Dr Tania Mathias: Being Twickenham’s MP One Year In

Who’d be an MP? Not us that’s for sure!  The long hours, having to deal with all those constituents, the listening to long speeches, learning how to wave order papers in the air in that special way, it’s all a bit too much. And that is why it’s a job best suited to other people.  Here in leafy Twickenham we had Vince Cable as our MP for 18 years and then, on the 7th of May last year, a day of big political upsets, Dr Tania Mathias the Conservative Party candidate, was elected as Member of Parliament for our humble ol’ town.

But what is it like being a new MP?  We’ve absolutely no idea (see above) and that is why we decided to put ten questions to Dr Mathias about her first year in the job. And can you guess what happened next? That’s right, she agreed to answer them.


Tania Mathias

Dr Tania Mathias MP

Here’s what we asked, and, more importantly, here’s what she had to say…

1. What was going through your mind in the early hours of the 8th May 2015 as you were declared Twickenham’s MP? And did Vince Cable give you any words of advice?

TM: At 4am on 8th May I was taken by surprise and I didn’t have a speech prepared. I found myself thinking of the young schoolboy Daniel who had told me on election day morning that he was going to stay up to hear the result. Mostly I was glad that all the supporters in the room and watching the results at home knew their efforts had brought success.

There wasn’t any time for a handover that morning and my duties started the following Monday so I didn’t manage to get any tips or advice from Dr Cable until later in the year.

2. How easy (or tough) has it been adapting to life as a new MP?

It’s been relatively easy because I’ve always had jobs that are all-consuming. There’s also a lot of support from colleagues from both sides of the House especially from those who entered Parliament at the same time.

3. What has surprised you most about Westminster life?

The biggest surprise is that the House of Commons as a workplace – from the doorkeepers to librarians – is one of the friendliest and most helpful I have worked in.

4. How well do you think you have represented your Twickenham constituents in your first year?

I’d like to think I have represented Twickenham constituents well. Whilst I’ve supported the delivery of the manifesto on which I stood, I have not been shy to challenge the government when it has been wrong. I have replied to over 10,000 emails from constituents, handled over a thousand individual cases, and held weekly surgeries throughout the year.

5. What are you most proud of from your time in Parliament so far?

I’m proud of already being known for standing up for local concerns – opposing Heathrow expansion, fighting for Kneller Hall – and for standing up for those who need help such as single parents on tax credits and unaccompanied refugee children.

6. You’ve said you are in the ‘remain’ camp for the forthcoming EU Referendum. What is that decision based on and do you think it reflects the views of your constituents?

I have based my decision on our economic needs for small businesses and on security. While I describe myself as ‘Euro cautious’ I believe we can be strongest in a reformed EU.

7. You’ve come in for criticism, especially on social media, after voting for cuts to ESA disability payments. Planned changes to junior doctors’ contracts are also proving controversial. As a doctor yourself, do you stand by these policies?

ESA will be fully protected for those who are not able to work, but I did support changes for those who can do some work – existing policies to support people with disabilities to find work have not been as effective as they should have been. I have met with disability groups and individuals with disabilities in Twickenham about the 2017 changes for new claimants and I share their concerns that current work programmes are not helping enough people. The changes to ESA need to go hand-in-hand with better, more individual support for claimants to find work.

On the junior doctor contract, I have met with the junior doctors and with Jeremy Hunt and have urged both to negotiate without pre-conditions. I do not agree with the Government’s move to impose the contract, but nor do I support the strike action. It is only through negotiation and compromise that a reasonable solution will be reached.

8. Heathrow expansion. You’re opposed to it but isn’t it just a matter of time before it happens anyway?

Whatever the Government decides, I will continue to fight for a ‘better not bigger’ Heathrow, and I will do all I can to oppose a third runway. I believe that pollution concerns will ultimately stop expansion anyway – noise and air quality are already unacceptably poor for too many people in Twickenham and beyond.

9. Now you’re an MP rather than ‘just’ a local councillor, how do you view your role in terms of getting involved in local issues? Could you ever see yourself disagreeing with LBRuT?

My job is to speak up for my constituents and this will mean disagreeing with my own party either in government or in the council – and that has already happened on some issues. I am, however, able to discuss my concerns with local government colleagues.

10. And finally, what are your priorities for the year ahead?

Nationally, I will continue to push for the issues I stood on at the election : a strong economic policy to maintain lower personal taxation, and low corporation taxes and investment allowances support local small businesses. I will continue to promote engineering and science in our schools. I will also continue to support human rights both in the UK and abroad.

Locally, I will continue to oppose Heathrow expansion and push for the airport to do more to tackle current levels of noise and air pollution. I will fight for better rail services and CrossRail 2 for our constituency; I will fight to keep a military presence at Kneller Hall; and I will fight for better flood defences.


You’ll probably be pleased with some of what you just read. You’ll probably be displeased with some of what you just read. Please feel free to delete as applicable. Well, actually you can’t delete it but you could always add a comment below.


Spring sprung?

Twickenham from Eel Pie Island bridge


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45 responses to “Dr Tania Mathias: Being Twickenham’s MP One Year In

  1. I am no supporter of the Tories but I do applaud Tania Mathias in her support of Lord Alf Dubbs who put forward a motion to allow 3,000 child refugees travelling alone into the UK. Lord Dubbs, a Labour Peer, was one of thousands of child refugees saved from the Nazis under the Kindertransport project and brought to Britain in the late 1930s.
    Dr Mathias joined Lord Dubbs when he called on ministers to show similar compassion to child refugees of today. There are around 26,000 child refugees in Europe travelling without a parent, relative or guardian.
    The move is aimed at protecting children from exploitation, people trafficking, and abuse.
    I have no idea if LBRuT is planning to take in some of these children, but I for one will support anything that can be done to help them.

  2. Sally

    I would be very interested in hearing where Dr Mathias stands on the local applications of her Party’s drive to privatise the NHS and Education. Many Local Authorities, ours included have enthusiastically seized the opportunity to rid themselves of pesky legal obligations to adequately educate disabled children. For example, The Richmond /Kingston ‘Special needs Education department is currently holding meetings about handing the problem of local special needs educational provision to the ‘Ariga multi academy trust’. The idea seems to be the Trust – who have been asked and accepted – get the contract build a school, and the LA waves goodbye to the problem of provision, relying on the good folk at Ariga to do the right thing.
    I wonder if Dr M thinks that this is acceptable? The LA seem very keen indeed.

    • barryedwardsukip

      Is Tania going to answer the serious questions raised here? If so Hi Tania, I have listed the question from the bottom up:

      1. Have you seen Zac recently?
      2. Your view on junior doctors?
      3. Did you vote to bomb Syria?
      4. Did you get enough votes on your own to be elected, or did it require the votes for Labour and UKIP to take votes off St Vince, so you reached the winning post?
      5. Do you support free speech, or like many on this site supporting closing down differing views and free speech?
      6. Were you the Chairperson of the Tory Group, when the decision to approve the £30,000 and other £34,000 in expenses, plus officers’ time for the Gloriana feasibility and proposal?
      7. Do you support Cllr Fleming’s housing development on Twickenham Riverside (40 flats)?
      8. Have you read and understood the EU Treaties and the EU intension for further monetary and political union? Do you want to lose the pound and the power of our Parliament to Brussels? Why should we belong to a trade cartel, if it stops us making our own trade deals across the world.
      9. How money people do you think the UK can hold before it reaches its carrying capacity? 100 million? 200 million? A Billion!!
      10. Have you any control, or influence on decisions within Richmond Council?
      11. Is the video posted below David Cameron in drag?
      12. What is your view on ESA?
      13. How much further does the Tories intend to privatise the NHS?
      14. What are your specific actions regarding improving mental health provision?
      15. Why didn’t you reply to S, not even an email !!
      16. Why didn’t you follow through what Zac asked you to do to help me? This issue is now with a Government department that has instructed Richmond Council to provide this information. If they cannot do this, or reply falsely, then the Council could be facing corruption charges and questions over the abuse of power in public office?

      I hope this has covered the points raised (pitch in anyone if I have missed your question) and I look forward to your short and detailed replies.

  3. Please can this discussion be brought to a close. Such a pity a serious subject should be treated in such a way and monopolised by one subject.

    • Agreed. Further comments directed solely at UKIP/Barry Edwards will be deleted. Likewise further comments from Mr Edwards will be deleted unless specifically relevant to the item.

  4. A.Robot (Mrs)

    At 41 thumbs downs and counting, Mr Ukip seems to be going for a new disapproval record. Given the strength of feeling displayed by readers, might it not be time for Twickerati to introduce a new means of conveying antipathy to views expressed here, possibly retaining the manual imagery but substituting an alternative digit to the thumb.
    Any suggestions?

    • Well, this item was/is supposed to be about our new MP rather than the unsuccessful candidates.

    • barryedwardsukip

      Quite agree Twickerati, I am trying to discuss “Tania one year on” and I have seem to become the topic. A. Robot (Mrs) please give it a rest and discuss the topic at hand.

  5. Foxy

    The above diatribe from UKIP confirms why I have no time for the party or its members. I was reading in the paper today how much UKIP MEPs claim in expenses but are rarely seen in the building!

    • barryedwardsukip

      Please see the below information on UKIP EU attendance. Please note date and name of MEP.

      The UK re-elected Paul Nuttall to the EU Parliament on the basis of the below. It seems to me the British public democratically supported his stance, so who am I to criticizes the public or the electoral process. People don’t like the EU and it is widely know by MEPs that it is the EU’s intension to take away the pound, to make our Parliament into a County Council and to take all the money out of your bank accounts, as they did in Greece if it wins the referendum. So if/when (could be immediate, or in 3 years) it happens to you, that you will then very much regret voting in; but by then your money and country will be gone and it will be too late, for you to take your vote back!! So vote very carefully, all of this intended future for the EU (monetary and political union) is stated in the Treaty’s(and aims of the Treaties) that are available if you read them well enough……..

      Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      My Attendance Record

      July 10, 2010 Paul Nuttall 1 Comment

      Today’s Daily Telegraph claims my attendance record in the European Parliament is terrible. Alongside UKIP MEPs, David Campbell Bannerman and Godfrey Bloom, my attendance record at plenary sessions is the lowest of any British MEP. I’ll hold my hands up, as my attendance record is flaky to say the least. But so what? I treat Brussels with the contempt it deserves: it has no real democratic mandate and MEPs only exist as a pretence to make the EU look democratic, when in fact we all know it is not. I also keep abreast of what is going on out there through the work of the excellent UKIP staff. So as I always say, one does not have to be in the joke shop to know the jokes.

  6. S

    Load of crap on ESA and she didn’t reply to my email….

  7. nemesis

    Tania forgot the polar bears

  8. twickerman

    What does Tanya think about LBRUTs proposals for gross overdevelopment of Twickenham Riverside that approximately 90% of residents/her constituents have rejected?

    • twickerman

      Oops. Apologies that should be Tania.

    • Sally

      Yes, this a point I have always wondered about. What can Dr Mathias or any MP do about LA decisions in the home constituency? Can she oppose this or any other LA decisions? How firmly ?
      I have not been impressed with some of her responses but a point in her favour is that she does respond to letters and did come over to speak with the riverside protestors outside last night’s Council meeting. Rumoir had it that Lord True crept around the back to avoid this. .He seems to have a discreet way of getting to council meetings without meeting irate groups of residents out the front of York House. Church Street and York house have several tunnels from the river to various cellars Could Lord True doing a Harry Lime?

    • barryedwardsukip

      Yes very good point and at last back to the matters in hand. No doubt Tania will ask Cllr Pamela Fleming what her view should be!! Obviously Tania will support any Lib Dem, oopps, Tory plan for a housing development on Twickenham Riverside!! Oh dear aren’t they becoming the same??

      And what about the station? Lib Dem voted high rise (soon to be built over the station) Tories voted against, Tory voted for high rise above station (Lib Dems voted against). What’s Tania going to do about that?? Have they just become interchangeable. This should set a new record of dislikes!!

      Seriously Sal et, al. last week I actually had fan mail about sticking it to you bigots who attack healthy debate. You lie, cheat, do anything rather than say the truth, or stick to the topic at hand. So that’s it, Come out of the closet and reveal your identity, all my supporters want to know which political parties you are patsy’s for?

    • Now we know what Tania thinks. On Friday, the day after the murder of Jo Cox when many M.P.s closed their constituency offices, Tania took time to speak with members of the Riverside Action Group. She listened to our concerns and heard of our attempts to work with instead of against Cllr. Fleming. She looked at the Francis Terry plans and heard about the way RAG and followers have been ignored; how in the middle of talks Cllr. Fleming issued a press release announcing she was proceeding to a 2nd public consultation. The outcome is that Tania Mathias has said she backs and encourages our campaign and approves our actions to save the riverside from the Francis Terry block of luxury flats, shops and cafes. Tania has also offered to come out to our campaign stalls over the summer.
      We have a good M.P. she cares about her constituents.

  9. barryedwardsukip

    So far – no good!!
    1) I knew by 12pm on the 7th May that Tanya was to be elected. The size of the swing to Labour and UKIP made it inevitable. Tanya had not sufficient votes on her own to have beaten “St Vince” and a great debt of gratitude was deserved, but not thanks was forthcoming from her on this matter of fact.
    2) Tanya has done very little to help the causes of local people in the last 4 years. She was responsible for the Gloriana debacle, having officiated over the £30,000 waste of consultancy fees and the ensuing and continuing fight with Twickenham riverside residents. The evolution to MP would have been easy, she did nothing then and is still doing nothing.
    4) Yes credit to her for so many replies and correspondents, but what has actually been achieved. Certainly in my particular case, where Zac ask Tanya to do some case work, I was completely fobbed off.
    5) Tanya may be standing up to oppose Heathrow in the press, but the Tories are pushing ahead with it and Tanya can do nothing to stop it, she really ought to come clean.
    6) You would have to be completely insane to think that the risk to come out of the EU are bigger than the risks to stay in. Large numbers of workers are losing their jobs everyday to cheap EU labour (that’s why big business wants the EU, as it undermines 100 years of employment rights). 800,000 new EU migrants and a handful of immigrants entered the country last year and this is placing huge pressures on our schools, hospitals, and social services YOU CANNOT FORCE A LITRE INTO A PINT POT. Tax-payers are paying for EU benefits in the £millions and the whole of our manufacturing base is threatened by cheap imports. The actual biggest risk to people is believing the propaganda and making the Tory rich, even richer, by allowing this EU cartel to interrupt free trade. Its a big Tory gravy train and to vote to stay, will be to pay even more tax to bale-out all the other EU members as their economies fail. (OH and by the way Labour, caused the problem in the first place and the Lib Dems and the Greens want to get on that gravy-train. The UK is losing billions because we cannot trade with our own Commonwealth, the USA, China, and other emerging nations without going through the EU. The very integrity of our country is being undermined by the EU which aims to form a country, which will mean the end of the UK. Tanya needs to wise up like Zac and look at the facts and not follow blindly an anti-free market xenophobic EU. The EU are the new empire building far left “commies” and it is just like the Eurovision song contest, its no good being at the table, because instead of voting for the best song, or economic decision, they just vote for their mates leaving the UK in the cold. Oh yes, in the Eurovision, last – last year and on Saturday 3rd from bottom this year. This is what happens in Brussels every week.. It absolutely amazes me that people don’t realise that we just pay through the nose and get exploited.
    7) As for doctors she should know better, if you expect them to work more hours, stop paying £54million a day to the EU and pay the doctors a proper wage.
    8) Back to Heathrow, well no change there, the Tories have already voted in favour of it and Tanya should tell the truth.
    9) You have not made any difference and don’t disagreeing with your party, again tell the truth, you are under a “whip” system, where you vote as the party requires. And you have not helped at all, because you have allowed Cllr Fleming to ride “rough-shod” with her money making property development scheme at Twickenham riverside, a site where the residents have already decided what they wanted in 2010, ironically it was the community that help you win the Council in the first place in 2010 and you and the rest of the Tories are now turning into the Lib Dems and trying to do them over (with a housing scheme). If the Tories don’t change their ways on Twickenham riverside, they will not get elected here in Twickenham in 2017.
    10) Tanya, if you could consider the people around you for just one minute you would understand that you are letting down everywhere. I knew that if a proportion of St Vince’s “protest vote” went to UKIP that you would be elected (you didn’t get enough votes to overturn his majority on your own), so start being honest, start communicating with the people that helped you get elected and you might have a chance of helping local people.

    And before all you usual “trolls” start at me, you ought to also consider the facts before you embarrass yourselves even further than you usually do!!

    • Dan

      Not sure if this is trolling, but you should probably at least take the time to spell the name of the individual you’re ranting about before posting an obviously politically motivated attack.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      “Certainly in my particular case, where Zac ask Tanya to do some case work, I was completely fobbed off”.

      Could you give some more detail?

    • Sally

      Glowing green there, Mr Edwards! “She beat me thoroughly/they don’t pay me any heed/it is all Europe’s fault.”
      I am not sure why you feel you deserve particular attention from Dr Mathias. Don’t you live in another Borough?

    • Tango Whisky 2

      It is difficult to treat Mr Edwards comments with anything but contempt if he cannot even make the effort to get to know our Member of Parliament’s first name – Tania not Tanya! Back to the gardening.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Mr. Edwards – you seem to have an obsession with the Eurovision song contest. Do not take it so seriously and as you may have noticed many of the nations taking part are not in the EU!

      Anyway here is something for you to think about. The recent referendum in the Netherlands concerning trade talks with the Ukraine demonstrates how difficult it is for a country to make trade deals with the EU when they are not in the union. It only takes one veto and the deal cannot go through. (Yes I know the the Dutch vote is not binding on their government but it demonstrates the mechanism). Who is say to say that a UK out of the EU would be able to make deals with the EU when it would only take one country to veto the proposal?

      With regard to making deals with other countries outside of the EU, it could be the case that the EU could apply pressure on those countries not to accept a British deal or risk punitive tariffs when dealing with EU countries.

      If we take Norway which the Brexit people like to use as an example they still pay for membership but with no say. They also must accept freedom of movement.

      Voting for Brexit merely leaves us without a say in the EU, without trading partners and even more subservient to the USA when they eventually get round to dealing with us.

      It would be insane to leave the EU.

    • barryedwardsukip

      Yes Dan it is trolling, I have done this spelling thing a hundred times on this site and getting bored of it, I am dyslexic and do you also take the p*ss out of David Blunkett for being blind?

      As for Ex-Twickenham Resident, sorry no details, you are not someone I wish to share anything with. And as for your assessment of the need to trade with the EU. We trade with all the countries in Europe at present and this will not change, can you imagine Germany stopping wanting to export BMWs to us? They have more to lose than we do and it is delusional to believe our trade with European countries will reduce. It is also highly questionable why we should even wish to be intimidated by the EU extremist protection racket, where you get hurt if you don’t follow their rules. That it called bulling and I was against it in the school playground and I will stand against any organisation that tries to blackmail the UK under any terms.

      Let’s just get out of the EU and welcome the World market of 8 Billion people and deal with countries in Europe (the tiny 500 million market) individually. I think you will find if we re-support the European Trade Association (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein), we will have the other previous members Austrian, Demark, Finland, Portugal, Sweden re-join and other European countries e.g. Hungary, Malta any many others, will actually join us in a European Economic Free Trade Area. The EU bully-boys will be finished and Europe will be safe and free again…..

      Yes Adam, cool I forgot about the Syria bombing vote, nice one.

      And Sally, it is only people like you that hold grudges and have the capacity to be jealous. I just say it how it really is, Tania would not have been elected without the Labour and UKIP vote, so she should have some humility and be thanks for anything that help her. After all the Tories have not had an MP in Twickenham since Toby Jessel in 1997!!!!

    • Sally

      In reply to Mr E’s second onslaught
      Mr Edwards, you certainly sound beside yourself with spite and jealousy, stamping your feet because Dr Mathias failed to give you the treatment you felt you deserved and shouting that, in some way ,her success was due to you…..OK.
      . However you who “tell it like,it is” have failed to explain why you felt you can demand special attention from Dr Mathias . You are not a resident . Can’t anybody persuade you to go and rant closer to home?

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Mr Edwards – if you are not prepared to share details why bring it up? The case work you refer to could be anything so how can we know whether you were fobbed off? Were you proposing digging tunnels to Twickenham stadium?

      As for the Germans selling us cars (as would the Italians and the French) you have missed the point. The trade deal with Germany would have to be ratified with the EU. If any member of the EU 27 states vetoed the deal it could not happen. Capiche?

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Sally wrote ‘Can’t anybody persuade you to go and rant closer to home?’

      Sally – that is one Brexit I would support! BarryEdwardsExit!

    • Derek Jones

      re The gloriana, it was over £64000 in cash and the same in council officers time.
      The whole scheme was kept under wraps from most of the local tories until after they had won the local election.
      Yet again barryedwards you are spouting a load of nasty rubbish.
      PS where’s item 3?

    • Not even I wouldn’t ‘credit’ Tania Mathias for being ‘responsible for the Gloriana debacle’. She just sat on her hands and said nothing – as did all the other Conservatives who had recently been voted into power and presumably into submission by the Blue Baron.
      Nothing has changed: the Tories are all sitting on their hands now over the Twickenham Riverside, frightened of being deselected – one LBRuT Councillor has said she disagrees with the FT designs but won’t say so publicly because she ‘likes being a Councillor’.

      P.S. I’d ask for point 3 Barry, but I lost the will to live.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Mr. Edwards’ numbering refers to the questions in the main article. Point 3 is “3. What has surprised you most about Westminster life?”.

      Mr. Edwards obviously cannot give his opinion on that. That is why his numbering goes from 2 – 4.

    • barryedwardsukip

      Sally and Ex-Twickenham Resident question 3 just didn’t need an answer, but you’re cynical attempts to censor debate does. Are you so infantile that you wish to quash free speech and democracy? Your inability to understand straight factual information and your insistence to try and “shut it down” is frankly very worrying. I have travelled to Hungary since 1993, even during the USSR era and your attitude is even more totalitarian than those times. I don’t think you know yourself how extreme you are. Now shut up about me leaving the site, I am here and will be staying, now move on and actually try and make a coherent presentation in your writing, to counter the facts. You are just frustrated, because the facts are fact and they expose you both inn trying to pervert the truth. Good luck on that, because you are fooling nobody!! I am fed up with you both ruining this online conversation and will only communicate with you in future, if your comments are sensible enough to deserve an answer. I can only describe you both as having the intellect of a child, but I won’t, because that would be insulting children.

    • anonymouse

      Talking of facts, the reason why Tania Mathias won the Twickenham seat was precisely because she DID have sufficient votes: 2,000 more than Vince and 22,000 more than you.
      She doesn’t owe you any thanks.

      You should be grateful she let you win the scooter race.

    • Sally

      What is remarkable about Mr E’s rants is the strong sense of entitlement and total lack of insight, He is not a Borough resident nor an elected official. I have a pang of sympathy for his local MP but it is certainly his or her turn to have the benefit of Mr Edward’s views, and to have it have it explained that democratic debate means listening reverently without either questioning or poking fun.
      Mr Edwards is now claiming Stalinist oppression. In a Satalinist regime he would have been swiftly dispatched or sent to Gulag to hold forth to icicles. Being allowed to hold forth on Twickerati is surely an improvement.
      I have long suspected that there is no such person as Mr Edwards.. He has been devised by local politicians as a unifying force.
      “Revolutionary spirit is not it be confused with strupidity” -Stalin.

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Anonymouse – Mr. Edwards’ analysis of the election result is of course very dubious. I doubt that he applied any statistical methodology to make his claim, he also makes no mention of the increased turnout in the 2015 election and the effect that may have had on the final result. Also, there is of course no caveats nor general discussion in making his claim.

      His website and Twitter feed claim a ‘massive 350%’ increase in the UKIP vote (naturally attributable to Mr. Edwards) which of course is mathematically wrong. What Mr. Edwards does not acknowledge is that he came 4th and lost his deposit.

    • anonymouse

      You gotta love Barry’s incredible ability to turn facts into fantasy!
      Here are some true Barry Edwards personal election facts.
      LBRUT Local Elections:
      – Failures = 3 St.Margs, Teddington & Twick Riverside
      – Successes = 0
      General Elections:
      – Failures = 1 Twickenham
      – Successes = 0
      Not once has he even come close to being a runner-up. There’s a clear and consistent statistical trend here.
      I suggest he moves on, perhaps to his home ward/borough (Isleworth/Hounslow).

    • barryedwardsukip

      Sally, clearly you live in a world where normal things don’t usually happen!!
      Let me explain a few objective realities.

      Stalin was not in power from 1993, which was the date I gave.

      You seem to have a strange view of the USSR, did you even go there, not everyone was sent to Siberia, or there would not have been Perestroika.

      How can you claim that Tania would have been elected without the votes that went to Labour and UKIP, her votes alone did not win the seat. You need to go back to school.

      Living in the Borough
      I lived in Richmond for 22 years, still own property in the Borough which qualifies me to have and interest in where I live and work, so don’t tell me to shut up, I have just as much right as anyone to participate. I have also stood for every election since 2004, which is my right as part of the democratic process you don’t seem to understand?

      Someone might actually take you seriously if you gave your real name!! You must be someone who has nothing in your life making asinine remarks from your shed with an internet connection in the middle of Yorkshire and you’re trying to tell me that I shouldn’t participate. Well until you prove who you are, you have no standing, but keep making noise, it is hilarious.

      And as for Ex-Twickenham Resident (who clearly admits they don’t live in the Borough) and Anonymouse (who is obviously hiding from something or someone) give us your names, or are you all cowards?

      You make these grand claims, but how many people voted for you? My numbers have increased consistently from 458 in 2004 to now over 3,000 and the next time will be even better. This is what is called democracy.

      Please stick to the item under discussion, Tania Mathias one year on, which I think from the title of the blog is what we are, so please stick to the point.

  10. Adam

    No mention of her voting to bomb Syria in the interview?

  11. Sally

    Well, nice to hear.
    May we ask questions?
    I would be interested to hear more about how Junior Drs could protest in a way which affected the odious Mr Hunt’s behaviour and still met Dr Mathias’ standards of mannered protest. Come on Dr Mathias, make a suggestion.
    I am also keen to hear when Dr Mathias plans to resign as a patron of Richmond Mencap. She enthusiastically voted for the most vicious cuts to funding for the disabled yet known. She has yet to explain how learning disabled people can be starved into the Independence (capitals de rigeur) she promised this will promote.
    Also glad to hear Dr Mathias can disagree with LBrut. Let’s be brave here. About what ? When? Is she still excited about building the Terry flats?

  12. mike hine

    Junior Doctors: ‘…nor do I support the strike action. It is only through negotiation and compromise that a reasonable solution will be reached.’
    The only reason negotiations (of a kind) are now taking place again at all is precisely BECAUSE of strike action. If you support negotiation then it’s only logical to support the action which brought it about, Ms Mathias.

  13. Boss

    Hi Tania

    Do you now regret sharing a platform recently with someone who holds extremist views? And while we’re on the subject, have you seen Zac since, he seems to have disappeared?

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      “Do you now regret sharing a platform recently with someone who holds extremist views?”

      Would that be Holborn on the Central line?

    • upend

      no Holborn is centerist, The District Line swings from left to right. It’s the DLR though – as right as you can get