Pix of the Week: Twickenham Christmas

“It’s beginning to sound a lot like Bublé, everywhere you go”. That’s right folks, the Canadian crooner is blocking the airwaves, annoying people (i.e. other people generally) are clogging up the shops and pavements, and it’s wet and cloudy outside, all of which are sure signs that it’s almost Christmas. With that in mind, and also because it’s quick and easy to do, we thought we’d share some Twickmas photos with you. And that really is all there is to it.

Twickenham Christmas Tree

Festive or what! Any plans for Christmas, etc, etc?


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3 responses to “Pix of the Week: Twickenham Christmas

  1. stellagdb

    Some great pictures here, and Twickenham is indeed looking very festive. Don’t forget that part of Christmas is Pantomime – and there are just four performances left of The Adventures of Dick Whittington and his Cat at Twickenham’s very own theatre, the Mary Wallace Theatre, down by the riverside. Most performances are pretty well sold out, but you can still get tickets for Thursday – and might be lucky for another day. See http://www.richmondshakespeare.org.uk I would post some pantomime pictures here if I could. Do come!

  2. Cousins were making a big effort on the pavement last Saturday. So much everyone had to walk on the road.

  3. Alan Winter

    Have to say – Well done to everyone who has made an effort!…