Twickerati in New LBRuT Partnership

There are big changes afoot for twickerati Newly announced support from Richmond Council means that this blog will be able to play a bigger role in communicating news about what the Council is doing.  As part of the arrangement, this twickerati blog along with several others across the Borough will become part-funded by the Council. In return the hyperlocal websites will promote Council stories and cover  the facts Richmond’s leaders believe that locals should be focusing on.

From a twickerati perspective this is good news. Blog Editor Russell said, “The team and I have discussed this in great detail. We all genuinely believe that after nearly seven years of blogging from an independent perspective a fresh approach is required to better engage with the community.  Looking back we can see that we have often covered stories from a narrow and often rather limited perspective.  Take the Gloriana boat house for example. In hindsight we believe that could have made important strides in developing a tired and run down local park.  We now look forward to working closely with Lord True and the rest of the LBRuT team to keep Twickenham residents up to date with what’s going on.  With the Council’s resources behind us we’ll be able to do real justice to the stories that matter”.

In an El Brute Press Release, Director of Communications, Mike Coles said: “With so many unreliable news outlets and so much wanton distortion of the facts across social media this new deal will cut through to the stories that matter. We’ll be presenting the true facts using trusted partners. We begin rolling out our new partnership by adding some Richmond Council branding to twickerati, Teddingtonia and TotalRichmond, by sharing stories and through merging our twitter feeds. Our first big initiative will see leading Councillors take the news to the residents in a re-painted version of the iconic twickerati ice cream van. Keep a look out for it on Twickenham riverside.”

In a series of tweets from the official @lbrut Twitter account, Richmond Council Leader Lord True said:

“Too many pot shots from failing local media. Many blogs misinformed and overrated. So sad”

“We now have the chance for more constructive relationships with all local bloggers, bypassing mainstream media.”

“Time to get to work getting the truth out there. No more fake news. We can now deal in real FACTS”

“Joining forces with @twickerati, @teddingtonia & @totalrichmond makes sense. Great borough. The Best.”

Exciting times, eh?  We think you will like the new look and we hope you will love our more mainstream approach to covering local news. Our next feature will be an in-depth look at the plans for making Twickenham riverside great again and that will be followed in May by a re-appraisal of the Twickenham station development.

Mr Whippy. Twickerati van gets LBRuT branding.



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  1. Jeremy Rodell

    Nice one Russell!

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  2. Nearly forgot what day it is. 😉

  3. janis haves

    Excellent, had me going there for a while. Brilliant as always, thanks!

  4. Is this on the basis that if one won’t work the 2nd might? Nice try Russel. ☝

  5. Roger Williams

    Hopefully now you’ll start giving proper coverage of the Great Wall along the Hounslow border.

  6. Twicktor Meldrew

    Just as I was about to let rip, I looked at the ice cream van. Well done (says through gritted teeth)!

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  8. Sally

    Looking forward to the first new regime’s Twickerati posts :” The riverside:a tragedy of under development” or “Build for the sky-the selfless vision of True,”

  9. Robyn

    2 in one day…you are spoiling us!

  10. Ex-Twickenham Resident

    Any truth in the rumour that the leader of the council is planning to have a blonde comb over?

  11. Laura

    First April fool to greet the day, thank you!!!!!

  12. George banks

    Hope you keep editorial right to scrutinise your new paymasters