Twickenham Christmas Lights Event – 27th November

Whilst we’re busy failing to bring you a round up of what’s going on in Twickenham, we thought we’d at least give a mention to the sizzlin’ spectacular Christmas Lights event taking place on Sunday 27th November. Put simply, it’s a Christmas event that’s taking place in Twickenham this Sunday, the 27th.

What’s on?  Plenty in and around King Street.  A Christmas market, a Santa’s grotto from 12.00pm and live entertainment from 2.30pm. Choo Choo! There are even train rides on one of those funny ‘petit train’ thingies.   There’s action in the Diamond Jubilee Gardens too. Oh, and look out for the reindeer.  The big switch on is at 5.30pm by the tree outside Santander.   Steve ‘off of the radio’ Allen will be doing the switch flicking.


Live nearer the Green? They’ll be turning a tree on there too.



(if it works for you)


Twickenham Christmas Tree


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3 responses to “Twickenham Christmas Lights Event – 27th November

  1. twickerman

    Bring on the bright lights of Twickenham, plus camels, storm troopers and wise men.
    Also on the agenda tomorrow is Quins v Bath.
    And in the twickmas spirit of hyperlocalism Network Rail will again close the station for the day to ensure visitors can’t come and spoil our fun!

    ps No true-true-train puns this year, I promise.

  2. Alexis

    Oh dear yet more tawdry politics from Doc B!
    Having failed to win a seat at the last local election, she seems to have dumped or been dumped by the LibDems led by their tireless apologist/flag waver/”weasel worded” (her words not mine), Gareth Roberts.
    Her recent lengthy post does rather smack of electioneering – doesn’t it? If so, I wonder for whom. Aristophanese was soundly slapped down for suggesting Labour – so that’s a no..
    An Independent perhaps? She certainly seems to have the energy although is woefully short of charisma and empathy. Alternatively could it be UKIP led by our local environmental scientist Barry Edwards? Oh to be a fly on the wall and listen to their forthright exchange of views below decks on Barry’s yacht or the UKIP suite of offices wherever they are, if that is so – what fun!
    Is she still chair of RAG or are the views expressed in her posts her own?
    Perhaps she could let us know.

  3. Will Lord Gnome show his face – or will the trusty leader in waiting be putting it about?