Pics of the Week: Spring & Water

If you can’t always remember what’s great about living in Twickenham then spring mornings and spring tides should be near the top of your list. Need some photos to remind you? Here’s four for you then.

Looking towards Radnor Gardens

Looking up river towards the Heart of Darkness (aka Teddington)

Early doors, Twicke-side

The Thames, early doors, Twick-side

Oh no, not again.

Oh no, you’ve only gone and bloody parked there again.

Arriving at The White Swan in style

Arriving at The White Swan in style

There are probably a bunch of other reasons too but we’ll come back to them another time (when we actually remember them).


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6 responses to “Pics of the Week: Spring & Water

  1. yes, a lovely fracas!!! I wonder how soon the ‘new owners’ will construct a nice big fence!!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. the development opposite Twickenham station is certainly an improvement upon the old Post Office mess but I pity those who bought apartments in good faith unaware their outlook will be the brick walked monstrosity ie. the community centre, casting some unfortunates into a petmament cold shadow.
    This building is too high and a mess. Shame !

    • Purple Haze

      Following the great tradition of rugby street drinking, I saw the area outside Brewery Wharf where the mini-fountains are, was being used as a communal drinking area during last Saturday’s rugby matches at the RFU and The Stoop.
      Bet they didn’t plan for that either…

    • They have most likely been bought by rich city people who can afford a fancy flat for a million – talked up with ‘lovely river views’ (yes, the Crane IS a river..) , ‘quick access to central london’ (well, in a year or two, when they finish building the massive new block on top of the station – until then it will be a long wait in the queue to get in, at the tiny temporary ticket office…)

  3. and our council want to hide this from us behind a facade of pretend Regency architecture housing apartments for a select few who will be able to enjoy it unreservedly because they can.