Brick Throwing Man Causes Heath Road Closure

A police helicopter buzzing overhead, Heath Road closed by police and a guy on a roof who has been chucking tiles and bricks into the street below. Not a typical start to a Saturday in Twickenham but that’s what we have had this morning.

Apparently the police went to a flat above a parade of shops on Heath Road at about 4.00am. A person then went up onto the roof and began throwing bricks and tiles into the street below. The road was then closed to prevent injury to passers by and it’s been that way now for several hours.

The situation is ongoing. Plenty of police are on the scene, including some equipped with riot shields, but so far they have opted to wait it out rather than risk injury or escalation, presumably with the person’s safety in mind.

With buses on diversion and rugby traffic heading to Twickenham is could make for a chaotic morning on the local roads.

The situation continued into the early afternoon with the fire brigade and ambulance service in attendance. At one point he was heard calling for Coke and chocolate. Eventually the man, wearing not much by way of clothing but wrapped in the same red blanket that he had been wearing whilst on the roof, was taken down in a cherry picker and taken off in an ambulance, with medical attention perhaps being a priority in this instance.


Man throws object from roof.

(Pic courtesy of Olivier Fusil  / @olivierfusil on Twitter)

Man on roof

Man on roof


And here’s the man being taken down off the roof. (Video courtesy of Duncan Stone  / @DuncanCStone)



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