Richmond and Twickenham Say Remain While UK Brexits

ice-cream-van-twickenham-twickerati And in other news… After months of campaigning, claiming, counter-claiming and downright confusing-ing, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. In a tumultuous referendum, the country has decided to roll back over 40 years of Project Europe and try to re-assert its political independence. Nationally it was a close call, with 52% voting to leave and 48% to remain but here in London’s premier borough the result was more clear cut with 31% opting for out and 69% to stay in.  El Brute announced the Borough’s results in the early hours of the morning but even before then the direction of travel was clear.

Local MP Tania Mathias described herself as ‘Euro cautious’ but voted Remain. Meanwhile over the river Zac Goldsmith voted Leave. Uncertainty across the country and internationally about the impact of Brexit will also see yet another airing of questions of local importance such as a third runway at Heathrow. Is it more or less likely now? And what about the impact on jobs, inflation and house prices?

So, as you digest your Full English Brexfast this morning you can ponder on why Twickenham and Richmond bucked the national trend and whether, like Scotland, calls will grow for an independence referendum in the Borough to allow it to secure its very own membership of the EU.  After all, if Luxembourg can get a seat at the top table, why not Richmond? After all, they’re both duchies of a sort.

Oh, and here’s the LBRuT announcement.



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  1. Ex-Twickenham Resident

    Time to lighten the mood.

  2. Sally

    Mrs Robot,, of course. Looks to me like the research won’t get done and our A and E will be in serious trouble. I Must Take Back Control and see what a wonderful opportunity this is.

    Incidentally, I think I I have worked out the Edwards situation.:
    Whenever UKIP want to appear less insane they send out a directive for wannabe Councillors to shut up or at least try to sound reasonable. Knowing Mr Edwards they just tell him to shut up.
    Doubtless he refuses, at a length I can only begin to imagine. He then has to be restrained and thrust into a potting shed.Occasionally he partially breaks free and is able to type a series of abusive emails with his nose.
    This explains the blissful silences followed by umpteen consecutive rants.

  3. A.Robot (Mrs)

    It seems increasingly likely that Brexit will never actually happen. News today:

    ‘The US secretary of state (John Kerry) has raised doubts about whether Brexit will ever happen, suggesting most leave campaigners do not truly believe in Britain’s divorce from the EU and do not know how to achieve it. He said the British prime minister felt powerless to “start negotiating a thing that he doesn’t believe in” and “has no idea how he would do it”. Apparently referring to Boris Johnson, one of the frontrunners to replace Cameron, Kerry added: “And by the way, nor do most of the people who voted to do it.”

    As the inherent idiocy of the project becomes ever clearer and as its leading lights admit that they didn’t really intend to carry out any of the absurd ‘pledges’ they made to their gullible supporters (and those supporters wake up to the fact that they’ve been had by a bunch of toffs leveraging understandable regional working-class discontents and resentments purely for their own vanity and career advancement), the whole thing will sink into an interminable ‘renegotiation’ wrangle with Article 50 never actually being invoked and everything carrying on much as usual. Brexit will fail because the Brexiters don’t actually know how to make it happen, most of them don’t want the consequences when they wake up to what they actually are, and some very rich and powerful people stand to lose an awful lot of money if it ever did happen.
    That leaves the union jack wavers, the racists and the terminally jingoistic who really, in the scheme of things, don’t count for a great deal.

    That positive enough for you, Nem?

    • Sally

      It is all rather like dealing with a sociopath.
      .”I am going to throw this Ming vase, ya ya ya!”
      “But you’ll break it !”
      “Who are you to tell me what to do? A so -called expert ? ” (Smash. )
      “The bloody vase is broken!”
      “Well we are where we are , let be constructive about this. Anybody got any ideas? It can’t really be broken. I know what to do ,I am just not telling ”
      You voted leave, you thought it would work out just fine. So go ahead. Roll out the problem solving.
      Even Grove’s wife, the odious Sarah Vine of the Mail is on Twitter appealing for ideas on fixing things up. As JK Rowling replied, Why should we help? We were all going to be dancing around in sunlit meadows £350 million better off, yes?

    • barryedwardsukip

      If we have a democracy in the UK, it will happen, because that is what the majority of people voted for. I know he/she might not like it but I agree with nemesis.

    • barryedwardsukip

      Mrs bot, answer the question – Do you want a Common Market; an open free market for all individual European countries, or a closed controlled collective block of countries stifling free trade, forcing a political union on all European nations and levying tariffs on the rest of the world?

      I would be grateful of an answer to discover if you really are a commie?

  4. nemesis

    Breaking news;
    The referendum finished nearly a week ago. The votes were counted and Remain lost.
    Please get over yourselves and start being constructive.

    • No – leave has damaged my children’s and grandchildren’s future. Best get used to the anger,

    • barryedwardsukip

      S&M burningham, you really need to try yourself up and spank yourself, the rest of us look forward to trading with the world and don’t worry no-one will hold anything against your children they will benefit massively as much as the rest of us, despite your bad attitude.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      I thought in a democracy you are allowed to raise your voice, especially if something is so obviously wrong. So no – for the good of the country it is necessary to discuss this and as we know many people are expressing buyers regret. This is pertinent as the brexit campaign was based on wretched lies.

    • barryedwardsukip


      It is a democracy, we have all voted and you are still banging on about it, so I would assume, you are also one of those Anti-Dems.

      All I would say to that is “Oh and the remain told the truth”!!!
      Cameron “it could lead to the third world war”
      Tusk “it would lead to the destruction of western Europe”.
      Khan, “London will fail”

      All the sides exaggerated, it seems that is how politics is nowadays. But it does not change the fact that the vote was about obedience to the EU, or regain the UK’s freedom to forge its own path. That’s what people voted for – freedom, so face up to it you were wrong, the country wants freedom and you will have to accept it and move on. You never know you might like freedom. (oh, from the way you argue maybe not!!).

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Just a little note to Edwards – it is remarks like that you have made to SMB which demonstrate your lack of fitness for any public office. Your lack of self-awareness is stunning.

  5. Sally

    I have just received a second email from a clinical research department . Yet another research project is to be stalled as they don”t know how they will pay for it without EU funding or indeed without being sure of their clinical and research staff many of who are EU citizens. Oddly they seem to have no faith in some sort of magical windfall or the battle bus lies.
    Medical research and indeed the whole NHS is going to be hit very hard indeed which is something the most devoted Leaver might notice when he or she shows up at A and E or even asks “are they working on a cure for this?”
    But what would qualified medical staff and researchers know? Clearly they need a failed financier or even a deluded landscaper to explain it is all for the best.

    • As I have said before the Brexiters had/have no plan. The country is in a b…… mess because of them.

      A few of us have just written to our M.P to say: “This is time for true leadership within Parliament – and I do understand the constitutional obstacles. But we should all be doing everything we can to reverse this madness and to support the calling of another referendum at an appropriate stage of the negotiations – preferably before the triggering of Article 50, which will already begin to set negotiating stances in concrete and may not be reversible.”
      Waste no time speaking with BE – take action against the madness – write to those who may be in a position to help.

    • barryedwardsukip

      Sally, are you really Gareth Roberts, because you sound just like him. Move on and start working out how the UK can benefit from the referendum results.

    • A.Robot (Mrs)

      In our glorious populist Ukip future decisions on which medical research needs funding will be decided by a phone vote every Saturday night on the Lottery programme. Viewers will be provided with an infopack on the various candidates which will be drawn up by the combined medical correspondents of the Sun, Express and Star.
      Come on, Sally, we live in a democracy. Take back control!

    • Sally

      Oh ho, it’s all about market deals?
      The Leave campaign rested on a foundation of hateful incessant UKIP and tabloid attacks on migratnts, refugees, anybody “other” who were moronically blamed for all social ills. The Farage “Breaking Point” poster was derived straight from Nazi propaganda and showed refugees who had nothing at all to do with the EU. This is why UKIP,had the endorsement of every repulsive far right , racist group in Europe. And the BNP in the UK
      This is why when Farage launched into his abusive EU chamber diatribe he disgusted all the representatives there and embarrassed England ,but had the sole praise of Le Pen.
      The morons now emboldened to shout abuse at foreigners, brown people or headscarf wearers feel they have the green light to do so.
      To try to pretend that aspect of it doesn’t exist is ridiculous. To claim that you campaigned alongside and supported by these odious people but you aren’t involved or at all responsible for the abuse….well, that is like climbing into a vat of excrement and then standing dripping by the side claiming to,be clean.
      My God, there is a lot of airbrushing going on with the Leavers.

    • Randolph104

      Sally, I regret that you’re right. Even Boris has said access to a free market is more important that migration. Listening to comments from disadvantaged areas eg Lincolnshire one gets the impression that many Leavers prime motivation is to make sure we all suffer together. As Melanie Phillips had it a couple of weeks ago “I’d rather be poor but free” She should know better.

      God knows what UKIP’s Brexit plan is (cos they certainly don’t). Talking it all through last year, I told my medical student son to vote against Miliband & Balls and put his faith in the good sense of the British people. Seems my faith was mis-placed.

    • barryedwardsukip

      If you had been keeping up, the plan is to have the Common Market, as we should have been provided in the first place.

    If you’ve not already signed, this is the petition site. Set up by a leave campaigner who was concerned with the democratic vote.

  7. barryedwardsukip

    Mrs bot, Do you want a Common Market; a open free market for all European countries, or a closed controlled collective block of countries stifling free trade, forcing a political union on all European nations and levying tariffs on the rest of the world? That was the only choice, not all the other stuff. If you want a Common Market, as I think both Leave and Remain want, then what are we all arguing about? Yes it is that simple. All the other complications are either misguided self-interest, propaganda, or a quest for power.

    It is so obvious, even the Guardian has worked that out!! We don’t need or want a Norwegian model and I don’t even know what idiot suggested that. I hope the EU see the error of its ways and provide the UK with what we voted and paid for – a Common Market, or will we form one. Stronger together is working with all the other European countries that will now leave the EU cartel. This would lead to 12 ex-EU countries currently (4 in EFTA, 6 past EFTA and 2 campaigning for referenda as we blog) and more to follow no doubt. We would then invite the USA, China, India, the rest of the Commonwealth and anyone else that believes in free trade to join us. This would form the largest free market on the planet.

    What single market!!

  8. A.Robot (Mrs)

    The choice last Thursday was so straightforward. Putting the cross on the paper was so easy. Taking control was a doddle. Getting our country back was great. But then it all got a bit boring on Saturday and all the fun went out of it when Boris and Nigel said they hadn’t said lots of things I’m sure I heard them say. Then they wiped their website so I can’t check. Ah well, Big Brother’s on tonight. I wonder if Lateysha’s been nominated …….

    Populism, eh? Simple-minded solutions for simple-minded people to complicated questions.

    • and how about the politicians steam rolling us into a tiny version of USSR, ignored and belittled, where the bankers and politicians laugh all the way to the bank???

    • Sally

      I find it hard to even meet the eyes of Polish people, whether the nursing staff fighting with the team to keep patients alive in Intesnive care, or people running prosperous little shops. What must they think of us?
      Those stupid Leave slogans, the lying claims ,the abuse scrawled and shouted. And the hatred of experts who contradicted the Mickey Mouse visions and flag waving

  9. whiteknight

    Just a thought: it is widely reported in the Press that it is the Young who were most anxious to “Remain”. Interesting , then, that only 36% of the 18-24s bothered to vote.
    Incidentally,voter registration is meant to be obligatory (I believe failure to do so is liable to a £100 fine). I discovered a few years ago that in this Borough there had been zero prosecutions, and I don’t believe that everyone over 18 is on the Register.
    Any insights into the above?

    • yes, rank stupidity of bureaucracy, so tied up with red tape and complex benighted rules, that the workers cannot keep up…
      eg, when I last managed to claim council tax relief, they found a mistake, I corrected it……
      – a week later they found another mistake, I corrected it……
      Guess what???
      – a week later they found another mistake, I corrected it……
      how is this possible, do they have some minimum time they can spend on a case??? not enough time to read the whole form???

      a few years ago, I *forgot* my electoral form, until I arrived to vote, and they told me I could not… the old lady said no problem, I just could not vote…..

    • nemesis

      Voting is not obligatory
      Registering is.
      Think the relevant authorities are in a mess though. Some students are registered twice (at home & at University). Reports from Kingson that persons not eligible to vote actually voting. Dont get me started on fraudulent postal votes.

    • nemesis: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 😀

    • nemesis

      White Knight. This interview might interest you with PH;

      PH:” They (The Cons) never intended to hold a referendum. It was a promise made on the assumption they would not win a majority, and they could claim to have been forced to abandon it by their coalition partners. The Tory manifesto, full of absurd promises, is strong circumstantial evidence of this . But even stronger is Mr Cameron’s decision in 2013 (the Electoral Registration and Administration Act) to alter voter registration in a way that would damage Labour, particularly by making students less likely to register, in post 2015 polls. Of course this also affected the pro-EU vote. The last-minute panic extension of voter registration showed that this had been a grave mistake.”

      Certainly, something I was unaware of.

  10. barryedwardsukip

    Other than returning to a common market formed of all the European countries, which actually satisfies what both Leave and Remain wants, has anyone else got any good suggestion that might be an equitable way forwards?

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      I would have thought Gove, Johnson and Farage might have put forward a clear plan first. As any trade deal with the EU must include FoM and the lies about NHS spending are revealed as lies, the only solution is to continue as we are.

    • Sure, they have a ‘plan’, but they are too busy thinking about their ‘investments’, their holiday home, and not about how the fishing and farming industry is being bled dry…
      Oh, and how wonderful it is, that the Chinese can get much cheaper steel for us!!! :/ :/

    • nemesis

      Have a look at ‘Flexit’ by Richard North also the A.S.I have a similar plan.

    • A.Robot (Mrs)

      Any chance of allocating these two a little dedicated sub-site of their own? I think they deserve it

    • Robot, there are plenty of ways to get your own forum, but most are too lazy to get off the sofa!! 😦
      and people like you pretending, while waiting for your mum to get your tea…

  11. Ex-Twickenham Resident

    As Edwards is so keen on democracy, I propose a Barexit.(Barry Edwards exit from Twickerati).
    All those in favour?

    • The day we prevent someone speaking, the day we succumb to fascism, unless the discussion becomes totally abusive or puerile.
      Let his name appear – we don’t have to reply.
      It’s the old Alice in Wonderland situation:
      “speak harshly to your little boy
      and smack him when he sneezes
      he only does it to annoy
      because he knows it teases”.
      (I don’t advocate literal smacking, but the turning the cold does the same trick. Let him talk to the wind).
      The baby, in Alice, turned into a pig – as you all know.

    • barryedwardsukip

      Oh no not that again, yawn!!! Same old same old, descended into personal attacks again. Very sad, – can’t you have a proper debate without returning to the playground? Please back to the point, or no doubt, Twickerati will cut you off again. Stick and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. Sound familiar, just wanted you to feel at home!!

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      You are of course correct SMB. Mr.Edwards is of course entitled to his opinions and should be free to air them. It was merely a joke and a play on the term brexit. I hope Mr. Edwards does understand that there are many who are rather upset as to the outcome of the vote, on what was for the most part unreliable promises and which now has plunged the country into confusion and threatens the existence of the UK.
      l would also like to say, I have never called Mr. Edwards a rascist as I do not believe he is.

    • problem…. there is something worse than fascism….. preoccupation and benighted rules, that drives many good people AWAY , and makes the whole system even more unmanageable.. ‘but hey it looks great on paper! ‘

  12. We are where we are after the vote.
    We also need to realise that if our country wants to trade with the EU it will have to pay for privilege and there will have to be freedom of movement for people. It’s just going to cost us more and we won’t have any influence from within the EU.
    So what do the triumphalist Brexiters propose? Put up a wall round the island, re-erect Hadrian’s Wall? Perhaps ask Donald Trump, the comb-over man, to become our Prime Minister, he likes walls!
    It was a bad campaign that should never have been held. The public were ill-informed and the exit bunch do not have a plan.
    A majority of us have voted for a bunch of wallies. Rule Britannia!

    • barryedwardsukip


      Did you read any of my last comment, or are you just scare-mongering for the sake of it? Of course everyone knows we will continue trading with European countries, but there doesn’t have to be anything which you suggest. The common market has a clear set of rules which still exist. The UK will have to pay something yes, a substantially smaller fee, but the common market operated very nicely without the free movement of people and the rest of the little EU insular and closed market oppressive rules.
      You seem to be a bit unrealistic in your evaluation of the situation, rather hysteric. Hadrian’s Wall, what ever next!!! The UK operated very nicely thank you very much for the last thousand years of global trading and the simple plan is to revert to the common market as we asked for in the first place. We don’t need all that communist EU state control rubbish, just equitable free trade.
      It is not that hard to understand and I think you will find that all the other European countries, in time, will decide to follow our lead.

    • No Barry. You are of no interest to me whatever.

  13. barryedwardsukip

    I have never, ever read such an ill=informed group of comments in my life, well done Twickerati, job well done.
    Anyone using this website that criticizes the referendum vote, or anyone who voted in it, is anti-democratic and should be ashamed of themselves. I suggest that they go to the EU, it would be the best place for you, as you and the EU are made for each other.
    The nation, after a 72.2% turnout and 52% Leave and 48% Remain, has delivered a fair and representative vote and it can only be seen a pathetic for anyone to say otherwise. And as for the lunatic self -centred politicians (we all know who they are) that suggest a new discussion on breaking up the UK and even London leaving the UK, I can only ask if they are still taking their pills?
    What is all this little Englander and historic clap-trap. If you haven’t noticed, all on the Leave and Remain side want a Common Market, the EU changed and turned away from the original agreement with successive changes to treaties and directives. This vote was simply to return and put the rules back to it being a common market, not to start a civil war!! With a Common Market all the countries of Europe can trade effectively, the country has rejected all the other communist rubbish of an ever closer integration, monetary union and the EU taking our place on the UN, NATO, WTO and the rest of the organisations they want to force us off. Now do you all get it?
    As in animal farm, it was a good idea for the animals to run the farm, but not if the pigs keep changing the rules on the barn door. This entire matter was not a divorce, its about who wears the trousers. Some of you may wish to live in a collective and be assimilated into sharing, your nation, your local area, your home and your wallet with everyone and anyone in the world, but the UK has voted that will not happen and we will remain a free nation, get used to it.
    This vote is an expression of disappointment in these changes in the treaties and directives, but also in the people who have let this happen, Tory, Labour, Lib Dem and Green have totally lost touch with the majority of the British public and I have a feeling that many of you sally, smburningham, Dr NHS, have an even very limited and tenuous grasp of any type of reality. As for A.Robot (Mrs) you are totally barking to have written “Democracy requires a demos which is educated and informed”, this is straight out of 1939 Germany, what will you want next, ethnic cleansing?
    The population are the people that are voters, if you don’t like democracy live elsewhere!! I should not worry your little heads about my residency status, I have qualified and stood in many Twickenham elections and indeed to continue doing so, as it seems I voted with the people and that I am very much in touch with the people. And if those mentioned above weren’t all cowards and would give your names, you would equally be entitled play a legitimate role in democracy and people would take you seriously. As it stands, you have little or nothing to offer but sticks and stones. Frankly withholding your names just makes you an embarrassment. Come on give your real names – cowards.

    • George

      My God! I actually agree with parts of the first half of your comment. There was a genuine reaction against the shift of the EU from a trading bloc towards a political union although you omit to mention the strong support for anti-foreigner policies in some parts of some communities.

      But then you got all ranty again and I realised why you did badly in the last election and then you started to ask people for their identity papers and so I switched off.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      I know maths and percentages are not your thing, but perhaps you could sit down with a pen and paper and work out what percentage of the voting population actually voted for brexit.

    • A.Robot (Mrs)

      Barry Edwards, as you may or may not know, you have a welsh forename and a welsh surname. Robot is a foreign name too but, like you, my late husband was made welcome in this country by the generally hospitable English people. He reciprocated that hospitality as I hope that you too, in the fullness of time will find yourself able to do.

    • Randolph104

      Your bullying tone reminds me of those awful union mass meetings in the 70S. Our democracy is based on a SECRET ballot, we are all entitled.

      Perhaps you’ve missed the racist attacks, that some seem to think are now more acceptable. But as an example of how a group of people from different parts of the world can come together in trying circumstances, try a 12 hour shift in West Mid A & E, where my daughter has spent the last 2 days. All you can do it belittle anyone with a contrary view and totally lack any ability to articulate a post-Brexit plan.

      It is a divorce, all we “control” is the timing of Article 50 and we will not get the CDs. it’s a very sad, sorry mess that our children will inherit and for which they may not forgive us.

      Like “George” said, no wonder you did badly is the last election. BTW my real name is Dave.

    • barryedwardsukip


      That was very kind of you to say about the first part, but to explain the second half, you should know that for the past 12 months on this site the named contributors and Ex-resident have raged a consistent campaign accusing me of being many, many things that I am not. I am totally fed up with it and choose to respond in the way I do, because they don’t deserve any other type of response. I am human being and don’t deserve that kind of aggression towards me.

      They have tried to force me to leave the site, told me to shut up, they have placed scandalous remarks in the press and accused me of lying. What would you do? Unfortunately I have not yet seen the meek inheriting the earth and I don’t think they will do any time soon, so I stick up for myself.

      I have no anti-foreigner policy, in fact when people have wrongly complemented me on what they think I stand for (the right wing bigots you describe), I have told them to not to vote for me if that is what they believe.
      I did not do badly at the last election, as it was the most votes I have ever received and I plan to get more votes in the future. The main thing was, I achieved what I intended, which was to play a part in changing the local MP.

      What the next puzzle is to decide whether I try and reform UKIP, or purely defend democracy within another framework; as being call a racist once, was bad enough, but it wares really thin after the current total of 6 times from the public on the street and every time when I leave a post here. But I would guess, a large section of Twickerati are members (who have the nerve to post) from other political parties and they are here just to discredit people. It might even be your very own local Councillor “slagging people off”, course they would never admit to saying these things in public!! That is why I complain about the anonymity on Twickerati, because it allows them the opportunity to bully and be trolls. I always use my real name and stand by my posts.

    • Sally

      Mr Edwards in your lengthy , boastful and dreary rants you come across as totally without insight, standing,qualifications or intelligence . It must be a great comfort to you. When confronted with anything which doesn’t fit in with your world view you just attack, ignore ,or attempt to bully the messengers.
      Interesting glimmers of misogyny there. “Wearing the trousers” “hysteric” . There is no prejudice you leave unturned,with your shovel of bunk.
      Many of us are horrifed by the crash of the pound, the withdrawal of businesses and the appalling increase in racist attacks. . To that we add Mr Farage’s disgusting insults to Euporean officials thus further wrecking any standing England has. . The hateful faked poster. The lie on the battle bus they all simpered in front of yet now all disown. Everything the people,who actually knew anything about the subject said would happen .
      To paraphrase Dr NHS, you are like a tick on the backside of a cow, boasting about being part of the lumbering beast. You don’t get it that you have the ability to kill any banter and that this is a cheery spirited forum, in which residents mostly use pseudonyms. That is the deal.
      So do migrate to your Hounslow homeland. and compost something. Return to, your herbaceous dreams of one day being elected to anything.

    • nemesis

      Most of what you say is right, however, if you look at the history it was always intended to be a political union. The Treaty of Rome has ‘ever closer union’ written in it. It was what Tony Benn warned of in the previous referendum. This would be unacceptable to Nation States so it was heavily disquised. Released F/O papers reveal the deception which Heath new about and connived in. With I might add a little local help;

    • ex-twick, have not seen this???? full and comprehensive details – click around for more… 🙂

    • Steve Topol

      In 2008, Tony Elsom & I exchanged [many !!!!!] divergent views on Twickenham Riverside. If I’d been told then that 8 years later I’d be clicking the thumbs up icon on his posting, I’d have been surprised ! However, I’m very happy to have given his ‘well done Sally’ comments the thumbs up click tonight, & to support Sally’s & Susan’s excellent postings on this debate.

  14. We are in control eh! Can’t even organise a football team.

    • tony elsom

      Well said Sally.
      I’m not going to be rude about Mr Edwards other than to recount an anecdote from some years ago when he was trying to become a Tory Councillor in Teddington.
      He and I were members of RUG opposed to Lourie’s sell-off of Twickenham Riverside. In the spirit of bonhomie to a fellow protester, I offered to introduce him to a group of local businessmen who met in a Teddington Pub once a week. Sadly, I couldn’t be there and apologised only to be shouted at for letting him down. That was irritating enough but I subsequently had to eat humble pie and buy an enormous round for those who were subjected to a lecture rather like the stuff he posts here. That was a far more painful penalty and they still look at me askance when meeting in the pub in case he is behind me.
      I won’t make that mistake again!
      Tony Elsom.

    • nemesis

      We should start a petition to Parliament to replay the England v Iceland match. I’m feeling sad and offended that we were only represented by young uneducated people.

  15. Gladiator

    I wonder if Mrs robot’s remarks about “the will of the people” would still have applied had the result been the way round?

    • barryedwardsukip

      Yeah Gladiator – very well said. The difference really is that the Leavers, as democrats, would have and do accept the vote, however it would have turned out.

  16. nemesis

    You guys don’t get it but I think this chap does; and I think Peter Hitchens understands;
    For the record I thought both campaigns were pretty awful, prone to exaggeration, false promises and fear mongering with most of the Aces stacked in ‘Remain’s favour which is why they were so shocked at losing. But the end justifying the means swings both ways.
    Our own domestic party political system is over due a shake out so that they can re-align and reconnect with their own abandoned core voters at every level. We may be witnessing this now – I do hope they both put their self-interest aside and not fudge it up.

    • barryedwardsukip

      Unfortunately I doubt that they would have learnt anything from this. They are so full of hate for they opposition and lust for power, that they would step on anyone’s head and will just see this as a set-back. Reform of Parliament is required, but the establishment cannot see the “wood for the £s and $”. But interestingly, as Labour has tried to sweet-talk big business it is losing its core voter and as the Tories want to cash in on restrictive EU contracts, they have lost the theirs. This political soap has got a long way to run yet before either will emerge with any credibility and as for the Lib Dems, this is even worse, as they claimed to be the most EU-phile…….

  17. A.Robot (Mrs)

    Thanks, Twickerati, for providing a place to reassure ourselves that there are still a lot more of us than there are of them and that the mean little xenophobic ‘our country’ that they think they’ve ‘taken back’ was never ever that or theirs in the first place.

    • whiteknioght

      Unfortunately, it seems it is impossible to have a reasoned, civilised, constructive discussion if those who disagree resort to vilifying the other side, suggesting they are uneducated and uninformed (Mrs Robot)

    • Not uneducated but certainly ill-informed, and that’s no one’s fault but the campaigners. The leave campaign still doesn’t have a plan – you may have noticed – how was anyone to be expected to make an informed judgement based on emotion and slogans. We have had ten weeks of political diatribe and no facts – for what? To enable the ill-informed to shout ‘WE ARE IN CONTROL’!
      Control of what exactly? I do not apologise for my anger.

    • Sally

      White Knoight (sic) I am afraid the demographics suggest exactly that. It is not vilification to point that out. So far every analysis says the same thing.

      Mostly, people who were poorly educated ,older and apparently not given to travel voted for leaving the EU. Some are quite shocked at the consequences for themselves Some seem to be leaping on the opportunity to let rip with the racism. Some are still waving flags and shouting “take back control!” oblivious to their leaders’ frantic back-pedalling .
      It is odious that the Leave politicians who benefited from the lies (£350 million to the NHS, Nigel’s poster etc) are now trying to distance themselves from their slimy bedfellows. Carsewell is trying to explain how Nigel’s poster was odious and wrong , yet he stands with him. Near him, anyway.

  18. Ex-Twickenham Resident

    As reality dawns on the country please remember that in law the referendum result is non binding.

  19. aristophanes

    Dr Burningham: You don’t have to feel any less of an European than you were on Thursday morning. We all wear several hats. My passport states quite categorically that I am a “British Citizen”. I am still, as I was, an European as well. What happened on Thursday was that the majority of UK citizens who voted decided they did not want any longer to be associated with the geo-political entity called the European Union. We are a democratic society, and we by definition abide by “the will of the people”. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. But we abide by it.

    • A.Robot (Mrs)

      Aristophanes, you’re a grown woman, do you really seriously believe that ‘what happened on Thursday’ was that voters susceptible to Leave’s Farage/Gove/Johnson/Daily Mail/Sun comic-book-‘don’t listen to the experts’-who-might-know-what- they’re-talking-about ‘ propaganda decided they ‘did not want any longer to be associated with the geo-political entity called the European Union’
      Think about it. Is it likely?
      Claims that it was ‘the will of the people’ are already being ridiculed and will continue to be. read the papers.
      Democracy requires a demos which is educated and informed. That requires a balanced and independent media and an education system which respects and gives status to political philosophy and education. We have neither. And this allows simplistic nonsense about ‘the will of the people’ to be given more attention and less derision than it deserves.

    • Randolph104

      I am not nor will ever be a Brexiteer, MPs are not delegates, we do not vote en bloc. Geographically of course we are part of Europe, it’s just that we have sent a very strong political and cultural message to most of Europe that they can only interpret as negative.
      BTW, only other person I can recall using “an” in reference to European was Oswald Moseley……….just saying.

  20. aristophanes

    Dr Burningham: we are all Brexiteers now. The people have given their opinion; in a democracy, this must be respected. No triumphalism, no name calling. Let’s all get stuck in together.
    As to Heathrow – while I agree with you, the fact is that most people who do not live in SW London really don’t give a stuff about noise levels and pollution in this region, and just want to get on with it.

    • No I am not nor will I ever be a Bexiteer. I am a European, as are my children and grandchildren.
      The fact I also care deeply about noise and pollution makes me someone who also cares for my neighbour.

  21. nemesis

    It’s been good to see Remainers on social media being so gracious in defeat, recognising the fundamental equality of the democratic process, and generally not coming across as hateful liberal fascists.

  22. I think you need to look at *where* all the ‘leave’ results came from… mostly working class areas, sick of having their produce questioned, and being charged for it!!

    and ‘remain’ ??? all the rich and affluent areas, full of rich bankers and businessmen who want MORE money,m an only think of twickenham as a nice place to ‘sell land by the pound’ , and dont even venture out of their big office blocks.. too busy making big deals..

    • A.Robot (Mrs)

      Remain coming from ‘rich and affluent areas’ is crap. All of Scotland? More educated and informed areas maybe. The Scots are not known for being ignorant and uninformed, or mindlessly right-wing populist either.
      From the interviews and reports on tv and social media most Leave people seem to be, not to put to fine a point on it, a liitle unclear on the issues. Or just thick. Or gullible to Sun and Daily Mail bullshit stories about straight bananas. Man on the tv tonight pleased that Leave won ‘cos it will stop all the muslims coming in’. From Poland??? How much do you need to know about geopolitics and recent Turkey political stuff to know that Turkey doesn’t have a hope in hell of getting in to EU?
      There’s a reason only Nazi and fascist states have hitherto used referendums and plebiscites. Cameron’s negligence in promoting this referendum is up there with Blair’s recklessly stupid crush on Bush and invading Iraq as far as destructive stupidity goes.

    • nemesis

      If Mrs Robot wants to understand why Remainers lost perhaps she should desist from pointing her finger at the lumpen proletariat and look to her own side; The painted court jester of Eddie Izzard, the sneering Gedlof and other 3rd rate slebs; the three witches ganging up on Boris; funding from Goldman Sachs and big city ‘Masters of the Universe’; Anjam Chowdrey declaring In; Foreign leaders being drafted in to tell us what we should think; ‘The sky is going to fall in’ BBC/Guardian Axis. etc etc.

    • Sally

      Nemesis, that was almost funny.

      “three witches ganging up in Boris” -you mean three women argued with Johnson in a debate. A debate. Do you think women shouldn’t debate? Perhaps just do the flowers?

      “Sneering…third rate” Have you actually looked at the dud and sleazy careers of the loathsome kippers…with whom ,as a Leaver you were in bed ? It seems if anybody for Remain was less successful they were “third rate.” However, if successful, and accomplished in an area which could give their warnings weight, well then ,they were the reviled “experts telling us what to do.” Only in the Leave camp was knowledge and actual experience.seen as a bad thing calling for foot stamping petulance.
      The “painted” Eddie Izzard. -You don’t like it that he sometimes wears makeup. Never mind. Le Penn’s makeup was terrific.And she is so pleased! And so is Trump! Indeed lots of hateful racists are delighted. How odd.
      “big city” -you do know where Farage worked and failed?
      “Funding from Goldman Sachs”-as opposed to the moral high ground of R. Murdoch, Aaron Banks?
      Farage and indeed Johnson have admitted that the fabled £350 million for the NHS was a lie , that there will be a recession but ,honest, nothing to do with leaving the EU. The pound has plunged.And the first hateful racist notes through Polish people’s doors ,
      Have you thought about who you will blame when the glorious dawn doesn’t happen?

    • Dr NHS

      It was Churchill who described referenda as the device of demagogues and dictators, Hitler who was keen in them and held three in quick succession, thereby consolidating his power.
      We have a representative democracy, a system where we elect people whose judgement we trust and upon whom we place a duty to properly investigate the issues of the day and vote as they think best. Nearly everyone whose actual job it is to know about these things (including the overwhelming majority of MPs) was for Remain and the majority of those who most vociferously campaigned for Leave hadn’t any elected position. Some, like Mr Farage, have been specifically rejected by the electorate when they stood. Others, like Neil Hamilton, have a trail of ignominy and lost court cases behind them. This has been described as the worst Prime Ministerial decision. Since Suez; I have to agree.

    • A.Robot (Mrs)

      Er, Nem. Re ‘the sky is falling in’. If you lift your head above the bunting for a brief moment you might notice that (though I don’t want to spoil your Sunday), the sky , in the form of FTSE, the pound, the hitherto generally-United Kingdom, the Irish border, social cohesion, petrol and food prices, relations with European neighbours etc etc etc, is not looking too secure in the firmament at the moment. Or so the news media seem to be telling me. But then, as ex-education secretary Gove recently told us, ‘people in this country have had enough of experts’ so it’s all probably defeatism got up by the BBC/Guardian axis and the Bolshevik/Jewish conspiracy on Wall Street.
      Anyway, must go. I have to get to Waitrose to see if they’ve got any sacrificial animal entrails from which I might be able to divine the REAL story.

      Then I’ll flog it to the Mail.

    • Mrs Robot, you may sneer, but ‘All of Scotland’ would rather leave england to rot, they hate english politics enough to pull out of it all, and remain friends with EU.. you do realise they are all SDP???

    • A.Robot (Mrs)

      SDP eh, Illiad1? Damned cunning of these duplicitous Scots to pretend allegiance to Ms Sturgeon while secretly being signed up to the party of Roy Jenkins, David Owen,Bill Rodgers and Shirley Williams which we gullible Remain supporters believed had been dissolved in 1988. Not surprising though as they’re all out to get us and they’ll stop at nothing to do it. That’s why I voted Paranoia.
      Hard not to laugh (not sneer) sometimes.
      I recommend a decent newspaper and regular attention to news broadcasts.

  23. Randolph104

    What a sad day, intolerance legitimised. If Edwards thinks this is some civilised opportunity, he should talk to “the white working class in Labour’s heartland” that Farage refered to. When Farage made his speech on College Green it was all white men in suits apart from one woman struggling to get in the picture. I have 2 Asian friends who have already voiced their thoughts of moving to India – “what chance have brown people got, as they standing out?”

    Where are the wider world opportunities for my 2 student children? Why would we be welcome in Europe?

    “British” citizens? Britain will longer exist as Scotland will vote out of the UK and stay with the EU, God knows what will happen over the water which leaves England and Wales. What on earth is that country called?
    BTW “who wears the trousers” is a phrase from the 1950s, a mindset in which Edwards is obviously stuck.

    • A.Robot (Mrs)

      As the more unbalanced factions of the Leave campaign believe that the EU is, I quote, ‘an extreme socialist organisation’, it now clearly poses a potential military threat to the soon-to-be-‘free’ and very right-wing UK, (minus Scotland and, possibly, Ireland, so let’s just call it the ‘K’ from now on). Expect, therefore, a British Expeditionary Force to be prepared by Field Marshall Farage and sent across the channel to secure a bridgehead asap. This would put an independent EU-affiliated Richmond and Kingston (they voted Remain too) in an invidious position vis-à-vis the National Government, It might be wise, therefore, for potential fifth columnists such as Mr Edwards (he does live in the borough I assume) to be rounded up before their little Quisling plans can bear fruit.
      If not, then Twickerati could at least stop publishing Edwards’s interminable drafts of arse-wibble and let him concentrate on waiting for that phone call from the Boris bunker summoning him to fulfil his destiny as an instrument of the National Will.

    • Randolph104

      Arse-wibble………..wonderful term. Could also be applied to J Corbyn.

    • only lasted from 1 May 1707 to 31 December 1800..
      On 1 January 1801, the kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland were merged to form the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland”.( the links to all these are contained in the above.. 🙂
      I doubt you would find ‘Britain’ on any good map – the proper name is “Great Britain” ..
      “Britain” comes from Latin Britannia~Brittania, via Old French Bretaigne and Middle English Breteyne, possibly influenced by Old English Bryten(lond)
      later Greek writers such as Diodorus of Sicily and Strabo who quote Pytheas use variants such as Prettanikē, “The Britannic [land, island]”, and nesoi Brettaniai, “Britannic islands”.
      England takes its name from the Angles, one of the Germanic tribes who settled during the 5th and 6th centuries.
      The Kingdom of England—which after 1284 included Wales—ceased being a separate sovereign state on 1 May 1707 (see above …)

    • Sally

      And here come the attacks . Attacks by ignorant thugs who feel the only thing this referendum was about was green lighting this sort of behaviour. They are “taking back their country”. Will just one of the appalling people pushing this sort of hatred take responsibility for this?

    • Dear heaven it’s the 1930’s all over again. Well, we who disapprove have to be brave enough to raise our heads above the parapets and condemn this. Ironic really because one of the reasons the EU was formed was to enjoin peoples who hitherto had fought. The very reason for coming together with people who are not our natural neighbours.

  24. nemesis

    When does this WW111 start?

  25. barryedwardsukip

    I am proud of the British people, in the face of the purveyors of fear and disaster. This was never about divorce, it was about who wears the trousers. The only winners after frankly a disgraceful campaign on both sides, was democracy itself. We love the countries of Europe, we just cannot carrying on with the EU telling the countries of Europe what to do. We should also ask the question, why was London and Richmond Borough so wrong? It is because the ruling elite, big business and the rich in the South East have been insulated from the awful affects of over-population. This is not against colour, creed or religion, it is simple mathematics and the sheer numbers of the population dynamics from the EU and the rest of the world. Has anyone seriously considered how many people the UK can actually accommodate before the public services and housing are completely overloaded? It somehow seemed that reason went out the window and within this result there is the possibility of the country as a whole having the opportunity to ask the question – what sort of country do we really want?

    We will have to now work that out in Parliament, not in the corridors of Brussels. The Remain voters were only just behind in the vote, it was not decisive, so everyone should be included. What has to stopped, is the distasteful abuse of any person that has a different view and the undermining of the credibility of the country to make its own way in the world. Everyone has to be listened to and all must understand the others persons point of view. The greatest opportunity is now available for the UK to trade with the biggest single market, the whole world, this will be the making of our economy. So please stop the thumbs down, the asinine comments and the distortion of the truth, everyone has something to offer in this wonderful new opportunity. The countries of Europe (remember nations are not the EU), are now looking at their relationship with the EU. If we get a bad deal from the EU, I am confident that the current 5 countries within the European Free Trade Association EFTA and the 8 that could possibly re-join and the others like Hungary and it looks like even France (15 in total so far) and then the rest of the world, will dwarf and more than make up for any trade that we may lose from an inward looking centrally controlled closed EU. If they want to punish us, we will lead a real and inclusive European Free Market and make Europe a fairer place. The UK was not stronger in the EU, the EU was stronger with the UK, they blew it trying to enslave us and now it Leave we can have our own trade deals across all the European countries and the world. Welcome to a new political landscape, welcome to freedom – go GB go Global.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Just go and prune the hedges.

    • A.Robot (Mrs)

      Good idea, ex-T, but I think you mean: ‘Go out and forge the destiny of the privet, nurtured in the blood-enriched soil of the Hounslow motherland, with the iron will of your shears’.

    • Sally

      “Who wears the trousers” , Good God ,what a terrible 70s expression. Even by Edwards ‘standards that piece hit new heights of pompous, windy cliche.
      Interesting the attempted sneering at an “elite. “(UKIP cliche number one)
      It can’t be you don’t like rich ,white, public school unelected financiers. Just look at dear Nigel. .Could it be education levels which bother you so?
      Don’t let the problems of Twickehmam hold you up Mr Edwards. You don’t live here, you hold no elected position, doubtless your sustained failure to ever gain one is another “elite conspiracy”, We all know how much you don’t like migrants, so please migrate to back to Hounslow. Plus I am sure the slugs are keeping you busy. Possibly in your mind they are out to enslave Good British Carrots. ..

    • Dr NHS

      Mrs Robot,

      Drafts of arse-wibble indeed !

      The desperately curious thing, though, is Mr Edwards’ inconsistency. He isn’t, as a matter of fact, a resident of this Borough and yet keeps popping up here, depriving our own, Twickenham-grown, deluded bigots of the ranting space that is surely their right as El-Brute taxpayers. How many more migrating pompous, ill-educated bores can our over-burdened social infrastructure stand ? It cannot go on forever ! Why, some of our own windbags have had to be temporarily housed as Councillors as a result of this sort of over-population.

      It’s rather sweet, don’t you think, how he takes credit for the Brexit victory. A bit like the tick that lives in the armpit of a rhino claiming to be steering the lumbering behemoth.

      Many in the NHS were eagerly awaiting the 350 million so often spoken of by Messrs Farage and Johnson – but it seems, the day after the results were announced, that although it was emblazoned on their battle bus for months it was, in fact, ‘a mistake’ !

    • Steve Topol

      Barry, please supply any evidence you have to support your assertion that France is looking at its relationship with the EU. Whilst its true that Madame Marine Le Pen, of the far right Neo Nazi Front National praised Brexit, UKIP & Nigel Farage, you cannot conclude from that that the majority of French people would support a Frexit !

    • barryedwardsukip

      Give me some evidence that they are not!! Seemed pretty clear that there is huge support from Brittany where a mate of mine just came back from. And it seems it is the Lib Dems that are Neo Nazi, you should really not insult everyone you talk about, Surge Louire used to do it and now you are, please keep to the discussion without personal and political insults.

    • Steve Topol

      Barry, it was your assertion that France was looking at its relationship with the EU, not mine, so its for you to provide evidence, of which you provide none, other than the surprising assertion that you have a mate who’s been to Brittany !

      True, the fascist Front National would like France to leave the EU, but has anyone informed you that they aren’t the Government of France ?

      You go on to suggest that Lib Dems are ‘Neo Nazi’ You obviously have not the slightest understanding of what the word Nazi means, & the gross offence you cause when making such an uneducated statement.

      Its also been made very clear by the remaining 27 members of the EU that Britain’s access to the European Single Market, on which millions of our jobs depend, involves the free movement of labour as well as the free movement of capital, goods & services. So you’re not going to be able to cut immigration in the way you’ve stated.

    • barryedwardsukip

      Steve, As usual your arrogance proceeds you. I have a great deal of personal experience of this, my grand-dad fought in 2 world worlds to erase the whole idea of Nazi’s and here you are still using that term. Just drop it, it only breeds hatred. I just wanted you to know what it felt like when you level this term at others. I don’t think that the Lib Dems are fascist, so you should apologise for using that term about a large section of the French population. What the LIb Dems are is a group of individual who claim they have the moral high ground, but then cast aspersions against anyone else to bully them thinking the same view as them. You are leading a campaign after a democratic vote to try and disrupt the evolution of the UK, you say statements about the economy that are nonsense, as no-one know the future and this is anti-democratic, if anything you are the Anti-Dem.

      I am not going to drift down to your level of playground politics, the country needs to positively move on and make our way in the world and the only sensible way for Leave and Remain is in the direction of a Common Market where all win (leave), win (remain), win (All European countries). A real free market.

      The EU is the monster, have a real look into its eyes, just read the bloody Treaties, even you might understand them, if you stare hard enough.

  26. Well we might set up Twickenham Riverside passport control (see ‘Passport to Pimlico’ – no plumbers in charge though, and certainly no lighting advisors).
    I am devastated at the national vote though proud Richmond saw sense. Geoffrey Samuel tweeted he would vote out, but then I can just see him campaigning for ‘taking control’ and ‘taking back democracy’ – we’ll remind him of that over the next few days and months to come.
    Indeed there’s a Council meeting on 5th July so we who would protect our riverside can begin to gauge what kind of democracy the Tories can manage over the already discredited plans to build a block of flats along the riverbank.

  27. Chris Key

    Tania Mathias should hang her head in shame. She did nothing to campaign for a Remain Vote. Let’s vote her out as soon as possible as she has failed to represent her constituents on the most important vote in a generation.

    • Mumto1plus2

      To be fair, the result shows that she probably knew she didn’t have to do much in this sensible borough. However, there are many Remain Politicians for a large number of other counties and boroughs, including Barking and Dagenham, Bexley, Sutton, Havering and Hillingdon who clearly didn’t do enough!

    • No Chris now is not the time to lash out. Tania has already realised one of the many repercussions to the exit from the EU. We could soon have the ‘free Englanders’ demanding an extension of Heathrow very soon. Cameron is all but gone, Boris will appeal to the ‘bubble population’ to get votes; an opportunist only, he won’t protect us.
      There’s an open letter on the subject of Heathrow in the R&TT and a piece by Tania. We need to get behind her and all those of us who want to keep the skies clear and the noise levels down.
      Positive action please. We are all going to need to work together to protect our borough and indeed our country from the Brexiteers and those who think we can live in isolation.
      Heathrow is a national battle for those of us who live under the flight path. Join with Tania on this and support her.

    • AlexS

      Just as long as that vote goes to the Lib Dem’s right? Do Twickenham Lib Dems ever stop playing politics in this borough? Never missing an opportunity to call for Tania’s head. It was already clear she was not a vocal supporter of the EU and she wanted to respect how residents voted. Hopefully now she’ll see that the vast majority of us favour remain and represent us with this information in mind over the coming weeks and months