Pics of the Week: Springtime

After a brief few days of glorious weather we’re back to business as usual but here’s a quick reminder of that spring sunshine.


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6 responses to “Pics of the Week: Springtime

  1. A. Robot (Mrs)

    Enough blossom already! What about this bloody election, Twick?
    Is Vince standing or will he make way for a younger model?
    Will Labour and the Greens get behind the Lib Dems?
    Is the gardener still with Ukip or will he join Banks’s Patriotische Allianz Volkspartei?
    Will the TWs remain Remain or will they join with Dacre’s brownshirts to ‘crush the saboteurs’ (Mail front page today).
    Speak, Twick! A suburb holds its breath.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Yes he is.
      No need – Lib Dems will clean up on their own.
      Nope – seems to have started his own loony party
      Twickers’ are Remainers!

    • Sally

      Mrs R,, you are very brave. It will be upon us all too soon. Just think of the local politicians and sad wannabes now sitting up on their perches, preening themselves and in some cases preparing to let rip with rubbish which will make Dacre look like Socrates.
      It’s such a terrible thought I have been hoping that something, Spring planting perhaps will,bring about a delay!

  2. illiad1

    Click on ‘via twitter’ and then ‘media’ if it does not show pics..

    I did mean show them on THIS wordpress page….. 😛 🙂

  3. illiad1

    {yawn} it seems there is much more content (pictures!!)on the twitter feed…

    How about showing them???:)