic tabloid style prejudice you might encounter along the way.

    • Gladiator

      I am proud to say I am a Conservative voter, an activist and voted leave (to regain sovereignty)

  29. After the last election Vince announced his retirement from electoral politics. Everyone expected this parliament to last long enough to bring in the reduction of the Commons to 600, which gains the Toriesl 20+ seats over Labour but requires a complete boundary review.

    This is under way but is incomplete. It proposes putting the 4 Twickenham wards in the 7 Richmond wards to make ‘Richmond & Twickenham’ while the other 7 Middlesex wards will join with Heston to become ‘Teddington and Heston’. So parties have deferred choosing candidates until this has happened.

    The Lib Dem Local Party was however told to select a prospective candidate willing to run if the election came early – as has happened – and Vince agreed to do this. Fortunately he remains sound in wind and limb thanks to his ball-room dancing and cycling, moderate habits and robust constitution.

    Mentally he is as sharp as ever and when elected will be one of very few MPs who knows what he’s talking about on what Brexit will mean for jobs. science, higher education, and even farming as he’s married to a farmer. Tania will be able to retire gracefully to her clinic, maybe to return to frontline politics when the brexit dust has settled and her family is a bit older – she never expected to get herself elected on her first time out.

    • Funny isn’t it, you never hear it suggested that male MPs might want to wait till their families are a bit older..

    • Alex S

      The draft proposals from the Boundary Commission towards the end of last year actually proposed that Twickenham and Richmond remain unchanged in the next boundary review. I think there was some speculation about this kind of change before the proposal was released, but that was close to six months ago now. Things could change but it doesn’t look like the constituencies will be altered for now.

      As for Tania, I could be wrong but I don’t think she is a parent so I’m not even sure how that last point is relevant.

    • Thank you for the correction; this is what they say:

      ‘ . . 51 In Richmond upon Thames, we noted that the electorate was too small for two constituencies. We also noted that the Twickenham constituency was within 5% of the electoral quota. We therefore decided to leave this constituency unchanged, and include the remaining wards of the Richmond upon Thames borough within constituencies in the South Thames sub-region . .

      . . we propose retaining wholly unchanged the existing constituencies of Kingston and Surbiton, and Richmond Park.’

    • Correction: having just looked her up in wikipedia, I find that she is older than she looks (52) and her children (if any) are no longer an issue; so I withdraw this suggestion – indeed she is just the right age to go into Parliament.

  30. Idiotic

    Everyone remembers Vince Cable as the Anti Business business secretary in the coalition with his extreme lefty views

    • Riverside Voter

      When he was trying to lobby for business to be able to recruit the best talent from around the world, along with the Science sector and universities, who was it in the Home Office who resisted the pressure from him and many of her Conservative colleagues to remove this barrier to making our economy more successful because of her stubborn obsession with reducing immigration to an arbitrary and counter effective figure. Both business, Science and tech and our university versities have suffered as a result since, especially now talent from the EU is also being deterred. May has just endorsed that daft figure again…..

    • Boss

      Hmmm, I don’t. So that’s not “everyone” then is it?

      We’re metropolitan elites here, you know, so try and think a bit harder before posting, eh?

  31. aristophanes

    Mrs Robot – in my memory we have had four referenda with yes/no questions: the EU, PR, Mayor for London, joining “the Common Market”. All of these appear on the surface simple matters, but on analysis are incredibly complex (eg how many people understand the d’Hondt system?). Are you saying that all these were “serious mistakes” because nobody knew what they were voting for? Nobody has a crystal ball; nobody knows what the consequences of staying in the EU are, any more than anyone knows the consequences of leaving; ditto the other decisions (but we know now, for three of them). I assume that you voted in the recent referendum, so I assume you must have felt you are “heroically qualified” to express an opinion.
    I prefer to rely on the views of The Man of the Top of the Clapham Omnibus: he is usually right.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Mr Stophanes
      Time to check you memory, I think.
      1.There was no ‘joining the Common Market’ referendum; we joined in 1973 without any referendum. After 1974’s change of government, Labour held a referendum in 1975 to test the public’s desire for continued membership. Voters were obviously in no position to judge after 2 years of membership but there was a 50/50 chance of them getting it right and they did. Interestingly, apart from the ‘swivel-eyed obsessives’ and the Empire-nostalgics, most opposition came from the left.
      2.The mayoral election would only have been yes/no if there’d only been Sadiq Khan standing; I seem to recall a number of other candidates.
      3.What you’re calling PR (actually Alternative Vote): of the 42% who voted I would doubt that all that many had a clear enough idea of the implications (eg the difference between PR and AV) to outweigh the vested interest arguments of the political establishment and its media supporters.
      No offence and all that, but I don’t think I’d want to rely on the information or judgment so far displayed by this particular ‘man(!) on the Clapham omnibus’.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Excuse my typo/South African dialect lapse in line 1, Mr S. Arthritic keyboard to blame.

    • Dr NHS

      All this talk of democracy makes me wonder. Why we have a system where there is a deposit to pay if one wants to stand for election, and which one loses if one does not get a certain percentage of the subsequent vote ?
      Surely, this system stops really small parties or genuinely impoverished people from having a chance, and their ideas might be worth hearing. The realy impoverished, for example, probably have more to win or lose from the results of an electon than do the rest of us.
      It seems to me a better system would be to replace the need for a deposit with the need to demonstrate the signed support of at least 5% of the electorate in question. This would not penalise those of limited means, just those with limited prospects.

    • demokrat

      NHS, You were almost on the verge of saying something meaningful on this occasion. The deposit system is there to stop small parties and the genuinely impoverished from standing in elections. You actually for a moment sounded fair when you said “This would not penalise those of limited means”, however the “just those with limited prospects” is where you don’t understand democracy. Where you are slightly off-track is that you then wish to put in place another “barrier to entry”. Why shouldn’t anyone stand? And there were not huge numbers standing in the past and actually forming a political party is not a simple task. So this should be the criteria.

      I would like Parliamentary elections to be the same as Local Government elections, where there is a right to stand on the basis that you satisfy the condition, that you are a local person, that meets the elections conditions. (and yes I do, or I would not be able to stand in Twickenham).

  32. Anonymouse

    Third time unlucky:
    *First was brexit,
    *Second was Teresa May,
    *Now Bazza’s been reincarnated as demokrat (Isleworth & Hounslow).

    • demokrat

      Its not a reincarnation, I have always been a democrat, its just that to foster democracy, you have to be pragmatic and go where you can to make the most impact.

      First I was Independent (4 years) this made the difference by changing the Councillors in St Margarets (2006)
      Second I was Tory (4 Years) this made a difference to change the overall control of the Council (2010)
      Third I was UKIP (3 Years) this changed the MP in Twickenham (2015)
      Now I will work to Enact the will of the people, to change and improve the nature of democracy itself.

      Enact is a national political party, I will be standing in the Local Government Elections 2018 – Richmond Borough and then at the next General Election 2022. And I will expect we be fielding candidates nationally by then.

      The referendum did something more than make a choice to leave the EU for me, it was an inspiration that people make better decisions than MPs, so Direct Democracy is actually the way forward for evryone.

      Tell us Anonymouse, what are you doing to help democracy?

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Mr. Edwards’ account of his election history does not quite tell the full story.

      In 2006 he states – ‘First I was Independent (4 years) this made the difference by changing the Councillors in St Margarets (2006)’

      This ‘difference’ returned 3 Lib Dem councillors in the ward he stood for.

      In 2010 he states – ‘Second I was Tory (4 Years) this made a difference to change the overall control of the Council (2010)’.

      Mr. Edwards stood in Teddington in 2010 which returned 3 Lib Dem councillors.

      Mr. Edwards does not mention the 2014 Local election where he stood as a ukip candidate in Twickenham riverside ward, coming 13th out of 13 candidates.

      Standing as the ukip candidate for Twickenham in the 2015 General Election – regular readers of Twickerati really do not need to be reminded. Suffice to say he lost his deposit.

    • demokrat

      Ex Twickenham Resident, so at last the truth is beginning to show. You have a keen knowledge of election results, but unfortunately a problem with interpretation.

      In 2006 I wanted the Lib Dems to win and my 450 something votes received took these votes away for the Tories and in fact the 3 new Lib Dem councillors swung the balance and the council change from Tory to Lib Dem. I wanted to give the Lib Dems a chance, after having the Tories for 15 years. Big mistake!!

      Again you missed the point, the work I and many others did as Richmond United group, was done to tidy up my own mess, I had made by giving the Lib Dems a chance, because they were awful. So I worked to change the Twickenham Riverside councillors and got Serge throw out. Oh by the way took the Tory vote in Teddington went from 800 the election before to 2,200. Quite a success actually.

      Very happy also with the 2014 election, the UKIP vote quadrupled from the previous election and this was a good procurer to 2015.

      And as for 2015, a triumph that the 3,069 was the highest vote for UKIP ever and if you do the maths and it isn’t that hard, this made the difference required to change the MP from Lib Dems to Tory.

      The deposit was lost by something like only 60 votes, but who cares, the actual objective was achieved. So your election knowledge may be good, but I would give it a E- fail, because you don’t seem to understand the “syllabus”.

      The next chapter will be even more significant, because nobody trusts the Lib Dems, Tories, Labour or Greens anymore (but currently these are the only options) but they have had a taste of a different type of participation, a referendum, that has shaken up everything, so now they want proper democracy, where they make the decisions, so direct democracy is the future. Bring it on.

    • Sally

      Mr Edwards, you are over using your new cliche. It is not impressive to throw the word democracy” into every sentence,. it’s a noble word and doesn’t deserve to be put into your compost heap of sub Daily Mail phrases.
      You react with a lot of narcissistic rage and spite whenever you are confronted with the flaws in your assertions, Part of actual democracy involves being challenged, and Its an idea not to use iffy reasoning and then stamp your feet when confronted. As it happens, , for all your proclamations you have about as much impact on the democratic processes as a pigeon crapping on the bins outside the Houses of Parliament,
      You do not live here, which would matter less if you did not get so wound up and abusive trying to conceal that. In the same vein you have not ever won an election or kept your deposit.Your web page is a masterpiece of narcissism and grandiosity pasted together with outdated UKIP policies .
      Few would willingly give your their identifying details a. Because it’s not that sort of site b. Because you sound unhinged .
      There are loads of websites where you would feel right at home.Why pick on this one? Everybody was having a nice talk about who to have as MP.

    • Riverside Voter

      The website also makes claims that Barry was pivotal in every recent activist campaign in Twickenham and even the Council’s own planning process! I am sure the many of us who actually were involved can testify that there are many others more deserving of recognition for their hard work and effective campaigning / expertise on behalf of the community. Indeed you need only to go to the relevant Twickerati threads to see that Barry was as strangely (given his ubiquitous appearances on election threads) absent as he was in real life. It is actually a bit shoddy to exploit all that hard work and spirit of community in support of campaigning for yourself…..

    • demokrat

      Riverside Voter, If you were there, you would have known who was involved, I was the Strategy Officer for RUG, have the tee-shirt, was at every meeting, spoke at most and was the person who called out Serge to make it top of his manifesto in the 2010 election, so who are you???

      This site is living up to its title = ill-informed.

    • demokrat

      No Baby Sally, democracy is about a mature debate on factual information leading to voting choices, your remarks are merely misinformation and name calling. This is why the electorate have no faith in the current Westminster politician and their supporters like you.

      You repeat the same crying sound, oh you don’t live here, oh you lost your deposit, oh you shouldn’t be on this forum, blaa, blaa, blaa. Anyone can comment here, just get over yourself!!

      The fact of the matter is, you can’t handle the facts, you don’t want people to understand true information and you don’t like being challenged.

      I have asked you to talk sensibly about the election, yet again, at the head of this thread today 2.23pm, let’s hear what you have to say?

    • RiversideVoter

      I think you completely missing the point, as usual. I am one of the many in Twickers who has delivered leaflets, attended meetings, written letters, spoken at Council meetings, responded to consultations, moaned on these threads, not for any personal kudos or glory but because I could see that what was proposed would damage my community or I saw it as my responsibility as a resident to try to influence the planning process instead of complaining about it afterwards. I have never encountered you in the course of any of these activities, most recently against the giant boatshed and Nero’s Palace, which actually did mobilise the “people” of Twickenham, unlike anything that you have actually led or made any sort of contribution to.

      I think your stance in the current election shows exactly how little you give a damn for the “people” of Twickenham, 70% of whom did not want the UK to leave the EU. Never mind that May is ignoring not just the 48% and quite a few of the 52% who believed the Kipper lies that we would of course stay in the single market. You are ignoring the 70% and I am just a fairly average anonymous one of them who is letting you know what we think……

  33. Minority Brexiteer

    Tania a about as liberal a Con MP as you will get and a remainer. We are obviously a heavily remain constituency and I have sensed a London attitude of “they didn’t understand what they voted for”. I will watch with interest to see if we are democrats here and vote Tania back in. Vince is the ultimate demagogue, past it, and representing a party which is making a mockery of the word democrat. Whatever happens here, the polls suggest that the more resolute May is about Brexit, the better she does. That suggests to me that indeed the electorate knew precisely what it voted for. And since project fear is now seen for what it was, the swing towards leaving the EU has hardened. I will be voting Conservative but I suspect we may have Vince back

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Is it not democratic to allow voices to express concern over the referendum?

      The fact of the matter is that many people voted ‘leave’ with varying reasons. From wanting to smash the EU as said by an audience member on QT to believing the country might be remain in the EEA. The fact that still we have no clear idea of what leaving the EU looks like, nor was there any clear plan at the time of the referendum suggests to me that the leave electorate did not know ‘ precisely what it voted for.’ – unless precise means lacking any clarity.

      Let’s face it the referendum was about immigration which was the subject of the Vote Leave TV campaign broadcast. 70 million Turks on the way…etc.

  34. demokrat

    Ex-Twickenham Resident:

    1) Who are you?
    2) Where do you live, now you are Ex Twickenham?
    3) Why are you interested in Twickenham politics, if you no longer live here?
    4) Clearly you are a EUpean, have you actually read all of the Treaties?
    5) Do you understand them?
    6) If not why?

    Please don’t criticise what you can’t understand. I respect the British public and they clearly rejected this organisation. They are right, you are wrong.

    If you need reminding about the problem go to:

    • Dr NHS

      Dear demokrat,

      Given that you are Barry Edwards, I think we established at the last election that you do not, in fact, live in Twickenham yourself and are not able to vote in this constituency. Can I echo your question to Ex-Twickenham Resident and ask why you yourself are so interested in Twickenham politics, given that you don’t live here and cannot vote here ?

    • Boss

      We’re all Europeans, Bazza, you plonker. Get a map, as well as a proof-reader.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Mr Edwards – I am the leader of the newly formed political party Ex Twickenham Residents Association (EXTRA). The announcement of the 2017 election came too soon for EXTRA to stand candidates across the country. No doubt the powers that be decided to move fast before EXTRA could dominate the political landscape.

      At our emergency meeting on Tuesday, it was decided overwhelmingly that EXTRA would join a progressive alliance to support EU membership. To this end, all EXTRA members are throwing their weight behind campaigning for the Liberal Democrats.

      My designated campaign areas are Richmond Park (my own constituency) and Twickenham (my former constituency). I will be aboard my BattleBike delivering leaflets on behalf of the Lib Dems.

      Whilst acknowleding the result of the referendum, EXTRA believes that as the true picture emerges of brexit, the people should have the right to decide if they agree to the terms of the deal, which I would think Enact would support as they proclaim ‘Demos Kratos!’ We hope you will join us in calling for a second referendum because as you say -” … the people you vote for in the past have promised the world and then just done whatever they like!! “.

      Let it also be known that it is not too late to reverse brexit.

    • demokrat

      Boss, yes we do live with in the continent of Europe, but only a baby could not understand that EUpeans believe in an organisation call the EU which they want to run Europe. The country has spoken to reject this, in this case this was a national referendum, so no matter how much brighter you think you are than everyone else in the UK, you lost, because the majority wants to remain a country called the UK and to be run from Parliament. I go with the majority.

      Dr NHS, given that you have no interest in anything in life and you are a cynical destroyer of free thought, I don’t think you have any place within any intelligent debate – naysayer. But just to put you straight, I have property in the Borough a clear 25 year investment on-going, Please don’t even go there, I therefore have a s much right as anyone to be involved. I have also stood in every election since 2006 and made significant affect on the political make-up of both the Council and election of a different MP, due to the votes received, so what have you done in the “real world” to improve the Borough?

      Ex Twickenham Resident, you have not answered a single one of my questions, so why should I even communication with you, I think you just like the looking at your own typing, a self-fulfilling prophecy if ever I have seen one. Keep looking in the mirror, its the person you obviously love the most. If however you wish to have a sensible discussion with others, then I will obviously reply. But I am bored of your ridiculous name-calling and as for you pathetic EXTRA party, go and get a real one and get a back-bone and play a real part in democracy, so I can take you seriously.

      Come on you 3 babies, tell us your names, why are you so scared of saying who you are.

    • Dr NHS

      Dear Barry ‘Demokrat’ Edwards,

      You will observe, no doubt, that the posts on this site come from people with a wide variety of political views. Whatever those views, though, the posts are usually good humoured, thoughtful and witty. Your posts differ in just three respects.
      Thanks for confirming that you neither live in Twickenham nor vote in Twickenham. It seems to me that you have been roundly rejected by the electorate in every one of the elections you have ever stood in, by those who comment on this website and I suspect other places too. The People Have Spoken with regard to you time and time and time again. Is it not time to stop hoping that putting yourself forward again and again will somehow, at last, give a different answer ? Is it not time to follow your own exhortations and pay heed to the will of the people ? Perhaps the folk of Isleworth, where you actually live, might be more in tune with your views ? Or perhaps not.

    • demokrat

      Dear Dr (?) NHS, yes there may be a lot of very good natured people on this site, who extremely eloquently make their point, but unfortunately you’re not one of them. Your posts are rude, abusive and are just pretty name calling. You never handle the point of the topic and prefer to try and discredit any view that is different to yours. Frankly you are a disgrace.

      Yes you put my name into you posts, but after asking on many occasions, that you disclosed yours, you have been too scared to do this, so why should anyone take anything you say seriously? You and the other naysayers are just babies.

      As for you preoccupation with location, you clearly don’t understand the UK electoral system, or democracy in general. You make snide comments about votes, regarding people that legitimately stand in elections (and actually increased their vote on each occasion), you clearly have no respect for the electoral system, or those who choose to take part in it.

      You are clearly scared of people (particularly me) standing at elections, which makes you a control freak, because there is this thing in society call free-speech and freedom to participate in the democratic process, so could you please shut-up and concentrate on making your own point and leave other to make theirs.

      I hope that you understand this, one and for all and try and win the debate with intelligence, rather than resorting to personal insults.

  35. Dr NHS

    I rather like Tania Mathias and find that her views are, in the main, suspiciously non-conservative. The difficulty is if I vote for her I get Mrs May and a rock hard Brexit in the national picture. She’s a better bet than Vince, I reckon, on a personal basis but his party has a better offering than hers.

    • illiad1

      even if you don’t vote for her, Ms may may well get in..

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      ‘her views are, in the main, suspiciously non-conservative’
      Sounds like a winning slogan for a Tory candidate to me! When Lynton Crosby takes it up make sure you demand a fee.

    • Hamptonite

      Ms May will probably get in no matter what as she looks set to win a large number of seats off Labour, but ironically hard brexit probably becomes less likely if there are more moderates like Tania in the party.

    • Riverside Voter

      Hamptonite, not if she is quietly “persuading” the “non conservatives” / saboteurs to stand down or at least shut up. I suggest you watch the select committeee on Brexit at work. The one where they interview the Mayor on the effect on London is an example. The Tory right wingers demand only good news and “opportunities” and want to ignore the reality reported by financial services, science and tech, the knowledge economy and creative industries, basically the London economy. In the end they flounced out and disowned the select committee report because reality got too discombobulating…….

    • Hamptonite

      I have and your example only emphasizes my point. Hardliners have a large influence in the government at the moment as they have the ability to upset a very slim majority. A higher number of moderates would likely limit that influence as May can afford to ignore them. If it was Ian Duncan Smith standing in Twickenham I wouldn’t bother raising the point, but unfortunately we don’t have the ability to unseat him and Tania is a moderate in the purest sense of the word.

    • Riverside Voter

      *Hamptonite* Lets see if the Conservative machine throws its full weight behind her shall we? If May shows up to support her and I see any evidence her moderate views, her crying in parliament on the refugee issue, her voting against the party on EU nationals, was valued and just her greater compassion, (as I have not seen any evidence of any good sense and pragmatism) likely to prevail then I will be more than happy to be proved wrong. However the right wing party machine that nearby MP Raab is a part of is formidably well organised and determined to continue to drive the country over the cliff and make it a low state low regulation tax haven and I don’t see out Tania getting in their way so I think a vote for Tania is too big a risk and the stakes in the shape of the livelihoods of many of her constituents too great a price to pay.

    • David

      It shows the state we’re in when we’re being told that the best way to get a soft Brexit is to vote for the party pledging to ensure a hard Brexit…

      There’s certainly everything to play for – if you look at the 2015 results, Lib Dem plus Labour plus Green votes far outweigh Conservatives plus UKIP, so it wouldn’t take much of a pro-Remain swing toward the Lib Dems from the other parties to put Vince back in the seat. And if there’s going to be a pro-Remain swing anywhere, it’s going to be Twickenham. We are the metropolitan elite, after all.

    • sallly

      Yes. I know this isn’t a universal experience but Tania has always come accross to me as an intelligent kindly person. She has a good knowledge of local health ,social and care services and how policy decisions and cut backs are hitting residents,. She has expressed intelligent reservations about Brexit. However , in the end she must back her own party and its decisions. Brexit, schools, cutbacks, she must toe the line.
      If only she would jump ship . She could share an office with Vince…

  36. Anonymous

    I emailed Tania on the 1st March 2017 about an important matter. I did not receive a reply by the 15th March 2017 so I emailed again. I did not receive a reply by the 30th March 2017 so I emailed again but this time I said I would make an official complaint if she did not reply. Guess what I received a response a few minutes after sending the email on the 30th March full of a load of unacceptable excuses as to why it had taken so long to respond. I don’t find this kind of service acceptable considering she employs numerous staff to handle correspondence and in any event a good MP should be monitoring her inbox and outbox regularly. That said I am pleased Tania is active on Twitter and I will be voting Labour on the 8th June.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      1. Is that really a good reason for voting anything?
      2. You’re presumably aware that voting Labour will be your own special contribution to getting the Tories get re-elected.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Please ignore redundant ‘get’ above (and that’s not a personal insult btw)

  37. aristophanes

    To ex-Twickenham Resident (April 20, 12.39): it was the voters who decided to leave the EU. What the Government is doing, with the agreement of the Commons, is to enact this wish of the people (= democracy). It is almost always a serious mistake to accuse the electorate of being stupid

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      In fairness I did not call the voters stupid but rather the decision. OK – fine difference I know, I do however believe that some leave voters were misled as to the actual consequences of leaving the EU. I do also know that there are some who would leave the EU whatever the consequences, why I do not know.

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Mr Stophanes
      It’s also almost always a serious mistake to ask the electorate yes/no questions on extremely complicated matters which most of the brighter ones would be only to happy to agree that they are heroically unqualified to make a judgment on.
      That will be to Cameron’s legacy what Iraq was to Blair’s.

    • RiversideVoter

      Whatever you might think of Richard Dawkin it would be hard to argue he is not reasonably clever and he felt ill equipped to vote. Unfortunately amongst many others in the borough having some experience of global trade and business, and management and planning, and negotiation and just plain common sense the handling of Brexit (whether right or wrong in principle) looks like a total divisive shitshow. Before anyone raises the whole Liberal metrolitan elite issue, I am a northerner and in receipt of an email from Tannia to say that if there is not control of immigration we are all going to rise up in anger. 😮 In my experience if the Daily Mail and Conservative party had stopped winding my parents up and admitted the Norrh /South and austerity had nothing to do with the EU we would not be in this mess in the first place

    • RiversideVoter

      the north /south divide

    • demokrat

      aristophanes – compliments my friend, I could not have said it better myself.

      Democracy is the pillar of society as we know it, so those who insult the voter, insult democracy, decency and in fact themselves.

  38. Sally – What do you mean when you say, “asking the voters what they would want you to do might be a rash strategy”, is this some kind of insult towards local people????

    I think residents of the Borough are far more trustworthy, brighter and make better decisions than the parties and politicians currently “representing” them.

    And are you forgetting that you to are a voter, so you would be insulting yourself !!

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      I think what Sally means is, if the voters asked you to piss off – would you?

    • Sally

      “Writing” random “words” using inverted “commas” is a “very” lame way to suggest satire.Hence writing “representing” is just too corny .So is the attempted flattery of the electorate who you will be doubtless insulting when they inevitably disagree with you.
      I assume this could only be Mr Edwards? If so (sigh) the joke was that to ask the electorate what you, yourself could do would be rash as you , Sir, might not like the replies. “Go and stick your head in a hedge” for example.

  39. RiversideVoter

    Tania is cutting a rather sad figure at the moment, being wheeled out for TV interviews of the Tory most likely to lose their seat, one sad little tweet on Tuesday evening saying she will fight the campaign (but for what?) and it has been a privilege to serve us for two years. Meanwhile Vince for all his advanced years has hit the ground running tweeting here at 3pm not only that he will run but what he will campaign on and getting a gig on Today on Radio 4.

    To her credit she is a Remain humanitarian in favour of immigration but has anyone told her that if she wants to act on her beliefs she is in the wrong party? Well apart from May, and the Daily Mail. I think from the way Tory Remain MPs are taking the hint and stepping down we can assume we will not bump into May campaigning on her behalf at Squires, as David Cameron did. From the depressed looks of the Blue Baron and Hodgins accompanying Tania and Zac from the Richmond Park count they may not have their hearts in it either. Nothing about her campaign on the Twickenham Conservative website……..

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Tania was a bit luke warm about Remain. Tories are adept at dividing the country as has been shown.

    • Hamptonite

      In all fairness, compared to Tania, Cable has a lot more time on his hands to tweet and campaign for himself whilst Parliament is still in session.

    • RiversideVoter

      It won’t surprise any of us who were targets of the last election campaign, and especially all those phone calls calls from”researchers” trying to get us to perceive immigration as a problem but to add to Tannia’s sadness she is now on the extended lists of MPs being investigated in relation to election expenses…….

  40. demokrat

    What a wonderful turn of events for democracy, the people are actually being asked their opinion again. This is remarkable!!

    Nationally, first a referendum and now the opportunity to ratify Parliament’s vote on that referendum. The Tories have out-done themselves and I would most strongly advise supporting the Tories on this occasion, to protect the results of the referendum.

    Locally however, this “May be too good to be True” as I’m sure that normal service will be resumed when El Brute comes up with its next diktat for Twickenham Riverside.

    No, the “UKIP scientist bloke” is not standing. He has formed his own political party based on direct democracy – “actually doing what the people/voter wants” and he is readying for the Local Government Elections in May 2018.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      I would rather stick a burning hot rod up my posterior than vote tory. The referendum was based on lies and at the very least people should get a say on the final terms. Leaving the EU is about the stupidest thing this country could do.

    • Remona (come closer/Shut softly your watery eyes)

      Just when you thought you might get bored with all this politics stuff, Comic Relief arrives!
      Just been to your site, Barry. Very entertaining. Ukip must be bereft at losing you.
      Keep the laughs coming!

    • Boss

      “ENACT will – do want you want”
      How about producing a website that has been proof-read?

    • Sally

      I think in this case “direct democracy ” is a euphemism for “digging a hole and shouting my opinions into it” . Also, asking the voters what they would want you to do might be a rash strategy.

    • Boss – Glad to do “what the people want”. Please let me know where on the site this inconsequential typo appears (there are bound to be others)and it will be changed immediately – as you know I like things to be accurate and true.

      But really here is the greatest evolution in UK politics since the invention of representational democracy and “you’rr warraid about e tipo”!!

      I wish it was so easy to correct crazy politicians, or pedantic Twickerartists.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Questions for demokrat aka Mr. Edwards.
      1). Is Enact your own party?
      2). How many members?
      3). Are you standing in the by-election?
      4). Since 2015 what scientific endeavours have you been working on?

      btw- tons of typos on your website.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Oops should have read your post more fully.
      Yes it is your own party and no you will not be standing in the election.

      How many memeber so far?

    • Boss

      I charge standard proof-reading fees – if you want my help, you can pay for it. Probably better saving the money for your election deposit.

    • Dr NHS

      I have got really interested in the Enact party.
      I have looked it up on the list of ‘minor parties without current electoral representation’ and it’s interesting to note that whilst that list has some really minor, niche, parties with absolutely minusule memberships, still Enact isn’t there.
      Undaunted, I looked at the party website. Barry Edwards features as Party Leader, of course, and there’s much biography on him to be found. Not clear whether there are any members at all (other than the Leader himself).
      Still, what matters about any party is its policies of course. They might be sensible. Great oaks from little acorns grow and all that. Looking at the section on ‘policy’ all I could find was the UKIP policies from two years ago, explicitly described and admitted as such. No actual Enact policies at all. Enact seems to have none of the warmth, charm and solid, well thought through policies to be found in the EXTRA party. They, after all, have a battlebike and many will doubtless be following it.

  41. A vote for Vince Cable is a vote for the past. He is 74 years of age next month & frankly should not be standing at all. He will be almost 80 by the time we have the next election ! I shall be voting for Tania Mathias.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Did you vote leave in the referendum?

    • A. Robot (Mrs)

      Wouldn’t it be wiser, logically, if you waited until all parties had named their candidates and then just pick the youngest (probably the Green, they usually come youngish)?

    • RiversideVoter

      A vote for Tania is a vote for the future? Determined by the likes of Jacob Rees Mogg Minster for the eighteenth century? Though I am rather hoping her turns up to campaign for Tania as he did for Zac, but this time in proper style with his Nanny in the Merc

    • Dear Ageist Ashurst – Mental faculties don’t wither and die when you get to 70, petal. If Baroness Shirley Williams can be an active member of the House of Lords at her great age, I feel pretty confident that ol’ Vince will manage to remember which shoe goes on which foot for many years to come.

  42. illiad1

    Cable has done a lot of good for twick, AFAIK…
    I do think it was ‘nick clegg haters’ that caused the problem, misguidedly thinking he had anything to do with the twick electorate! He is MoP for Sheffield Hallam, miles away… :/
    Some people I know even think a London MoP is for the ‘whole country’.. A least I managed to make them see sense!! {eyeroll}

  43. Boss

    Where’s our favourite UKIP scientist bloke? He was the best thing about the 2015 election. Please say he’s running again?

  44. Local

    …do hope you will be offering weekly updates? (to save our sanity, if not yours…)

  45. Allan Storer

    Let’s face it this is a second referendum. A hard Brexit or membership of the single market. The only problem is there are no plans to follow a hard Brexit. David Davies said as much.
    I go not feel that is an argument my bank manager would accept If I were to ask for a bank loan. Just saying.
    ” Sorry I have no idea what will happen”.

  46. A. Robot (Mrs)

    Bias creeping in already, Twick. Your selection of pictures suggests that a vote for Vince is a vote for blue skies, the Middlesex bank and Old Father Thames; a vote for Ms M, however, merely indicates approval for muted Farrow and Ball greys.

  47. Micio

    Unbelievable that Cable has decided to stand again he should be making way for young blood.

    We must not forget that he kissed up to the Tories for five years.