Pic of the Week

The River Thames was unruffled by the result of last Thursday’s referendum. It was good to see someone, or rather something, keeping calm early on Friday morning as the result became clear. 


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8 responses to “Pic of the Week

  1. Sally

    We are very lucky to have. a glorious riverside. All the more reason not to let greedy Councillors dump blocks of flats on it.
    (I had a rare sighting of Councillor Fleming at the Best Banger. Competition in Jubilee Gardens. She looked a bit sour, and was gazing over at the potential site with what could only be described as a hungry expression)

  2. meteo

    So calm!
    Wasn’t there a storm later ………….

  3. Sally

    How lovely.

  4. Randolph104

    Thank you very much Tim, much appreciated

  5. Randolph104

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Anyone know where photos 2 & 3 are?