Twickenham 1 – 0 Chelsea: Blues Will Not Play At Twickenham

Costa going to China? Who knows? Costa coming to Twickenham? Nah, not happening. We are of course referring to grumpy-chops goal machine Diego Costa rather than the mediocre coffee chain who have, of course, already established themselves in Twickenham. More than two years after the idea first got a serious airing the RFU has finally confirmed that Chelsea will not be allowed to use Twickenham Stadium while their Stamford Bridge ground gets redeveloped.

It’s going to take three years for Chelsea to build their new Fancy Dan 60,000 seat stadium at The Bridge but the question of where to play in the meantime has perplexed football’s biggest brains for quite a while (insert your own joke here).

Not "The Bridge"

Not “The Bridge”

Wembley might still be an option, as might staying at ‘Fortress Bridge in some way during the build. There could be ground share options with Brentford or Fulham to consider too, maybe? How about the mighty Hampton and Richmond?? With Twickenham finally ruled out by the RFU many residents will breathe a big sigh of relief that the idea of 25 or more football matches a year taking place at Twickenham is now off the table. Some may feel that with the assorted rugby matches, NFL events, concerts and the like there is already a fairly busy schedule at the stadium with a fairly significant impact on the town. And what about you? Happy now? Or are you suffering from the Blues?

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11 responses to “Twickenham 1 – 0 Chelsea: Blues Will Not Play At Twickenham

  1. Anonymous

    The NIMBY’s parochialism is astounding! Local Twickenham businesses will be missing out on about £700,000 per match-day, which equates to over £52,000,000 during the three year period that Chelsea would have been in occupancy for.

    • Anonymouse

      No thanks. We don’t want any more lager and fast food income at the expense of the all the other businesses in Twickenham.
      Go play the blues at Wemberley.

    • Rufus McDufus

      You mean just like the imaginary millions made by local businesses during the Rugby World Cup, where in reality most business saw a drop in income?

  2. twickerman

    Its a Monster Truck Off too. Yeehaa.
    The planning app for the polluting truckers was finally withdrawn last month meaning the surrounding streets will be spared the hundreds of HGVs of dirt destined to bury the hallowed turf.

  3. Beavis Mugabe

    40 odd thousands Neanderthals descending on twickenham every other week – no ta. Go play in Kent it’s where most of your fans are from.

  4. Ex-Twickenham Resident

    It would have been great. Could have cycled to the game, pint in Church St. & watch the Blues win, rather than the district line to West Ken, a walk down North End Rd & watch the Blues win.

    (I am expecting a record number of thumbs down).

  5. Alexander Ehmann

    Glad to see that Twickerati are helping to spread the good news. With the pressure of our (local Councillors) sizeable petition against Chelsea at Twickenham we kept up the pressure and finally the RFU saw sense. I had this confirmed to me in a recent letter where I pressed them again some months ago for an answer. When it was ruled out I informed the Richmond and Twickenham Times, but for whatever reason they didn’t use the story. Thanks for helping to spread the word that together we can stop things like this being forced on us! Cllr Ehmann

    • Alan Winter

      Afraid the Richmond and Twickenham Times is now just part of a large American owned group and is based at Sutton . It has no real “local” connectivity anymore. This is why a new weekly digital newspaper the Twickenham Tribune is now up and running and run by local people with local news for local people. I’m sure they will be interested in publishing this Stadium news. Get them on

  6. Huge relief at non-appearance of Premier League football at Twickenham. It would have been like November, 10 times a year, and with mid week night matches as well. Good decision.