Greggs Bakery in Twickenham to Close

There’s bad news on the local jobs and business front today.  Greggs, purveyors of bread, pies and pasties to the nation, has announced that it is to close three of its UK bakeries as part of a corporate re-organisation. The three facing closure are in Edinburgh, Lincolnshire and in Gould Road right here in Twickenham. The company expects to lose 355 jobs as part of the process which is designed to shift focus away from being a traditional baker and more towards selling ‘food-on-the-go’ products. Yes, and these can even include salads. At the same time, the company has said it intends to upgrade its Enfield bakery in north London.

What does this all mean for the large Greggs site tucked away in the side streets between the Green and the River Crane? It’s too early to speculate… but we will anyway. Would a business of similar scale move in there? Seems unlikely so perhaps it’s time to start a book on whether it gets divided up into industrial units, turned into a school or, let’s hazard a wild guess here, gets snapped up for extensive residential development.

So, no more bakery trucks clattering through the narrow roads but it’s bad news for business, bad news for jobs and bad news for those who enjoy the smell of doughnuts wafting through the TW2 evening air.

Greggs Bakery, Gould Road, Twickenham

Greggs Bakery, Gould Road, Twickenham

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34 responses to “Greggs Bakery in Twickenham to Close

  1. Saturday’s Guardian has an interesting profile of Greggs: ‘Greggs conquered Britain: ‘Nobody can quite believe how well it has done’ – The bakery chain – born in 1951 – has seen a 25% rise in recent profits and has a bigger UK presence than McDonald’s and Starbucks. But what’s the secret to selling 2.5m sausage rolls a week?’:

    ‘ . . the preeminent high-street bakery has had a good week. On Tuesday, it announced a 25% rise in pre-tax profits, to £73m, on sales of £835.7m. This is no flash in the pan: last year, profits for the first six months rose by 51%. The share price rose on the latest announcement.

    Cuts were announced, too. Three of its 12 main bakeries will be shut, with 335 jobs potentially lost, but the company stressed that this was part of a broader £100m plan for expansion – and, at any rate, 0.26% of its roughly 20,000 employees does not seem swingeing. Greggs has 1,698 outlets, more than McDonalds’ or Starbucks, and plans to take this figure beyond 2,000. It shifts more than 2.5m sausage rolls per week, and 1m cups of coffee.

    The figures were a triumph for CEO Roger Whiteside, a veteran of Ocado and Marks & Spencer . . ‘

  2. Pie Man

    Nice to see a topic bringing out the best in the twickerati community!

  3. Anonymous

    Why all the moans,if you buy a property near Gregg’s then you only got yourselves to blame!

  4. Anonymous

    All the residents that are moaning are the ones that need 2 or 3 cars, plus the 2 mechanics have cars parked all over the place but you all blame Greggs staff. Yes I agree it’s outgrown the premises. But they ain’t the only business down there. Let’s see how it goes when the open a school and the roads are all blocked with 100 plus Chelsea tractors coming down the road to drop of the kids. Or 50 new flats. Plus the 2 years of hell with all the building work going on.

  5. Anonymous

    I work for gregga locally and I’ve not heard anything about this

  6. PMP

    Good and bad news. As a local resident, i won’t miss the trucks but more frustrating were the staff who had no alternative but to park in the local roads and go to work, leaving us residents to come home to no spaces. A nightmare when you have young children and babies. I’m sure though, whatever comes in its place will bring the same challenges unless we get permit parking.

  7. David Harries

    So Sad – but predtictable – that land is worth a fortune and you can make doughnuts anywhere – so more ‘luxury’ flats on that land then. :9

  8. Anonymous

    It’s a sensible decision for Greggs to leave this site. No doubt it was well situated when it first became a bakery, but Twickenham has exploded as a residential area since then and it was just the wrong thing in the wrong place. Speaking purely selfishly, as a dad of 2 boys I think Tom’s idea of a boys state secular secondary (think Waldegrave for boys) would be superb!… It’s a huge site with frontage to the Crane – something brilliant with lots of green space could be built.

    But I think the most likely outcome is years of applications for too much housing being whittled down and down until eventually we will get something that is still a lot of housing and looks a bit like the uninspiring and vastly overpriced Brewery Wharf… as Twickenham continues it’s inexorable slide towards becoming Chiswick (or a ‘luxury dormitory’ as Vince Cable once wonderfully put it).

    • Anonymous

      I love the idea that we might be ‘sliding’ towards the status of Chiswick. Heaven forbid!

  9. Tom

    A secondary boys school would be good

  10. much more suited to housing, there have been rumours for ages that Greggs would close

  11. Foxy

    And those who moan about parking should really think about reducing their carbon footprint by using public transport, walking or cycling.

    • illiad1

      Public transport is already overloaded at peak time, and HOW are you going to fit 4 to 5 big bags on a bicycle?? in the pouring rain and wind??? :O

  12. Foxy

    Joy your comments are really silly. Try living somewhere like Brixton for a month and you will know what traffic is all about. A few lorries going up a road is hardly a problem it happens everywhere you need to get over it.

    • Joy

      Not half as silly as yours. Try speaking from experience. Like I am. And my neighbours. The irony of you wanting massive shops like IKEA and CostCo in a street barely passable by one large vehicle is frankly ridiculous.

    • Joy

      My comments are ‘really silly’?! Can you see the irony of posting about how wonderful it would be to have a hellish IKEA squeezed between streets that couldn’t host a factory long-term? Oh, and what the heck do you think the carbon footprint of that ludicrous idea would be, seeing as you’ve got your eco hat on? Not everyone wants to dodge artics on a small road. Greggs bakery wasn’t some Olde Tea Shoppe producing a few dozen scones, was it? The traffic in Twickenham can be a joke, too. It’s hardly a case of nip in the car and go down ONE road in two minutes, is it? More like 40-plus in rush hour.

  13. Without doubt more flats that no one can afford which means some other site will get turned into yet another school !! Can’t we build something interesting in Twickenham that’s not unaffordable flats or schools !!

  14. Not a great bakers – but I am sorry for the staff; being made redundant is a terrible thing for anyone. One more retail premises hits the dust in Twickenham.

    • Anonymous

      Doh! It’s not the retail premises, it’s the factory in Crane Road! It’s been a nightmare for locals for years. E.g.:

    • Doh ho to you – if they can’t make it they won’t have it to sell.

    • Riverside Voter

      Hmm Susan, you are aware that Greggs is a national chain with branches nationwide, even some in motorway services and airports. For some a Greggs pie is the only choice for lunch, after the match or post hangover. As long as there are white van men, rugby fans and students in Twickers to name three major market segments they serve, I don’t suppose we will see the back of the Greggs retail outlet. From the article it seems they have realised that and are just going to stop with the lardy dah (with particular emphasis on the lardy) bakery products and focus on the pies……

  15. digital brand manager Neil Knowles gave a lesson in digital crisis management in August 2014, turning around a very funny but offensive slogan from a parody site into a brilliantly responsive viral campaign.

    [Twickerati Editor: And for the rest of us who don’t remember this or never knew it in the first place…. ]

  16. Foxy

    This is shocking news especially as many people will now be unemployed but I can already see that the usual moaners are out in force celebrating the loss of Greggs and coming up with the same old nonsense about parking and traffic who really need to get a life.

    • Joy

      Hang on, aren’t you advocating an Ikea. CostCo or M&S in a residential area in your post below? I’ll wager you don’t live on either Crane Rd or Gould Rd. You are talking utter rubbish about parking issues being ‘nonsense’. It’s obviously sad that people will lose their jobs, but that, frankly, is the only downside.

    • Twickersargyle

      You are rather ignorant of the facts, Foxy. Greggs was in an absolutely ludicrous position that caused misery for local residents and big operational problems for staff.

      Very few of the staff live in Twickenham, so it isn’t a financial disaster for the area. Most live in Hounslow and further afield. I hope as many as possible keep their jobs, though.

  17. David

    Let’s wait and see what replaces it!

  18. Joy

    Oh, I forgot to mention the articulated lorries (delivering supplies, I think) making their way up the road into the factory. What fun that was, navigating them! They wrecked a few cars, too, as the roads are too narrow around there.

    • Sally

      You are right. I have many friends who live around Greggs and the situation is desperate. The factory went up when car ownership was less common and monster delivery trucks didn’t exist. To see one of those giants attempting Chapman’s corner is hairi raising let alone seeing them squeezing through the narrow streets and negotiating hairpin bends . . Not to mention the regular experience of being trapped between an advancing truck and a column of cars . very good news indeed for the residents, I am sorry for the staff and hope they can keep in work in another part of Greggs-it sounds as if they will be, if anything, expanding elsewhere.

  19. annabel

    its extremely good news for residents! Agreed, totally unpractical for Greggs and for locals.

  20. Joy

    Dare I say it…good news for Gould Rd and Crane Rd! Parking was an utter nightmare due to the lack of provision on site (staff would take up all spaces nearby), the fans were constant, and the stench of Wednesdays’ ‘meat’ pies made me retch. The site was unsuitable for the operation. Greggs have finally seen sense!