Question Time for El Brute at Village Events

Richmond Council, aka El Brute, are running a series of engagement sessions around Twickenham and Strawberry Hill to get your views on the state of the world in God’s Own Outer London Suburb (GOOLS). The sessions take different formats ranging from a Leader’s Question Time, with no less a personage than Lord True, the Blue Baron himself, via drop-in sessions and all the way through to ‘walkabouts’ where you can roam the streets pointing out all the things you don’t like, and maybe some that you do.

It’s part of LBRuT’s grand scheme of  ‘village plans’. These are all about trying to shape how your local area will develop and what the key issues, priorities and opportunities are. El Brute say these will help inform their work on improving the villages (Editor: And towns please! Twickenham is a town!) across the borough.  Previous Question Time sessions have taken place in the last couple of years at various locations, including East Twickenham, St Margarets and Whitton. Lord True’s state carriage will be travelling to Strawberry Hill and to The Stoop in Twickenham.

What’s hot? Parking, pot holes, traffic, schools, planning, noise, empty shops and dare we say the word ‘Riverside’?

Will you be having your say?


The seat of El Brute power

York House: The seat of El Brute power



Upcoming dates
* Wed 11th Jan 6.30 to 8.30pm. Strawberry Hill – Leader’s Question Time at Strawberry Hill Golf Club
* Wed 18th Jan 6.30 to 8.30pm. Twickenham – Leader’s Question Time at The Stoop (Harlequins Rugby Club)
* Sat 25th Feb 10am to 4pm. Strawberry Hill and Twickenham – Drop in consultation at the Emmanuel Centre, St James Church, Popes Grove
* Sun 26th Feb 10.30am to 12.30pm. Strawberry Hill Walkabout – Meet at Emmanuel Centre, St James Church
* More details and more dates in March via the link below

* LBRuT Village Plan events


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5 responses to “Question Time for El Brute at Village Events

  1. illiad1

    so, no one care about ‘Village Events’ then????

  2. David Mawson

    I watched the webcast and found it interesting but in parts incredibly boring and the long winded answers. I loved the lady who mentioned about Radnor Gardens and the comments made by Elengorn at the Planning Committee meeting. Pam did not look happy!

  3. twickerman

    I was one of the (fool)hardy attendees of the Leader’s Question Time at the Stoop. I won’t bore you with too many details as these can be viewed in their entirety here:

    In summary, not many people attended, and there were only 5 pre-submitted questions, with 2 questionees failing to attend. Worse still, the bar was closed!

    7 mins in: Lord True tried to explain the ‘fuzzy grey boundaries’ between Twickenham town, Twickenham Village and the TAAP. Basically, the town centre is excluded from Twickenham Village planning but we were allowed to ask about it anyway. Don’t ask.

    53 mins: RAGman asks about the Riverside, and why El Brute hadn’t published responses to the consultations open questions. Apparently the survey company were too busy.

    56 mins: Radnor Bridgeman asked about inclusion of the pedestrian/cycle bridge to Ham in village plans. Lord True replied that ‘it is a really interesting idea’ before reeling off a long list of reasons why it’ll never happen, including: ‘Radnor Garden [NIMBYs] would find it quite difficult’, and something about the ‘tooth fairies’ being strapped for cash.

    1hr25mins: A pre-submitted question (questionee not present, possibly F.Terry) praising the glory of the curved building design for the Riverside. Lord True explained that his initial impression of Terry’s original design was ‘it’s too large’ and that it proved to be ‘not appropriate and the people didn’t accept it’. A hint of progress.

    1hr28mins: Another Riverside question about the disappearance of the King Street plaza/town square, to be replaced by a ‘sleeping place for the homeless’. True replied ‘we obviously have to recover our £6.5 million investment, or most of it’.
    Fleming said ‘the idea came from the workshops that people like this guildhall approach with covered space’. She also described it as ‘open space’ despite the walls and columns surrounding it, and the building above it!

    1hr35mins: Another Riverside question to Fleming about why we were only presented with 1 King Street option in the 2 new proposals. Fleming again advised that this guildhally thing was what people at the workshops wanted, and if you didn’t like it you could have chosen the [inappropriate and unpopular] amphitheatre option 3 which ‘offered something different’. What progress?

    Later on: the inevitable question from Twickenham’s very own Lidolady. To which True advised we’ve already got 2 lido’s in the borough, so there. Or words to that effect.

    It was noted that at least two local councillors snuck out of the meeting early. I just wish I’d joined them.

  4. Ben Makins

    Did anyone go along to the event at the Stoop on Wednesday? Anything on riverside, or has this been separated from overall Twickenham consideration. I was intending to place a comment on the thread about the riverside, but can’t seem to do so. Has that thread been discontinued or am I just missing something obvious?

  5. illiad1

    wot, another ‘architects compo’ ???? With no regard to who has to live there… we have already heard most ‘entrants’ are too busy working/dreaming in their big fancy glass towers to get out and see the place!!
    All they see is a map, and the financial prospects…